For a beauty ritual that delivers on skin-loving benefits with a side of aromatherapy self-care, these are the top 10 plant-based ingredients for your shopping list. By Angelyn Kwek

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Let's face it: we all love a good multi-tasking product, whether it's makeup, skin, hair or bodycare. And if it comes with additional benefits of aromatherapy to re-centre your inner equilibrium while making you fabulous, then that's simply the cherry on to top.

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More commonly known as an exotic note favoured by perfumers, neroli is also valued by aromatherapists for its calming and relaxing properties. It has been touted to alleviate insomnia, anxiety and stress-related depression. And on another front, fans of botanical-based beauty know it for its ability to care for the skin by fading scars and spots, as well as to maintain the balance of oil and moisture in the skin. TRY: Basil & Neroli Cologne, $225, Jo Malone 

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With hidden talents beyond being a base note in masculine colognes, cedarwood oil is also useful in treating acne and blemishes as it is a natural bacteria inhibitor. In aromatherapy, it is said to provide emotional grounding as its scent alleviates anxiety and eases stress. Tip: add a few drops of its oil into a warm bath before bedtime to get a deeper, restful sleep. TRY: Cedarwood Candle, $105, Burberry Beauty 

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Made famous by Thai cuisine, the essential oil extracted from this herb is often used in diffusers for its refreshing scent. Said to revive fatigued minds with its crisp yet invigorating aroma, lemongrass has also been parlayed into the skincare realm, where it is an effective cleanser for acne-prone skin as it breaks down oils, while helping to tone and purify the pores. A drop of the stuff into your fave moisturiser could work wonders! TRY: Lemongrass Essential Oil, $28, Mmerci Encore 

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Aka aromatherapy's poster child, the therapeutic properties of lavender are well-known. Calming and soothing, it's beloved by wellness gurus for enhancing mental balance. On the beauty side, its essential oil also has a knack for soothing itches, reducing eczema, and promoting wound healing. TRY: Relaxing Bio Cellulose Mask Lavender, $55.90, Hysses 

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Rich in phyto-nutrients and antioxidants, it is often used in heavy-duty anti-ageing skincare as it promotes cell regeneration, and helps to tighten and tone facial contours. With its incense-like aroma, frankincense is said to aid with insomnia and reduces mental tension. TRY: Frankincense Intense Lift Cream, $188, Neal’s Yard Remedies 

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Hydrating, softening, toning, and brightening—is it any wonder why this gorgeous bloom is so beloved by the beauty industry? As a natural astringent, rose essential oils are used in skincare products to contract blood vessels and tissues, which has a tightening effect for ageing skin. Its scent is also said to set the mood with its heady aroma, and part of its romantic lore includes boosting libidos. TRY: Rose Immortelle Mist, $64, ANIA 

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The word association with this plant is usually ‘koala’, but beyond being marsupial munchies, eucalyptus oil is highly prized for its decongestive properties when inhaled. A good whiff of this oil is also said to reduce sluggishness and increase mental clarity. It has also been found to promote hair growth for stronger, thicker locks. Applied topically, it eases muscle aches and strains by promoting blood circulation. TRY: Time to Refresh Moisturising and Aromatherapy Balm, $27, Thann 

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Light yet robust, a burst of citronella is unmistakable—it’s what repels insects, after all. Besides fending off the mozzies, it's also found in hair care for dry or oily manes, as it helps to moderate oil production in the scalp glands, and removes residual oils clinging to the hair. Therapeutically, it's used to stimulate the senses and energise the spirit. TRY: Citronella Verbena Body Balm, $38, SKEEM 

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Bergamot has a more nuanced aroma compared to the sharper tang of other citrus fruits like lemon, and people have found the uplifting scent helpful for relieving stress-related insomnia, anxiety and depression. It is also used in skincare as it encourages blood circulation in the dermis, which is great for renewing the skin and fading out old scars. TRY: Luxury Body Oil – Italian Bergamot & Mimosa, $131, RODIN 

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You’ve likely encountered peppermint in the form of tea and toothpaste, but it’s also commonly used in shampoos to reduce dandruff . It also has the ability to balance sebum production, making it a choice ingredient in acne skincare to prevent excess oil from clogging up pores. Peppermint is also soothing and cooling, and is often used in bodycare products to help relieve muscle pain and tension. TRY: Peppermint Reviving Pumice Foot Scrub, $23, The Body Shop