The Serum That Protects Your Skin from Blue Light

Skincare has a chance to do its best work when your skin is healthy.

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Skincare has a chance to do its best work when your skin is healthy. But when skin is busy fighting the menace that is blue light, products can’t do their job. That’s where Chantecaille’s new serum comes in.
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Here is a not-so known fact about blue light: Exposing your skin to three hours of it causes as much harm as going an hour without sun protection. This finding by French American beauty brand Chantecaille is worrying because blue light not only causes the same kind of damage as UVA (photo-ageing, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles) and UVB (sunburn) rays, it does worse. Due to its longer wavelength, blue light is able to penetrate deeper into the skin – without you feeling it – making it more dangerous.

That’s not helped by the fact that blue light is more insidious than UV rays – we are exposed to it through fluorescent lighting, e-devices and smartphones.


Blue light is a threat that Chantecaille calls “3C Pollution” – anyone who lives in a city, is surrounded by communicating devices with screens, and uses a mobile phone, is exposed to it. And like UVA and UVB rays, blue light is also emitted by the sun.

The trouble is, unlike with UV rays, protecting your skin against blue light isn’t as straightforward as applying sunscreen. It takes extensive research to develop and fine-tune a product that actually effectively shields the skin from blue light.


Chantecaille’s new Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic Serum ($250) is a product that can do precisely that. Its “intelligent formula” has a two-pronged purpose: to protect skin that is constantly exposed to blue light, and repair the damage done.

Unrelenting blue light exposure is what causes skin to become unhealthy. Chantecaille researchers found that when your skincare doesn’t do what it promises, it’s because unhealthy skin can’t absorb it well. Their suggestion? Focus on improving your skin before fixing other concerns.

True to the brand’s love of botanicals, the Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic Serum has a special blend of fermented botanical extracts that activates the skin’s light sensors to deflect blue light, while strengthening the skin barrier. On top of that, nasturtium flower extract brings radiance back to skin dulled by blue light. And the extracts help minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The serum also targets the telltale signs of ageing in skin: dehydration, dullness, sagging and age spots as hyaluronic acid, amino acids, tamarind, alga and red sage root come together to provide allround protection.

The serum, textured like a silky gel, is absorbed quickly. The brand recommends using it in the morning and at night for continuous protection. You can even supercharge your moisturiser by mixing the serum with it during application.


The Chantecaille Blue Light Hyaluronic Serum is a perfect add-on to the brand’s two other anti-pollution skincare products: the Anti-Pollution Mattifying Cream ($166) and Anti-Pollution Finishing Essence ($212). Use all three together for a fortifying skincare routine.

The cream is a moisturiser rich in ingredients (metal binding complex, lentil extract, and white horehound stem cell extract) that protect skin from air pollution. It has a “whipped” texture, and protects skin cells from toxins in city dust. It is formulated to reduce the accumulation of heavy metals in the skin, too.

Pat on the finishing essence as the last step in your routine to shield against environmental aggressors like soot, smog and exhaust fumes. The tomato and raspberry stem cell extracts in it fight inflammation caused by pollution.

Chantecaille is sold at Takashimaya D.S.
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Chantecaille is offering a Blue Light Box for $678. It comprises all the products mentioned here, as well as a Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer.