The Fitness Trackers For Every Kind Of Lifestyle

Not just your heart rate, but even sleep and ovulation cycles, and oxygen levels – that’s what the new fitness trackers can track.

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Not just your heart rate, but even sleep and ovulation cycles, and oxygen levels – that’s what the new fitness trackers can track. That some are embedded in smartwatches makes them fashionable as well.

For the really busy (read: forgetful) executive.

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro

This watch goes on for a whopping 30 days without charging. Yup, you read that right. Leading artificial intelligence company Mobvoi’s Layered Display technology maximises battery power. Basically, an LCD screen sits above the LED display; the former provides a basic display (Essential mode) and the latter provides a full-colour display (Smart mode). You can switch to Essential mode if the battery runs low – it can still measure heart rate and count steps. When I wore it in Smart mode, it synced my previous health and fitness data, and calculated my speed, cadence and calories burnt.

At selected Challenger stores, $363.20. 
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For the travelling professional.

Montblanc Summit 2

Travel and stay fit with Montblanc’s latest. Its Timeshifter app tracks your sleep patterns and customises your travel sleep schedule, notifying you on how to adjust to the time-zone shift even before you get to your destination. The Qualcomm battery-saving processor keeps this ticking for a week without charging. Based on my sleep patterns, the watch alerted me to “see bright light and avoid caffeine” – and gave me a specific duration for these activitie s. Although slightly bulky for a petite woman, it makes a great gift for men, or women who love chunkier timepieces.

At Montblanc stores, from $1,495.
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For the urban explorer.

Garmin Instinct

This smartwatch will last through your expeditions. With a scratch-resistant display and durable fibre polymer case, it’s tough enough for country hikes. It will also give you your current location accurately, so jungle treks will be much safer. For precise positioning, it simultaneously taps into three major satellite navigation systems – GPS, Glonass and Galileo. In location-tracking mode, this watch can keep going for up to 14 hours.

At Challenger, Harvey Norman and Advance Lap stores, $499.

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For every woman.

Fitbit Charge 3

This watch does the extra work for women who track their monthly cycles. The Female Tracker function logs ovulation cycles, and not just by date. Previously, I recorded my cycles using another phone app which wasn’t accurate, but when I transferred the data manually to the Female Tracker, everything was much more in-depth. Being able to record the heaviness and viscosity of my flow made the calculations more precise; I won’t be caught by surprise the next time. And for couples looking for a good time to conceive, this watch also makes gynae visits much more productive.

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For the fashionably fit woman.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

The thin strap and small watch face make this fitness tracker outfit friendly. But it does more than look good – it also measures your oxygen levels and sleep patterns. The Body Battery function accesses your overall body condition based on heart rate, sleep activity and stress levels. If you feel it buzz, it’s time to consult a doctor as your body is probably not functioning optimally. It also fared well at the pool – I took it for a swim and it recorded my heart rate during laps. With a sevenday battery life, his is definitely a lifesaver in many ways.

At selected Gain City stores, $199. 
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For the fitness junkie.

Actxa Spur +

It comes equipped with a feature that measures the oxygen going into your muscles (VO2 max). You can now plan your workout speed accordingly – if you’re getting more oxygen, work harder! Based on your VO2 max, the tracker calculates your “fitness age”. Thankfully, my fitness age matched my actual age. (All the time spent in HIIT classes was worth it.) If your fitness age is older than your actual age, it doesn’t mean you’re ageing more rapidly. You just need to work out more often and change your sedentary lifestyle.