The Simpler Way To Find The Right Moisturiser For You That Also Treats

No guesswork is needed with Clinique’s ID – it’s idiot-proof customisation in two steps.

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"How Clinique ID works: Add one of five colour-coded Active Concentrates into one of three Dramatically Different Moisturizers (Lotion for dry skin, Oil-free Gel for greasy skin, or Hydrating Jelly for all skin types)."

More doesn’t always equal better. In the case of finding the right facial moisturiser, a gazillion Youtube reviews and recommendations do get women in the US to buy more, but according to Clinique, they haven’t helped 68 per cent of them to buy right. Couple this with the fact that what works for one person doesn’t work for another, and landing the one can be a two-year trial-and-error process with at least five different moisturisers.

“One of the questions I’m most asked in my practice is ‘What is the best moisturiser?’,” says Clinique Derm Pro Dr Michelle Henry, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. “It’s the hardest question to answer because everyone needs something different.”

The US brand – synonymous with skincare simplified – still believes the right moisturiser is one that gives you the right level of hydration. But it makes more sense in today’s context – where most (if not all) women have more than hydration issues – to offer the right moisturiser which also addresses each individual’s biggest skin concern in the most customised yet non-convoluted and hassle-free way.

That’s why Clinique ID is not a new moisturiser range per se. It’s an Active Concentrate + any of the brand’s three Dramatically Different Moisturizers. Each of the five Active Concentrates is colour-coded for easier identification of which skin issue it treats – green to soothe irritated or sensitive skin; blue for enlarged pores and uneven texture; white for uneven skin tone; orange for tired skin; and purple to treat lines/wrinkles. Each comes in a cartridge designed to be easily inserted into a Dramatically Different Moisturizer. It then pumps out a precise mix of 10 per cent Active Concentrate and 90 per cent moisturiser – a ratio the brand says is ideal for effective moisturisation and treatment.

Clinique ID is $75 for one Dramatically Different Moisturizer and one Active Concentrate Cartridge. – GYH 
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