The Specialised Home Care Your Hair Needs After A Salon Visit

To prolong your “good hair day” after an in salon hair treatment, you need to use the right and effective home care.

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To prolong your “good hair day” after an in salon hair treatment, you need to use the right and effective home care. Shiseido Professional’s new Sublimic line checks both boxes.

Picture this: You spend two hours at a salon getting your scalp massaged and hair treated. Your hair feels light, soft and smooth – it even has a healthy sheen. You step out of the salon feeling like a million bucks.

Most of the time though, small wins like that end the moment you wash your hair. Somehow, your hair just doesn’t feel as great after you wash it at home. You find knots and tangles, and your hair goes back to its usual dry and/or frizzy state.

And you already know why: The products you use at home are often not the same as the ones used in-salon to treat your hair concerns, not as effective as the latter, and not targeting your hair concern at the root.

Shiseido Professional wants to change that. The Japanese conglomerate’s new Sublimic line offers home care for your hair with products that are as good as in-salon ones. They are all formulated with Shiseido Professional’s cutting-edge technology for great hair, including:

Hair Reforming – Damaged hair strands have distorted cross-sectional shapes compared to healthy hair strands. Healing takes place to correct this.

Self Moisturising – Encourages the scalp to generate moisture on its own by keeping it clean and unclogged.

Daily Shielding – Creates a barrier on hair and scalp to protect against external stressors.

Uplifting Aroma – You naturally look good when you’re happy. The specially selected scents from the Sublimic line are the ones that made testers smile.

The Sublimic line also comes in multiple ranges. To make sure your hair feels and looks as good as it does after a salon treatment, you’ll have to pick the right products that target the right concern. These ranges are Shiseido Professional’s bestsellers: 

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This hydrating range is best suited for hair that’s weakened due to repeated perming and colouring, or for people with very dry hair. Within the range, the shampoo and hair oil can be used for universally damaged hair, while the conditioner and hair mask have “weak, damaged hair” and “dry, damaged hair” variants. For weak and damaged hair, products can help to care for hair cuticles by improving the hair shaft’s resilience.

For dry and damaged hair, protein, moisture, and lipids will be introduced to hair cuticles to strengthen the hair’s moisture barrier.
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People who are struggling with unruly, hard-to-manage hair can try out this range. Products include a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and leave-in treatment. Each one has a softening oil, cuticlesoftening ingredients and a micro-bouncing complex to help hair feel soft, airy, and easy to manage after washing.
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To target scalp concerns, go for this range. Products help to boost the scalp’s overall health, so that it is well-hydrated, strong against external aggressors, and with good blood circulation for healthy hair growth. The shampoo and scalp serum both come in three variations: for dry, oily and dandruffprone scalps. The conditioner can be used universally across all scalp types.

The Shiseido Professional Sublimic line is priced from $32, and is available at selected hair salons. Go to www.shiseido-professional. com/en_sg/salon-locator for salon listings.