The Plumping Lip Gloss That Is Also Lip Care


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What it is: Dior Addict Lip Maximizer is a lip-plumping gloss that comes in seven shades. It plumps in two ways: The high-shine gloss adds definition to lips, while microspheres of hyaluronic acid capture and retain moisture. Used regularly, it is supposed to give you smoother and softer lips. It costs $48.

Verdict: “I used it on a day when my lips were dry and flaking. Even with my flaky skin, the super-reflective gloss glided on well and wasn’t goopy. It instantly made my lips look fuller. There was a slight tingling for about five minutes upon application, which helped plump my lips more – Dior says it’s the menthol derivative (a cooling agent) in it. The difference wasn’t drastic, but I could see that my lips looked a little poutier than usual. Cherry on top: My lips felt softer and more hydrated at the end of the day, as if I’d had on a lip sleeping mask.” – CT
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The Double Fix for Sensitised Skin

 Pollution, UV rays, fine particles and artificial lighting may lead to sensitised skin, triggering excess melanin production. The result: dark spots and dull skin. Two additions to Dior’s Light-in-white brightening range can help.

A mineral cushion foundation: UV Protector Tension SPF35/ PA++++ ($150) offers high coverage and uses mineral UV filters which are supposed to be less irritating to sensitised skin.

A brightening serum: La Solution Lumiere ($570) soothes and strengthens the skin barrier. It is also formulated to increase cell renewal, reduce the build-up of melanin and prevent new spots from forming. – LZY
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The Perfume You Can Wear Over Another

Perfumery Jo Malone London has added a new fragrance to its Cologne Intense collection. Bronze Wood & Leather is a warm woody perfume with leather, vetiver, juniper and grapefruit notes. Like all the brand’s scents, it is designed to be used on its own or layered over another perfume. What it does: intensify the scent of the first perfume with a warm woody and leathery scent for something extra special. It’s $195 for the 50ml bottle, $280 for the 100ml. – LZY 
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Ask a Makeup Artist

Q: When I apply powder highlighter, it looks like a streak on my cheeks and emphasises my pores and flaws. What should I do to blend it in properly?

A: You’re probably using a fan-shaped brush to apply highlighter, says makeup artist Larry Yeo. Its wide, open structure deposits such a thin layer of product on the skin that you can’t help but go in with a heavier hand. Instead, Larry recommends the Illuminating Blush brush ($19) from 13rushes. Its small, precise and tapered tip prevents you from picking up too much product.

Another rule: Don’t over-apply foundation or setting powder, as this has the effect of emphasising pores as well as dry, patchy skin. Also, limit setting powder to the oilier parts of your face so that the highlighter can adhere better to the moisture in your foundation. – LZY
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"An exclusiveto-Boy de Chanel eyebrow shade in grey."

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"The foundation comes in a matte finish."

The Makeup Range for Men

When your man has chapped, peeling lips, he's unlikely to slick on a lip balm like you would. French beauty house Chanel says he should, as it’s all part of good grooming and stepping out with confidence. While he’s at it, he should also have neat brows and an even complexion. Enter Boy de Chanel, the brand’s first makeup range for men.

The range has three products: a Lip Balm ($55); Le Teint Foundation ($114), which is sweat-resistant and offers light to medium coverage; and Le Stylo Sourcils ($62), a waterproof eyebrow pencil.

Chanel has tweaked the texture and colour offerings of these products to suit men. For example, the lip balm has a matte texture. The foundation is also in a matte finish, with four of the eight shades available in Singapore. The eyebrow pencil comes in four shades – the usual light brown, deep brown and black; and a grey shade, exclusive to the range (in this case, it’s the women who don’t get it). – LZY 
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For The Eye Area: Ginseng And Ginkgo

Ginseng is used in Eve Lom’s Radiance Antioxidant Eye Cream ($115), while ginkgo is used in Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple Hydrabounce Eye Gel ($24). Both ingredients help to refresh a tired and dulllooking under-eye area. The ginseng extract in Eve Lom’s velvety cream deflates puffiness and promotes blood circulation so the area appears brighter. And the ginkgo extract in Philosophy’s cooling gel hydrates and soothes stressed and fatigued skin. – CT
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The Bold Statement Lip

That is what By Terry founder Terry de Gunzburg envisioned when she developed Lip-expert, a liquid lipstick collection in two finishes. The first finish, Lip-expert Shine, is high-gloss, long-wearing and lacquer-like. It has an elastic gel that hugs the lips to prevent feathering.  The second finish, Lip-expert Matte, gives you bold pigments with true-matte coverage. The volatile oils in it form a film on top of the lips, and when dry, the lipstick becomes transfer-proof. Each fi nish has 16 shades, and each lipstick costs $55. – LZY 

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The Serum Designed to Control Pore Size

For enlarged pores to appear smaller, you have to take care of three things. First, clear out pore gunk caused by excess sebum and dead skin cells. Second, reduce sebum production. Third, reinforce the skin around the pores by boosting elastin and collagen production. This helps tighten the skin around the pores so they look less visible. Clarins’ Pore Control Serum ($90) does all three things. – LZY