From gluten-free muffins to low-carb bread and beef jerky, these wholesome, made-inSingapore snacks will fill you up while providing some essential nutrients.

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When the hunger pangs strike, it’s natural to reach for a snack to stop yourself from being hangry. However, snacking can derail even the most sensible diet plans. An Oreo cookie here, a few Pringles there… before you know it, you’ve busted your daily calorie intake, plus sugar and fat limit.

Even when mindfully choosing a snack, some seemingly healthier options – fat-free, gluten-free, mixed grain – aren’t as nutritious as they appear to be. For instance, a glutenfree brownie from a certain doughnut shop can contain 350 calories with 34g sugar and 16g fat.

Luckily, there are loads of better snack options that stave off the hunger pangs while giving you a boost of nutrition. Here are a few of our favourites. Bonus: they’re locally made or produced.


As the name suggests, The Whole Kitchen offers a range of healthy foods, from grainfree granolas and paleo-friendly cakes made with nut flours to moreish snacks like Laksa Leaf Lime Nut Mix ($5.95 for 60g) that’s a combination of four nuts (almonds, cashews, macadamias and peanuts) with a housemade spice mix of chilli, lime and fresh laksa leaf, and the nut-free, omega-3 rich Pepper Pepitas Seed Mix ($5.50 for 90g) of pumpkin seeds, organic apple cider vinegar, smoked sea salt, and Kampot black pepper from Cambodia.

Aside from ready-made items, the new pantry range with Gluten Free Sourdough Croutons ($9.95 for 250g) and Unsulfured Dried Apricots ($7.95 for 100g) makes for easy, healthier at-home cooking or baking.

TRY The Orange Almond Cake ($22.95 for four 110g cakes). A new addition to their pantry, the classic cake uses whole oranges and almonds with a sprinkling of black sesame seeds for a bitter marmalade flavour. Made with almond meal, almonds and whole eggs, the dense, flourless cake is the perfect tea cake. Available only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Visit

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Rather than snacking on dark chocolate, reach for Myola Food’s nut-free Chia Cacao ($32 for 10 packs) bites that are made without any additional sugar. Made with pumpkin, chia and melon seeds with cacao bean, coconut, raisin and dates, which provide natural sweetness, the iron-rich snack doesn’t just taste good, but also contributes towards your daily fibre intake – important when it comes to lowering blood cholesterol.

Their nutrient-rich OLA mix ($8 for 250g) – two tablespoons adds 7g of protein and 3g of fibre – of ground flaxseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds can be sprinkled over daily oats or porridge, or used as a healthier biscuit base for cakes or to make gluten-free bread.

TRY The signature Orange Bliss ($32 for 10 packs). Free of processed sugar, gluten and dairy, each pack of five energy balls can be stashed away for a quick pick-me-up. Made with dates, almond, cocoa and orange, the moist, chewy balls work as both a guilt-free sweet treat and a way to stay full between meals. Up next, their high-protein peanut butter ball that’ll be an easy way to contribute to daily protein intake. Visit

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What if you could have your cake and eat it too? For vegan-friendly, flourless and gluten-free baked goods, Bakening offers Low Carb Paleo Bread ($14.90) made with almonds and cashews and stands at just 1g net carb per slice, or a flourless sugar-free Chocolate Fudge Cake ($39.90 for six-inch cake) using an organic erythritol sweetener.

For snacking on the go, there’s a range of crunchy cookies but the best seller has to be the crunchy Choco Sea Salt Crunch cookies ($7.90 for 50g) made with hazelnuts and arrowroot powder that contains 15g of good fat per 50g pack.

TRY The XL Blueberry Muffin ($5, sold exclusively at Little Farms). Not only is it moist, it’s 30 per cent heavier than regular muffins, thanks to the use of nutrientdense almond flour instead of regular flour. It’s also gluten and dairy-free, paleo- and vegetarian-approved with no added fat or sugar. Ingredients include eggs, almonds, dates, apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Visit

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Protein-packed snacks are a great way to keep yourself satiated. A cup of Greek yogurt, a hard boiled egg or some celery sticks with peanut butter will do the trick, but they’re not the easiest options to tote around. For healthy and flavourful nibbles that feel like an actual meal, reach for Snack Guru’s Beef Jerky (from $7.90) with six flavours available – including Chilli Garlic, Honey, and Honey Ginger. Each 34g pack has the protein equivalent of a 100g steak, making it ideal for anyone on a paleo diet. The beef is sourced from New Zealand.

TRY The Chilli Beef Jerky (with added jalapeno pepper for a kick) made with zero sugar or honey, for its intense, spicy beef flavour. For a plant-friendly alternative, try the umami-packed Pan’s Mushroom Jerky ($8.90) – it’s made with dried shiitake mushrooms to retain a meat-like texture. Visit