Look Good Naked

Get toned and smooth skin with these body treatments and products.

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Get toned and smooth skin with these body treatments and products. 

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Want to whip your body back into shape fast amidst your busy schedule? Fret not: We’ve put together a list of treatments and products that will target specific areas of the body, including the legs, butt, arms and tummy. The best part? You won’t need to move a muscle.
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Get Waist-ed

Whether you’re battling stretch marks, love handles, or loose skin post pregnancy or post-weight loss, these treatments complement a healthy diet and can improve skin elasticity and firm up the abdomen area.

Cambridge Therapeutics Clatuu Body Fat Freezing Treatment, from $500 (60 mins).

Traditional fat freeze technology uses only a single applicator, whereas this new treatment by Cambridge, featuring an improved fat freeze technology, uses double applicators for better results within a shorter period of time. A non-invasive treatment that targets stubborn fat deposits, this treatment has no down-time.

EstheClinic EstheCryo, from $550 (60 mins).

Touted as the world’s first pain-free fat freezing treatment, EstheCryo is a ground-breaking cryolipolysis aesthetic technology is not only able to treat multiple areas simultaneously in one session, but is also more comfortable than existing cryolipolysis treatments due to a unique suction method that gradually draws up the fatty tissues.

BTL Aesthetics Vanquish Me, from $600 (45 mins).

Great for women who want to get back into shape after delivery or for those who can’t seem to get rid of certain pockets of fat, BTL’s Vanquish Me is the first and only contactless radio frequency (RF) technology that is capable of treating the entire abdomen area in one session, reducing overall abdomen and waist size.

The Body Firm Toning System, from $880 (six-week programme).

Help target excess fat and build lean muscles with The Body Firm’s six-week Body Tone-Up System. The treatment focuses on toning and strengthening the muscles: Equivalent to doing 300 sit-ups, a 17-minute session helps you sculpt your desired waistline, without actually doing the work.

Bottoms Up

Having a toned, lifted butt is not exactly easy, especially if you sit at an office desk all day. Perk up your derrière the easy way with these treatments.

LE Privaté Clinic SkinTyte 2, from $680.

Offered at LE Privaté Clinic, SkinTyte 2 is a non-invasive treatment that utilises advanced infrared light technology to heat dermal collagen, which initiates the body’s natural healing process triggering skin firmness. Suitable for any area of the body which experiences a loss in skin elasticity, the treatment improves collagen and elastin production to help skin appear taut and firm.

Singapore Aesthetic Centre – Thermage CPT Body, from $2,336.

A safe, non-invasive procedure, Thermage uses a unique deepheating technology, also known as Capacitive Radio Frequency (CRF) technology, to stimulate and renew skin’s collagen. When directed at the skin, the CRF technology heats up skin from within, causing an immediate tightening as well as improved tone and texture. The improvements will continue and become more noticeable for four to six months post treatment, due to new collagen growth. Freia Medical Velasmooth.

Slimming and Cellulite Reduction, from $380.

Using a combination of Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Infrared Light and tissue mobilisation to reduce the appearance of cellulite and recontour the body. This non-invasive treatment has no downtime, with a recommended six to eight sessions every week for optimal results.

Sloane Clinic SmartFirm Laser Treatment, from $1,200.

Ideal for those who are troubled by stretch marks, sagginess and other age-related woes, this treatment, offered by Sloane Clinic, helps smoothen, tighten and lift skin. Boasting the latest innovative dualaction laser, incorporating a skin renewal fractional CO2 laser with a skin-tightening radio frequency mode, this treatment helps repair the damaged skin by stimulating new skin turnover, while the deeper radio frequency action encourages cross-linked collagen production.

Legs For Days

The thighs are one of the toughest parts of the body to lose fat: Most women struggle to lose weight in this region, even with a proper diet and exercise. Go from chunky stems to lithe limbs by targeting fat pockets.

Healthsprings X-Wave, from $180.

Using FDA-approved energy of targeted vibrations, also known as Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT), this treatment helps to break down the soft tissues under the skin that cause the lumpiness and dimpling in your thighs. Apart from reducing the appearance of cellulite, X-Wave is also clinically proven to improve elasticity, firmness and smoothness of the skin.

Healing Touch Slim Lipo-Laser Treatment, from $230 (75 mins).

Designed to melt away fats, this treatment uses a new laser technology, which can safely and painlessly penetrate the skin and target specific fat cells to release water and free fatty acid for the body to use as energy. A noninvasive and painless procedure, the therapist will strap your targeted area with the multi-diode paddles, which target the fat cells. After the paddles are removed, clients will be given a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, which will help to flush water and toxins out of the body.

GynaeMD Women’s & Rejuvenation Clinic Maximus TriLipo MED, from $3,000.

Featuring a combination of three advanced technologies: TriLipo RF, TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) and TriFractional RF, this treatment helps in fat reduction, body sculpting, as well as cellulite and stretch mark reduction.

Cutis Medical Laser Clinics TriLipo Radiofrequency (RF) Treatment, from $3,000.

An all-in-one, non-invasive treatment aimed at tightening the skin, treating cellulite, reducing circumference and lifting the body. The “tri” in TriLipo refers to the fact that the treatment is working concurrently on the dermis, hypodermisand muscle layers for triple-action fat reduction. Additionally, by heating the skin tissue, it causes collagen to contract, resulting in immediate skin tightening and improvement in skin tone.

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Armed & Dangerous

Bare those guns with confidence with these targeted treatments for the arms.

Healthsprings Laser and Aesthetic Clinic Exilis Elite, from $600.

This treatment uses radio frequency energy to heat and destroy fat cells. The fat cells are then removed naturally from the body. During the treatment, radio frequency energy flows from the device tip to the skin, warming the skin to approximately 42 to 44 C. At this temperature, the heat helps stimulate collagen production to tighten skin.

The Sloane Clinic CoolSculpting, from $600.

Also known as cryolipolysis, this treatment freezes fat cells in order to break them down quickly and effectively. During the treatment, a gel pad and an applicator is applied to the targeted area, delivering controlled cooling to freeze targeted fatty cells. The targeted area will appear hardened, but the therapist will then massage the area to facilitate the removal of these fat cells which will then be broken down through the body’s natural functions.

Shou Slimming Uplift Detoxification & Detox Boost Treatment, from $188.
This east-meets-west treatment helps to speed up the lymphatic drainage process and encourage healthy cell recovery through pressure point massage of the lymph nodes on the arms, hips and various areas. During the treatment, the massage relieves the toxic build-up in the lymph nodes caused by inactivity and focuses on removing the body’s waste.
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Shape Up At Home

"Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert, $95 (200 ml)."

Formulated with eight plant extracts, this cream-gel formula helps refine, lift and reshape the body’s contours.
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"Bio-Oil, $15.50 (60 ml)."

With a 30-year history and a formula that many swear by, this dry oil helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone for firmer-looking skin.
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"ReFa 4 CARAT, $420."

Developed to mimic an aesthetician’s hand movements, this body roller also uses micro-current technology to boost cellular regeneration and circulation for toned skin.
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"YA-MAN RF Beaute Cavispa Core, $489."

Combining radio frequency, cavitation ultrasonic and electric muscle stimulation, this device helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and tones muscles.
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"Murad Firming Body Peptide Treatment, $138 (235 ml)."

Containing Glyco Firming Complex, a proprietary blend of skin-loving peptides, this cream helps restore skin elasticity and moisture.
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"Elancyl Slim Design, $99.90 (200 ml)."

Formulated with 3D Caffeine Complex, this product is a triple action anti-cellulite cream that helps to soften the skin and also improve its elasticity.