Chantecaille: The first And Best To Advocate Clean Beauty

The French luxury beauty brand stands out as one of the pioneers of skincare that switched out skin-harming chemicals for skin-loving botanicals.

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The French luxury beauty brand stands out as one of the pioneers of skincare that switched out skin-harming chemicals for skin-loving botanicals. By combining science and nature, the brand has some of the most effective clean beauty products.
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A vast field of Rose de Mai in Grasse, France, gave Sylvie Chantecaille not just a feast for her eyes, but the inspiration for the eponymous beauty brand she went on to found.

From these rare roses, she created a revolutionary rosewater extract with amazing anti-ageing and skin-perfecting benefits that became the brand’s first product.

Other bestsellers later on also contained the Rose de Mai as a star ingredient. People loved the products for how natural, yet effective the formulas were.

It got Sylvie thinking. If roses can have such great skincare benefits, then there must be different benefits to be gleaned from different flowers too. So, she started researching.

The more she researched, the more she discovered a wealth of untapped potential in the realm of botanicals and skincare – how they have natural healing abilities, their anti-inflammatory properties, and their soothing effects.

But that wasn’t enough for Sylvie. She wanted to create products her customers would obsess over for their beautiful textures, wonderful scents and solidly effective results. She also insisted on her beauty formulas being kept clean.

This was 13 years ago, when the term “clean beauty” hadn’t yet been coined – it was uncharted territory. Yet, Sylvie was adamant that the brand be based on that philosophy: products free of skin-harming additives like sulphate detergents, mineral oil, synthetic colours and fragrances, and so on – as well as formulas that are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Her products not only have to be safe on the skin, but also produce effective results.

With that DNA in mind, the brand places its focus on scientific advancement, so as to harvest the maximum potential of botanicals. The mindset was to convey the message of “skin science, powered by nature”. This led to its most recent breakthrough: plant stem cells.

Chantecaille isn’t just the first beauty brand to use plant stem cells. It is also the brand that uses the most varieties of plant stem cells in the market. Why? According to the research team, there is evidence showing that certain plant stem cells can protect and enhance the protective abilities of our skin’s own epidermal stem cells, to guard our skin from ageing. Using plant stem cells is also a way to save the environment – it’s a sustainable ingredient source.

That finding has been translated into the Chantecaille Bio Lifting Serum +. Here, choice plant stem cells were chosen and incorporated into the product because of their powerful effect on skin lifting, reshaping, re-plumping and firming. The serum also addresses photo-ageing caused by blue light.

For an immediate lifting effect, you can thank the alga tensing blend, which forms an invisible (and flexible) film on the skin for a tightening and smoothing effect.

Other plant stem cells include: caffeine-free coffee stem cells that moisturise and plump skin from within, to hydrate and fill out wrinkles; bionymph peptide stem cell extract to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines; raspberry stem cell extract to fight against inflammation, and soothe irritable skin. As an added bonus, there are cocoa peptides in the serum that protect skin against harm caused by blue light.

To complement the Bio Lifting Serum + try the Bio Lifting Cream +. The velvety smooth cream is a supercharged version of the original cream. It has 10 million plant stem cells in it, so the effects of the lifting and reshaping are boosted in this reformulation. Both serum and cream work hand-in-hand for firmer, tauter, and suppler skin.

The Chantecaille Bio Lifting Serum + costs $460, while the Bio Lifting Cream + costs $578.