Why The L’Oréal Paris Revitalift MicroEssence Is A Must In Your Skincare Routine

The modern way of taking care of your skin is not about piling on products in multiple steps.

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The modern way of taking care of your skin is not about piling on products in multiple steps. It’s about efficiency and effectiveness, which is what this product is all about.

9/10 of SG Women Recommend It

Women who have used it have come to trust MicroEssence Water as a beauty essential – L’Oréal Paris says nine out of 10 women who’ve tried it recommend it as part of a good skincare routine. In addition, more than 90 per cent saw firmer, more radiant and smoother skin after 28 days L’Oréal Paris is a leading anti-ageing global brand with multiple skincare breakthroughs over the years, so this is a trusted product by a trusted brand, with a trusted ingredient.

The Healing Power of Centella

The star ingredient in Micro Essence Water is centella asiatica, a herb used in traditional medicine for skin repair. In this lightweight serum that doubles as a toner, centella makes up 92 per cent of the product. What it does: It keeps your skin looking its best – supple, hydrated and glowing. How? By calming it, reducing itchiness and redness, and stimulating collagen production so it feels firmer and wrinkles look less visible.

Instant Hydration, Better Absorption

The reason why MicroEssence Water is so wellloved is that you can see and feel its effects right away. The micro droplets that make up the product are five times smaller than those in regular toners, penetrating more quickly and deeply into skin to deliver instant hydration and restore radiance. With long-term use, you’ll notice that your skin feels firmer and looks more radiant.

How Does It Fit into Your Skincare Routine?

Apply Micro-Essence Water right after cleansing, so it can prep the skin by hydrating and treating it. It also delivers an intense shot of nourishing nutrients and moisture, making skin look more youthful with regular use.

How to use it: Pour a little onto your palm or a cotton pad, then pat it over your skin. It feels like water and doesn’t leave skin sticky or greasy. But it does more than water would – your skin feels soothed and soft, thanks to the healing properties of centella.

If you have fine lines and drier skin, and already use anti-ageing skincare, then Micro-Essence Water can be used as a serum for hydration and firming.

For those who’d like a more intensive anti-ageing routine, the product can be used as an additional serum on top of your current serum.

However you choose to use Micro-Essence Water, you’ll see that it helps your complexion look even, radiant and clear. The product is also gentle and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones.

Hear What Singapore Women Have To Say

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Faye Wong, 35, senior cost control specialist
“After using Micro-Essence Water for a year now, my skin feels smoother and suppler, and looks more radiant. I have combination-oily skin, so I like how the product is so lightweight and non-greasy on my oily T-zone. It helps to balance the hydration levels – it’s refreshing on the oilier parts, and moisturising on the drier regions like my cheeks and mouth corners.” 
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Anabel Chew, 31, musician and entrepreneur

“I have sensitive skin that’s easily irritable. The Micro-Essence Water is gentle enough not to cause any redness or itchiness. Instead, it plumps, moisturises and nourishes my skin. I love how lightweight the product is. I use it as a serum at night for a brighter complexion in the morning.” 
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Gidania Wong, 34, entrepreneur

“I’ve been using Micro-Essence Water for a year, and I’m happy to share that I’ve hardly had any breakouts all year. My skin looks youthful, with a healthy glow. My second pregnancy last year caused me to gain and lose weight quickly, but my skin remained taut, and I didn’t get fine lines either. The product also helped me lighten the freckles I developed because of hormonal changes.”
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Limaran Augustina, 32, financial consultant

“My very dry skin requires products that are ultra-hydrating and richer in nature, so that it gets the moisture it needs. My previous essence was too watery and I switched to Micro-Essence Water. It is lightweight on my skin, yet is able to deliver adequate hydration to my face and even my neck. When I use it as a serum after toner, my skin plumps up, and feels smooth and moisturised.” 
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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Micro-Essence Water is available at Watsons, Guardian, major supermarkets and hypermarkets, and selected department stores. It costs $35.90.

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