The French Manicure With Coloured Tips

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It can look fun, edgy or glamorous, but it’s unfailingly elegant. 

"To avoid stumpylooking fingers, have mid-length nails with tips that jut out slightly."

Instead of the usual white tips, using bold edges lets you keep things classy and grown-up while grabbing eyeballs with their stronger, brighter shades. Cindy Chia, owner and manicurist of Tenth Nail mobile salon, says this suits everyone and won’t look clownish or tacky as the nail bed is still kept nude.

For a fresh, zippy vibe, go for neons and candy hues. To look sophisticated, go for deep jewel colours. And if you really love colour, you can do the reverse: “Apply black or a dark colour on the nail bed and contrast it with white or a bright colour on the tips,” Cindy says. - GHY

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The Thread Lift That Doesn’t Use Needles

There’s no pain, no bruising and very little downtime – but you’ll look better after the treatment.

You’ve heard how a thread lift can lift saggy skin so the face looks firmer and more youthful. The aesthetic procedure uses thin threads with small “hooks” on them, which are injected through a large hollow needle into areas where the skin is sagging. The hooks then cling to the skin and pull, creating the lift. It sounds scary if you don’t like needles.

Mirage Aesthetic’s new No Entry PDO Thread Lift Treatment gives you the effects of a thread lift – without the needles. Products are all gently massaged into the skin so they will penetrate it deeply.

Needle-less, how?

The aesthetic centre makes use of the latest aesthetic technology from South Korea, called Transfer Double Nanosphere. The treatment ingredients are stored in these nanospheres, tiny capsules that are easily absorbed into the dermis. The dermis is the layer of skin where the most collagen production takes place.

The treatment has five steps. First, the skin is cleansed and exfoliated with a combination of alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids to help open up “tunnels” in the skin.

Encapsulated PDO threads are then massaged all over the face. The threads flow down the open tunnels into the dermis, seeking out areas that require tightening. Once the “targets” are found, the capsules release the threads, which are said to work in the same way as a conventional threadlift. A gel mask is applied to seal the ingredients in.

Following that, a hyaluronic booster is applied to hydrate the skin and enhance absorption of the threads. The last two steps focus on superficial firming: a lifting gel and a hightension ampoule tighten the skin surface.

After the 90min treatment, you should see an instant lifting effect, especially in the eye area and cheeks.

The no-needle benefit

The Transfer Double Nanosphere technology allows the whole face to benefit from the lifting effect, not just a targeted area (which is what a conventional thread lift would give you). And as the skin isn’t pierced by needles, there’s little risk of bruising or pain, and little downtime.

For longer-lasting Mirage Aesthetic is at #04-08 Orchard Rendezvous Hotel, 1 Tanglin Road, tel: 6262-3358; and #03-20 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, tel: 6266-0228. For more information, visit

Mirage Aesthetic recommends that the treatment be done once a week for the first month. Results are said to be similar to those of a conventional thread lift, lasting six to eight months. The treatment is now available at a promotional price of $280 for first-time customers.
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