The Best Hair Treatments of 2020

Our hotlist of winners – all tested by the Her World team – includes trendy Korean perms that give you enviable waves like Song Hye Kyo’s, still-so-popular balayage hair colour, and hair and scalp treatments that soothe sensitivity and repair damage. Keep this list within easy reach.

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WHERE Black Hair Salon, #B2-44 Capitol Piazza, tel: 6835-9976

TREATMENT Korean Perm, from $279

WHAT IT IS Figure there’s no way you can do a perm on short or boyish-cut hair without looking like Phua Chu Kang? Think again. Black Hair Salon’s Korean Perm not only gives short hair a nice lift and volume, it also delivers just the right amount of wave to keep the style looking natural. The stylist selects a suitable type or degree of curl depending on the current length and style of your hair, and also shares styling tips to make daily styling a breeze.

TESTER’S VERDICT “The result is a highly wearable perm that looks like you have effortlessly tousled hair (think Song Hye Kyo and Park Shin Hye’s wavy bobs).


WHERE Chez Vous: Hideaway, #14-04 Ngee Ann City Tower B, tel: 6219-3558

TREATMENT Movement Perm, $298 (before GST)

WHAT IT IS Ideal for those with thin or fine hair, this natural-looking perm – more wavy than curly – will give the illusion of volume and bounce, especially when combined with the right haircut, which the stylist can help to recommend.

TESTER’S VERDICT “Everything is in the little extra details – the detailed explanation from the stylist on the result I would get, the relaxing head massages, and the bonus light therapy scalp treatment that makes this salon worth a visit."


WHERE Hair Studio Tokyo Michaela, #02-24/25 Riverside Point, tel: 6538-0623

TREATMENT Michaela Signature Perm, $500

WHAT IT IS Unlike traditional perms that often result in stiff curls, this gentle perm uses lower heat, a shorter duration and less chemicals to give volume and soft waves, while not damaging your hair at all. Most importantly, the perm is customisable to your hair’s condition and thickness to ensure that the finished result is perfectly suited to your style.

TESTER’S VERDICT “Out of the many perms I’ve done, this one had the shortest process time, and I walked out smelling good. And even after washing my hair the next day, my hair still felt very soft and smooth. The results were better than I imagined – very natural waves that gave my hair the volume it needs.”


WHERE Picasso Hair Studio, 662 North Bridge Road, tel: 6291-0691

TREATMENT Picasso Cushion Perm, $409

WHAT IT IS A combination of C- and S-shaped curls, this gives hair a volume boost to help you achieve airy waves, just like your favourite Korean actress. A detailed consultation with the therapist takes into consideration your requirements, face shape and how the curls would grow out. The session also includes two treatments to minimise hair damage and keep hair soft despite the chemicals used.

TESTER’S VERDICT “An easy-to-maintain perm with minimum styling needed in the weeks that follow.”


WHERE Prep Luxe, #01-62 Capitol Piazza, tel: 6384-1406

TREATMENT Root Perm, from $180

WHAT IT IS Ideal for fine hair, this is the easiest way to get volume at the roots naturally without having to manually style your hair daily. Most importantly, hair doesn’t feel dry after, and is instead extremely soft and hydrated. In addition, a detailed consultation at the start of the treatment ensures that your newly voluminous hair falls in place and grows out well over time.

TESTER’S VERDICT “A welcome change – where once I hardly had any volume at the crown with my thin hair, I finally have natural-looking, as if I was born with it, volume.


WHERE Salon B, 1 Nassim Road, tel: 6836-5855

TREATMENT Natural KJ Perm, from $199

WHAT IT IS A natural Korean-style S-curl perm that promises natural-looking waves, minus the frizz, to give fine hair an instant volume boost. Options to enhance the finished result include a haircut and/or hair colour to bring out your new ’do. In addition, you can also bring in a photo of the style you’re looking for so that the stylist will be able to customise the perm to suit your face shape.

TESTER’S VERDICT “My new curls were really natural-looking, not overwhelming, and it had just the perfect amount of wave. It’s low maintenance too, because it still looked effortless without blow-drying or styling.”


WHERE Salon Vim, #02-01 Wisma Atria, tel: 6734-6404

TREATMENT Wonder Curl, from $298

WHAT IT IS An easy to maintain and style perm that not only gives fine hair volume, but also tames frizz and adds a dose of shine for lustrous and healthy-looking tresses. The result is pretty and feminine curls that cascade down the back and across the shoulders. Suitable for hair of all types, including naturally wavy and frizzy locks.

TESTER’S VERDICT “The results exceeded my expectations, from the softness of my hair to how the curls look around my face and shoulders, and how my hair looked more hydrated and healthy after.” 
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WHERE Artica Hair Studio by Juno, #04-64 and #04-76 Far East Plaza, tel: 6836-2891

TREATMENT Balayage Colouring, $202-$268

WHAT IT IS Balayage is a technique where colour is hand-painted onto hair in a sweeping motion. The result is a natural-looking sun-kissed effect, as well as softer, less noticeable regrowth. Artica is well-known for its hair colouring, from unique blends to bold colours, all achieved without bleaching, which may cause scalp and hair damage. This means it’s suitable for even sensitive scalps as the colour solution does not burn or cause itching. It even comes with a pleasant floral scent that won’t irritate the senses.

TESTER’S VERDICT “An enjoyable session that delivered vibrant colour without the usual scalp and hair damage.”


WHERE Black Hair Salon, #B2-44 Capitol Piazza, tel: 6835-9976

TREATMENT Creative Hair Colouring, $199+

WHAT IT IS You’ll be in safe and skilful hands if you’re toying with the idea of trying out an edgy “fashion” hair colour like pink, blue or soft pastels. The stylist discusses colour preferences, desired effects and concerns, and takes into account your skin tone and needs, to help you achieve the result you want.

TESTER’S VERDICT “A good place to try, whether you’re just starting to experiment with trendy hues or want to give your hair a subtle colour shake-up.”


WHERE Blow+Bar, #01-32 The Watermark Condominium Robertson Quay, tel: 6238-7338; 462 Joo Chiat Road, tel: 6440-0316

TREATMENT Sunkissed Colour Collection Balayage, $250

WHAT IT IS An in-depth consultation coupled with great attention to detail – your skin tone and daily maintenance habits – ensures that the final look truly works for you. For a natural-looking yet low maintenance style, the stylist applies the colour away from the roots so that the new shade blends into your natural colour, while highlights and lowlights are added to give the illusion of fullness and a glossy finish.

TESTER’S VERDICT “Pinterest-inspired hair that has minimal maintenance. Friendly staff, great results and a comfortable environment – you’ll be inclined to head back for future touch-ups.”


WHERE Devonshire Hair + Eye Design, 113 Devonshire Road, tel: 6334-7898

TREATMENT Full Colour, $96.30

WHAT IT IS With its vast selection of hair colours, from subtle and kawaii to bold and pop, coupled with skilled application techniques that result in funky block designs, this salon will help you achieve the colour look you want. Plus, it also uses exclusive hair dyes brought in from Japan.

TESTER’S VERDICT “Despite choosing a deep purple hue, the colour ended up looking vibrant and I was pleasantly surprised as there wasn’t much bleaching done.”


WHERE SV Style House, #B1-35/36 313@Somerset, tel: 6970-7757

TREATMENT Dimensional Balayage, $218-$328

WHAT IT IS A colour treatment that’s ideal for adding dimension to hair without the harsh, unblended chunks of streaky highlights. After a light bleaching, a tedious yet immensely rewarding airbrush technique is applied to the hair to achieve a natural, well-blended balayage treatment. The result: Tiny highlights that are even subtler and softer than babylights. To finish, a single base colour is applied over for added depth. Over time, the colour fades beautifully, getting lighter and brighter, but never brassy – perfect if you prefer a low-maintenance style.

TESTER’S VERDICT “Perfect for those who want to add dimension to their hair, without the harsh, unblended chunks of streaky highlights, or the damaging qualities of too much bleach. Plus, it requires little maintenance to upkeep too.”


WHERE The Loook Salon, #02-69 Far East Plaza, tel: 6262-6728

TREATMENT Blonde and Pastel Hair Colour, $198

WHAT IT IS Extra care and attention are imperative when trying to achieve a much lighter colour, especially if you want go platinum blonde. But it was not a problem for the skilled stylist. As bleach can often damage the scalp and hair, the stylist was careful not to apply the solution too close to the roots and scalp, making the experience a pleasant and comfortable one.

TESTER’S VERDICT “What you see on their IG account is what you get. The stylists are experienced and skilled, and I received many compliments on my new hair colour.”


WHERE Yann Beyrie, #03-01D Wisma Atria, tel: 6235-2476

TREATMENT Colour Change, $288

WHAT IT IS It’s only natural that your new dye job fades over time, and keeping your new hair colour constantly looking fresh and even can be tricky. But it’s not a problem at Yann Beyrie. Every colour job is customised to your needs, whether it’s evening out faded hair colour and regrowth, or getting a complete colour change – which means no two sessions are ever the same.

TESTER’S VERDICT “Not only was my current hair woe of having multiple hair colours resolved, I also left the salon with my hair looking pretty and healthy.” 
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WHERE Chez Vous: Hideaway, #14-04 Ngee Ann City Tower B, tel: 6219-3558

TREATMENT Sugar Hair Lamination, $225

WHAT IT IS An exclusive hair treatment designed by Chez Vous, it uses a sugar-based technology to repair dull, dry and damaged hair. It starts with a clarifying hair wash, followed by the application of sugar-based actives and laminating concentrates that are sealed in with a flat iron. A nano mist is sprayed over the hair before a hair mask is applied. The treatment is also suitable for those with natural curls or have permed hair.

TESTER’S VERDICT “It left my hair extremely smooth, and with a subtle healthy sheen to it, too.


WHERE Hair Illustrated, #03-27A Raffles City Shopping Centre, tel: 6264-9952

TREATMENT Advante Smoothening Treatment, $288

WHAT IT IS A treatment that’s similar to rebonding when it comes to the various steps – application of solutions, a nano mist steam session to help the ingredients penetrate better into the hair shaft, and flat-ironing to ensure that hair remains smooth – it comes with much less damage and leaves hair looking natural and instantly shampoo commercial-worthy. An ideal solution for anyone who wants fuss-free, frizz-free and smooth hair.

TESTER’S VERDICT “After two weeks, hair still remains soft, smooth and tangle-free. It has even reduced morning prep time because I can get away with minimal blow-drying, as my hair just naturally falls in place.”


WHERE Hair Studio Tokyo Michaela, #02-24/25 Riverside Point, tel: 6538-0263

TREATMENT Michaela Signature Treatment, $150

WHAT IT IS A hair-repairing treatment that combines the use of an ion treatment cream together with sonic technology that helps the nutrients absorb fully to nourish and restore hair, leaving it smooth and luscious.

TESTER’S VERDICT “The treatment did wonders to my damaged hair. I walked out of the salon with soft, silky tresses.”


WHERE J’s Salon, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, tel: 6834-0012

TREATMENT Trichology Therapy @ Deluxe Garden Suite, $348

WHAT IT IS With its dedicated spa-like space, soothing jazz soundtrack and endless massages – from foot, upper back and shoulders to arms and scalp – this is a pampering hair treatment like no other. As the treatment is customised to your hair and scalp needs via a scan, the therapist mixes and matches different Kerastase products at every visit, so no two treatments are alike.

TESTER’S VERDICT “When a treatment makes you look good and feel good, I have no qualms going back again and again.”


WHERE Jeric Salon, #B4-48 Ion Orchard, tel: 6509-9709

TREATMENT Aveda Nutriplenish Nutrient Boost for Hair, $105

WHAT IT IS A treatment that uses Aveda’s Nutriplenish hair care range to hydrate and nourish dry, dull and unruly hair with organic pomegranate seed and coconut oils together with mango butter. Best bit? It can be customised to suit different hair types and textures.

TESTER’S VERDICT “My hair felt very soft and light after the treatment, and my sensitive scalp, which was initially quite sore before the treatment, was instantly soothed too.”


WHERE Lee Ka Ja Beauty Salon, #03-13 Mandarin Gallery, tel: 8133-0818

TREATMENT Miracle Aqua Treatment, from $260 (before GST)

WHAT IT IS A plant-based hair repair treatment using Quebec water, meadowfoam seed, avocado and macadamia oils, and shea butter. These plant proteins fill the hollows in damaged hair, creating a layer of protective moisture, making hair smooth, soft and silky. Plus, it also strengthens hair from within to keep it healthy. 

TESTER’S VERDICT “My hair felt much smoother and less frizzy, even after a few weeks. I noticed that there is less hair fall as my hair seems stronger as well.” 


WHERE Leonica K, #03-08 Palais Renaissance, tel: 6834-0988

TREATMENT Deep Hydration Treatment, from $300

WHAT IT IS Just like your skin, hair can benefit from a moisture boost too, especially dry, frizzy locks that have undergone chemical treatments like perms and colouring. This treatment helps restore shine, health and manageability to dry and damaged hair, thanks to its nourishing hair mask. To enhance its moisturising and reparative effects, a 20-minute steam session is included. 

TESTER’S VERDICT “The result is very soft, smooth hair. The effects lasts for days, and right after the treatment, I felt so light and relaxed.” 


WHERE Mi the Salon, #02-01C Wisma Atria, tel: 6884-7757

TREATMENT Korean Gloss Anti-Frizz Treatment, $280-$360

WHAT IT IS It uses a patented water-based formula that fills up the holes in dry and damaged hair with proteins, amino acids and hydrolysed collagen. Dry and dull hair is restored to a healthy, shiny and manageable state. Also ideal for colour treated or chemically processed hair. 

TESTER’S VERDICT “My hair was immediately transformed – soft, super straight and manageable. I was very impressed.”


WHERE Yann Beyrie, #03-01D Wisma Atria, tel: 6235-2476

TREATMENT Davines Hair Signature, $179

WHAT IT IS A pampering treatment that incorporates a nourishing serum, a hydrating hair mask, two rounds of steaming to help the active ingredients penetrate better into dry and damaged hair, and an infrared iron minus the heat to seal in the goodness for smoother, healthier hair. 

TESTER’S VERDICT “A wonderful experience in a relaxing atmosphere that left me with great hair – instantly softer, smoother, healthier and tangle-free, that lasted for almost five days.”

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WHERE 99percent Hair Studio, #04-10/11 Orchard Central, tel: 6238-3667; #01-01, 40 Haji Lane, tel: 6396-3667

TREATMENT Nioxin Dermabrasion Treatment, $169

WHAT IT IS A scalp cleansing treatment that uses Nioxin hair products, which are well-known for targeting scalp issues. It starts with a scalp solution combined with an invigorating scalp massage to remove the dirt and impurities trapped in the hair follicles. A red light treatment follows to boost its effects. After a hair wash, a leave-in treatment is applied, followed by blue light therapy to soothe the scalp. In addition, all 99percent Hair Studio stylists have been trained in trichology, so you can trust in their knowledge and advice on scalp care. 

TESTER’S VERDICT “My hair and scalp felt super clean, and my highlighted hair appeared more lush too.”


WHERE Beijing 101 Hair Consultants, #B1-18 Funan Mall, tel: 6558-8101

TREATMENT 3-Step Scalp Purity Treatment, $345

WHAT IT IS A deep-cleansing treatment that uses premium grade herbal ingredients like dang gui, ginseng, he shou wu and ling zhi to unclog the hair follicles and rid your scalp of impurities and sebum build-up. Also includes a relaxing acupressure massage to relieve tension and stress.

TESTER’S VERDICT “My hair felt lighter and airy, and my scalp felt very clean and less oily, even a week after.”


WHERE Dr Hair, #B1-07 Orchard Gateway, tel: 6222-5279

TREATMENT Hair Defence with Hair Nutrition Therapy, $428 

WHAT IT IS A multi-tasking treatment to treat oily and sensitive scalp – also ideal for battling dandruff. It uses pressurised air to get rid of debris and dead skin build-up on the scalp, a high frequency comb to kill bacteria and boost circulation, and iontophoresis to ensure that its signature Solution Anti-hairloss is well-absorbed. This is followed by the Hair Nutrition booster that contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, peptides and amino acids to nourish the scalp and hair. 

TESTER’S VERDICT “My scalp certainly felt light, fresh and clean, and my hair was also softer and easier to manage.”


WHERE Freia Aesthetics, #19-02 Wisma Atria, tel: 9109-1574

TREATMENT Jet Detox Scalp Facial, $190 (excluding GST) 

WHAT IT IS Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. This treatment uses powerful H2O jet suction technology along with patented Korean hair serums to deeply cleanse and purify the scalp. The result: Hair is light, voluminous and healthy. 

TESTER’S VERDICT “It’s like a hydrating facial for your scalp. My hair and scalp felt super clean, and my highlighted hair looked more lustrous too.”


WHERE Kimage Hair Salon, #02-321/322/323 Marina Square, tel: 6276-2700; #03-07 Plaza Singapura, tel: 6837-2700

TREATMENT Fusio Scrub, $40 

WHAT IT IS It combines the deep cleansing properties of a scrub together with essential oils (choose from peppermint, sandalwood or ginger) to remove dirt, impurities, and sebum and product build-up that might clog the hair follicles. Scalp is cleaned and revitalised. 

TESTER’S VERDICT “My scalp felt very light after, and my hair felt light and soft, and had more body too.”


WHERE PHS Hairscience, #05-25 Ngee Ann City Tower B, tel: 6734-6776 or call 6692-0662

TREATMENT Advance Scalp Repair Treatment, $267 

WHAT IT IS For a cleaner and healthier scalp, this three-step treatment – shampooing, scalp treatment with infrared light therapy, and after-care hair tonic – is a must-try. A scalp scan ensures that the therapist not only understands its condition, but also allows her to prepare the appropriate treatment for it. 

TESTER’S VERDICT “My scalp felt squeaky clean. More importantly, hair fall was significantly less, which is noticeable when I shower.” 


WHERE TK Trichokare, #05-22A Ngee Ann City Podium Block, tel: 6338-8680; #02-24 Nex, tel: 6338-8680

TREATMENT Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment, $745 

WHAT IT IS A scalp cleansing treatment that helps remove dead skin from congested pores, while improving blood circulation, and boosting hydration and nutrients to the hair and scalp. It finishes with a Phytodynamic Therapy, which uses infra-red light to boost scalp and hair health. 

TESTER’S VERDICT “My scalp felt so clean, refreshed and rejuvenated, and my hair even looked shinier than before.”


WHERE Topp Care Hair Solutions, #03-24 East Point Mall, tel: 6645-3020

TREATMENT Dead Sea Masque Hair Treatment, $269

WHAT IT IS Ideal for those with an oily scalp as this focuses on clearing clogged follicles of excess sebum. The highlight is the black mud mask that detoxifies by gently exfoliating the scalp, drawing out oil build-up, toxins and impurities that have been embedded deep within the hair follicles. This allows the nutrient-rich serum that follows to normalise cell function and regeneration. The result is a cleaner and healthier scalp.

TESTER’S VERDICT “Visible results that last for up to three days – my fingertips felt clean when I ran them through my hair and scalp, and I felt great because my scalp was much cleaner.” 


WHERE Yun Nam Hair Care, #02-15 Plaza Singapura, tel: 6467-3232; #05-09 Century Square, tel: 6262-3232

TREATMENT Fastgro Hair & Scalp Treatment, $321

WHAT IT IS A fusion of Asian techniques and Western technology that’s customised to your scalp and hair needs. The scalp-nurturing formula uses premium Traditional Chinese Medicine like ginseng, dang gui and he shou wu to alleviate scalp irritation and strengthen hair at the same time. 

TESTER’S VERDICT “Even after a week, I notice that I have less hair fall daily. My usual limp hair also feels light and bouncy.”