Protect Skin From Pollution While You Cleanse

Talk about skincare with multiple functions.

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Talk about skincare with multiple functions. These cleansers from Bioderma not only remove makeup effectively and leave skin soft and balanced, they can get rid of nasty pollutants that accumulate on your skin throughout the day too.

You may not see it. You probably can’t feel it. But you definitely can smell some of it. Pollution is everywhere. A lot of pollutants such as haze, cigarette smoke, metal ions, and chemicals in many household detergents generate free radicals that disrupt our skin’s healthy functions.

Free radicals are nanosized particles that are small enough to slip into your pores and cause skin inflammation, speeding up skin ageing by breaking down collagen and triggering hyperpigmentation.

Cleanse Well to Remove Trapped Pollutants

It is not possible to eliminate pollution, but you can be proactive about reducing the damage it does to your skin. Proper cleansing is the first and most important step.

Beyond providing skin with a good cleanse, Bioderma’s micellar water has been found to swipe away 98 per cent of fine airborne pollutants from skin, including the ultra-small PM2.5 to PM1 particles – the smaller the particles, the more difficult it is to effectively remove them from your skin. (To put their sizes into perspective: PM10 particles are easily inhaled into the human respiratory system; a PM1 particle is 10 times smaller.)

Bioderma’s micellar water can also remove 78 per cent of heavy metal ions and 99 per cent of makeup.

The Bioderma clinical research team created the first-ever micellar water in 1995 to help people in France clean their skin without rinsing, because the tap water back then contained heavy metals.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O was specifically formulated to deeply clean and soothe sensitive, reactive and intolerant skin. This fussfree cleanser gently and effectively removes surface grime without leaving any residue or drying out skin. And to help consumers save time, it eliminates the need for double cleansing.

The Best-quality Micellar Water for Your Skin

All Bioderma micellar waters are made with highly purified water that further prevents skin inflammation as it is free of endotoxins and other contaminants.

And while many other micellar waters in the market use multiple surfactants (which can be pretty harsh) to cleanse skin, Bioderma’s H2O has only a single gentle surfactant in its formula to cleanse while respecting the skin’s natural structure. That’s why there’s no need to rinse it off after use.

In addition, the inclusion of natural sugars soothes skin and reduces irritation.

While the original Bioderma Sensibio H2O was formulated for sensitive skin, the good people at Bioderma have taken its cleansing goals to another level with the brand’s three other micellar cleansers, which have specific ingredients for different skin types and conditions.

Choose from: Hydrabio H2O for dehydrated and dry skin; Sebium H2O for oily skin; and ABCDerm H2O for babies’ skin.
The most effective strategyfor guarding skin against pollution particles that accumulate on it over the day is as simple as cleansing your skin every night. Three women with different cleansing concerns have finally found a common solution in Bioderma’s Hydrabio H2O micellar water.
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Concerned about clogged pores and pollutants on her skin


Skin type: Dehydrated, oily on T-zone only

Review: “The micellar waters I tried previously never felt hydrating enough for my skin. They didn’t come across as effective cleansers – my pores were still clogged, I would get the occasional pimple, and I was getting worried as I read about the effects of pollutants on skin. I had not tried Bioderma products before this, and I am glad to report that the Hydrabio H2O left my skin feeling and looking fresh. I love that it made removal of stubborn makeup a breeze, and am even more relieved that it is able to remove pollutants on the skin. Since using it, I’ve had significantly fewer breakouts and my skin looks clearer and feels cleaner too.” 
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Couldn’t find the right micellar water for her skin type


Skin type: Dry, with very large pores on nose and cheeks

Review: “Since Bioderma has three different formulas, I could immediately better identify one that would work for me. The various micellar water products I had used before just couldn’t seem to remove my makeup effectively: They always left a slight eyeliner stain behind, and my eyes would sting like mad too. Some of them even left my skin feeling tight and dry after cleansing. All that put me off micellar water for a while. With this trial, I was pleasantly surprised by the Bioderma Hydrabio H2O. It is the best micellar water I have tried so far. My eyes did not sting one bit, and it removed my stubborn eyeliner in just three swipes. It also left my dry skin feeling hydrated, so bonus points for that.”
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Found makeup removal very troublesome


Skin type: Normal to oily combination, with enlarged pores

Review: “I love makeup, but I have always found the process of makeup removal messy. My skin almost always feels ‘unclean’ and oily afterwards, and I always have to use a face wash in addition to makeup remover. I had never tried micellar water before because it seemed impossible for a water-like product to do the rigorous task of removing waterproof makeup. That’s why I’m extremely surprised and pleased that Hydrabio H2O leaves my skin feeling super fresh. I also like that it is hassle-free. I do not have to wash my face immediately after, and can reapply makeup right away, or move on to other stuff without any uncomfortable feeling on my face.” 

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