Meet the players flying the flag of Singapore beauty out in the global arena.

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Meet the players flying the flag of Singapore beauty out in the global arena.

Singaporean model, Layla Ong, backstage at the MSGM fall/winter 2019 show

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Personalised Eye Serum, $65, alche{me}


This beauty start-up is ushering a new era of personalised, technology-driven skincare into Singapore. Started by two locals, Tuyen Lamy and Constance Mandefield, who have years of experience at Clarins under their belt, all of Alche{me}’s products are manufactured locally and designed to target the skin concerns of Asian women. The brand utilises skin analysis technology to create customised serums and emulsions from 24 earth-friendly ingredients with science-backed track records, from suppliers who can ensure quality and traceability. Plus, all products are fresh, on-demand, and come in recyclable packaging, significantly cutting wastage. The brand recently launched the world’s first personalised eye serum, and you can witness how they use a machine to put your specific blend together, from start to finish. 

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Triple Hyaluronic Antioxidant Hydration Serum, $105; Vitamin C 35 Percent Collagen Rebuilding Serum, $175; Mandelic Pigmentation Corrector Night Serum, $138, Allies of Skin


Founded by Nicolas Travis, Allies of Skin changed the beauty game with its new generation of clean, multi-functional skincare. It has successfully targeted the increasingly discerning consumer who expects to know what goes into these formulations—down to precise ingredient percentages. With a streamlined but supercharged approach to beauty, it has come up with cult products like 1A All-Day Pollution Repair Mask of Skin and the world’s first waterless 35 percent vitamin C serum. What the Singapore-born brand has been relatively quiet about, however, is its plan for global domination. Besides being stocked in stores like Sephora, Barneys New York, Net-a-Porter and Lane Crawford across the world, you can also find its products included in the American Airlines International Flagship First and Business Class Kits.  

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Japanese Knotweed Coconut Hydra Cleanser, $94.65, Kew Organics


Local beauty brand Kew Organics is the brainchild of beautician Lily Kew, who takes inspiration from nature to deliver only organic and natural ingredients for smooth, glowing skin. As Singapore’s first water-based organic skincare label, her products cater to locals, targeting specific Singaporean skin woes such as clogged pores, pigmentation and dehydration. Free from chemicals, parabens, and preservatives, the brand’s dedication to quality is apparent, especially in its packaging—all solutions are encased in European Miron violet glass to only allow the desired spectral colours of light to pass through so that ingredients stay activated. 

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The Natural Beauty Kit, $159, W.AN

4 W. ANT

Singaporean ethical beauty label W.ANT Skincare is championing the growing movement towards sustainable and socially-conscious skincare. Local founder Winona Tan sources organic, fair-trade ingredients from communities in Bali and Africa to develop a range of handmade products that are all natural, sustainable and cruelty-free. The result is a fuss-free, non-toxic and multi-tasking skincare range, perfectly suited for any jet-setting urbanite. And true to its beauty-with-a-conscience ethos, a portion of sales goes towards Baliwise, a foundation dedicated to empowering marginalised women in Indonesia.

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My Daily Dose for Bright Eyes Cream, $118, Skin Inc


Both this brand and its founder, Sabrina Tan need no introduction. Having recently marked its 10th anniversary, Skin Inc has married technology and disruptive beauty from the get-go, with its proprietary Skin Identity—an online skin diagnostic quiz—database boasting over a million skin profiles. So when they say data-driven skincare innovations, they mean it. Their game-changing My Daily Dose, concocted with 100 percent pure and active serum, flies off the shelves of their boutiques and counters in over 150 cities, and one can only guess what their online sales area is like, what with their millions-strong, digitally-advanced clientele. Their newest data-driven “skin-novation” is the My Daily Dose for Bright Eyes, a whipped, serum-infused eye cream formulated with rare stem cell extract from the Uttwiler Spätlauber, a rare “super apple”. Zooming in on fine lines, puffiness and dark circles, this packs a luxuriously invigorating punch. 

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Lipstick in tick in Redlight, $35, Sén Natural


This home-grown beauty label has found the solution to making highly pigmented, moisturising lipsticks that are both sustainable and inclusive. Sén Natural’s lipsticks are infused with non-toxic, cruelty-free natural ingredients, such as rose oil, shea butter, vitamin E and beeswas resulting in buttery, moisturising formulations with incredible staying power. Plus, the six lip shades were designed to enhance all types of Asian skin tones, making them the champion of natural beauty in more ways than one. 

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Kaleanser Face Cleanser, $38, Sigi Skin


Sigi Skin is the skincare label for any time-strapped urbanite. Developed and formulated by 24-year-old local Xenia Wong, the range comprises three multitasking essential products—the cleanser, sunscreen and eye cream. For instance, the Kaleanser doubles as makeup remover and cleanser, while the Morning Glow sunscreen doubles as a moisturiser. Each product is made from nutrient-rich superfoods paired with scientifically-backed ingredients, such as avocado and acai extracts with niacinamide to moisturise, brighten and strengthen. Coming in lightweight textures with no nasties and completely cruelty-free, Sigi Skin is truly one to watch in the local beauty scene.