Because breakouts and a flaky scalp do not spark joy.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Because breakouts and a flaky scalp do not spark joy.

Hands up if your skin is a bit bumpy and rough, and your scalp is itchy and flaky. These are all signs that your skin could be in need of a serious deep cleanse. 

All those parties and reunion dinners you had to attend no doubt meant you had to bring your hair and makeup A-game. But if you haven’t been cleansing properly, there will be a buildup of product in your pores. Here’s how to give your face and hair a fresh start.

Get it all out

The first step would be to greet and thank your skin… and then book yourself a facial to have all that gunk in your pores removed by a professional. 

If your bank balance doesn’t allow for one, a thorough cleansing routine at home is your next best option. Begin with an oil cleanser to remove makeup and sunscreen. Follow up with a foaming cleanser to thoroughly cleanse your skin. Add a clay or charcoal mask into the mix to soak up all the impurities. Exfoliating pads drenched in chemical exfoliators will also do the job. 

Like the skin on your face, your scalp also requires some TLC. Use a clarifying shampoo every alternate wash to tackle excess oil without stripping the scalp of moisture. Then, use a hair scrub to slough off impurities, product buildup and dead skin.

Cherish your skin

To protect skin from further damage, be sure to use a moisturiser daily to keep it hydrated and in tip-top shape. Sunscreen is also a must to shield skin from free-radical and sun damage. Finally, a foundation or base product will act as that extra layer of protection, trapping dirt and pollution so they don’t reach your pores. To keep your pores clear, avoid reapplying your foundation during the day and use pressed powder to freshen up instead. And don’t forget to double cleanse at night!