Preserve Your Youthfulness

Shield your skin with a powerful sunblock that delivers on its defence.

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Shield your skin with a powerful sunblock that delivers on its defence.

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Sunscreen is not just for vacations, or only on sunny days. Even when the clouds are overhanging, the powerful UV rays from the sun are strong enough to penetrate through the environment and cause untold harm to your skin.

UV rays are also known to cause skin cancers, so minimise the risk of all that cancer-causing damage by including a premium quality sunblock in your daily skincare regime – it is truly your skin’s best friend as a year-round preventive health measure.

High Protection For Youthful Skin

A broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection like Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS Ultra-Light Sunblock SPF50 PA++++ will not only shield your skin from those harmful rays, but it will also prevent unsightly sun spots from forming and keep other youth-depleting elements at bay.

Formulated with advanced skincare ingredients and specialised encapsulated UV filters, this premium quality sunblock from the French skincare provider gives your skin optimal protection from the sun.

Soothing And Gentle

The Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS Ultra-Light Sunblock SPF50 PA++++ is also super comfortable and hydrating. Light, fasta bsorbing and non-sticky, it provides maximum coverage without clogging up your pores, so you need not worry about breakouts.

Its formula is also packed with the calming ingredients of chamomile, silk peptides, pearl and aloe vera extracts to soothe existing skin woes caused by sun exposure. Safe even for sensitive skins, this super sunblock does not contain alcohol, artificial colouring, parabens or other stimulating ingredients.

Make Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS UltraLight Sunblock SPF50 PA++++ a part of your daily skincare regime, so you can preserve your youthful good looks by warding off premature skin damage. Apply it as the last step in your morning skincare routine, and on top of your base makeup every two or three hours for touch-ups. With constant care, your complexion can remain radiant for years to come.

With every purchase of Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS Ultra-Light Sunblock SPF50 PA++++, enjoy the Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS Skincare Discovery Kit at just $39 (UP $78). Available for direct purchase only. Valid till June 30, 2018. For more information, call 6484 5681 or visit