Your skin’s needs change from day to day – and so should what you put on it. Chantecaille offers serums that you can easily mix and match to help you look beautiful and radiant every day.

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Your skin’s needs change from day to day – and so should what you put on it. Chantecaille offers serums that you can easily mix and match to help you look beautiful and radiant every day.

Chantecaille is the French beauty brand that’s been combining the healing wonders of nature with cutting edge science and research for the past 23 years. The brand is synonymous with ground-breaking botanicals-centred, clean skincare. Thanks to its advanced labs, all Chantecaille skincare contains a high concentration of botanical extracts, from 71 to 100 percent.

A dose of skin goodness

There are a slew of beauty brands on the market that offer all-in-one serums that target different skin issues in one bottle. But doing this may not be the best solution for your skin.

For a serum to work well, it needs to have the highest amount of active ingredients possible, directed at treating that specific skin need – whether it’s brightening, lifting or hydration.

When there are too many ingredients in a formula, a serum’s overall efficacy is reduced. Just imagine a cacophony of voices in a room – no one voice can get through.

It’s the same thing with a serum: No ingredient can work well, or fully. And that means your skin can’t reap the product’s full benefits. After all, the higher the concentration, the better the results. 

Founder Sylvie Chantecaille is especially proud of the brand’s serums. Each one is dedicated to a single skin issue and its highly concentrated yet lightweight formulas deliver an intensive dose of ingredients to address specific skin’s needs.

Getting the most out of your serum

Here’s how you can make your single-focus serum work: layer them.

This helps your skin in two ways. Skin gets a super concentration of every active ingredient. Layering also allows you to customise your skincare to meet your skin’s current needs, which change from day to day, month to month. You’re now your skin’s own mixologist, putting together the right skincare cocktail for the concerns you see at that moment. 

Take these layering tips: 

#1: Start with a water-based serum. Compared to oil-based serums, these have smaller molecules so using them first ensures that the active ingredients are well absorbed.

#2: Use the right one first. For similar textured serums, layer them based on their properties. So, apply an anti-ageing serum first as the active ingredients need to reach deeper into the skin. You can then apply a brightening serum after – that works on pigmentation, which is closer to the skin surface, and doesn’t need so much “travelling” time.

#3: Just three serums will do These should cover all the skin issues you want to resolve. Don’t worry about the active ingredients in any Chantecaille serum “cancelling” each other out. The brand says all its actives are able to work together to give skin the best benefits.

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The serum cocktail your skin needs

Ready to boost your skincare routine with a serum or two, or three? Here’s how you can maximise these Chantecaille serums:


Bio-Lifting Serum+, $460 

Enriched with anti-ageing ingredients such as plant stem cell extracts – caffeine-free coffee, plantago and raspberry, and five peptides – this lightweight serum lifts and firms the skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles for younger-looking skin. It also protects against blue light pollution, while keeping skin tone even. 

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Radiance Elixir, $360 

The peptide-centric formula, along with tomato-derived colourless carotenoids, clarifies the skin, reduces pigmentation, increases radiance and boosts collagen production. Use it at night to achieve that lit-from-within glow when you wake up. 

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Rose de Mai Face Oil, $313 

Chantecaille’s iconic Rose de Mai is known for its vitamin C, anti-ageing and healing properties, and works hand-in-hand with rose hip, evening primrose, rose damascene and rose geranium. The 100 percent botanical elixir intensely nourishes, soothes and hydrates skin. Plus, it also helps to seal in all the goodness from the earlier serums to keep skin smooth and supple. Over time, skin is strengthened and toned, and fine lines appear reduced.

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Chantecaille will open its second counter at Tangs at Tang Plaza, at the end of May, adding to its Takashimaya D.S. flagship. Here’s a peek at two special beauty bundles just for you:

For A Younger-Looking You: Bio Collection Special Set, $820

This skincare duo consisting of the well-loved Bio Lifting Serum+ and Bio Lifting Oil-Free Fluid+ will plump, lift and firm skin.

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For Mum: Mother’s Beauty Special, $450

Rose de Mai Cream strengthens and nourishes skin to keep it soft and supple, while Rose de Mai Eye Lift reduces puffiness and the look of wrinkles to keep the eye area bright.