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From auto-adapting lip formulas to exquisitely scented variations, here are some of the most pampering lip care essentials you’ll ever need


The skin on our lips is thinner than the rest of our face, making it more susceptible to dehydration and damage. Also, there are no sebum glands beneath our lips, which means they are unable to produce sebum to naturally self-lubricate. To show your lips some TLC, the first thing that comes to mind is a rich and creamy lip balm to help soften, hydrate and plump. Here, a list of lip balms that not only do just that, but also promise to dress your puckers up in everything ranging from a flesh-tone tint to bold, shimmery pigments:
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Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Color Replenish Lip Balm, $48

Perfect under your favourite lipstick or to refresh your lip colour, this hydrating balm is packed with botanical oils and waxes to deliver a burst of moisture. It also reacts with your lips’ chemistry and leaves behind a natural tint, making it great to wear alone as well.
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Origins Blooming Sheer Lip Balm in Sweet Iris, $33

While its shade might look daunting in the tube, it actually adds a natural wash of colour that flatters most skin tones. Best part, this hydrating lip balm formula isn’t the least bit sticky and glides smoothly over lips.
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Hera Sensual Spicy Nude Lip Balm in Naked Almond, $43

For a barely-there finish, this lip balm not only has a sheer spiced nude shade, it also adapts to your body temperature for a truly personalised tint. Plus, it has a creamy and soft balm-like formula that glides onto lips for an instantly smoother and plumper effect without any tackiness.
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Shiseido Colorgel Lipbalm in Bamboo, $40

If you’re looking for a lip balm that also promises highly-pigmented colour, this is your best bet. It not only delivers moisture to instantly smooth your lips but also contains ingredients to strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier. Every swipe coats your lips evenly with saturated colour, so you can just use it on its own.
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Dior Addict Stellar Halo Shine in Lucky Star, $52

Lips that are infused with moisture from lip balms usually look soft and understated like the way bare lips appear. For lookat-me lips that still stay soft and smooth all day, try this moisture-enriched formula. Containing a blend of oils and waxes, it also features a star-shaped core made of pearlescent micro-pigments for an unparalleled shine.
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Tom Ford Beauty Clutch-Size Soleil Lip Balm in Fleur Neige, $50

Small in size but big on benefits, this handy lip balm packs rich botanical butters to hydrate lips while providing antioxidant properties. This nude-beige shade unifies lip tone and gives a high-shine finish.
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Pat McGrath Labs Lip Fetish Lip Balm in Flesh 3, $59

Expect nothing short of vibrant pigments, long-lasting wear and an ultra-moisturising formula when it comes to makeup maestro Pat McGrath’s eponymous makeup line. This lip balm makes for the perfect nude lip look, especially for those with deeper skin tones.


Why not treat your lips and enjoy every moment of it — scent and taste included? We’re not talking about lip care products that smell pleasant in the run-of-the-mill way, we’re talking utterly addictive and decadent flavours that simply keep you going back for more. From dessert-inspired scents to fresh bursts of fruity aroma, here are our top picks for the most irresistible lip balms, no matter what your preferences may be: 
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By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Crayon, $50

Whether you want to keep your lips smooth and plump overnight while you get your beauty sleep in an airconditioned room, or to protect them against harsh winters when you travel, you can count on this purse-friendly lip crayon. Made of rose blossom essential wax, ceramides and vitamin E, it repairs dry and chapped lips without any sticky residue.


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Sephora Collection Lip Balm in Goji Berry, $9

If you’re looking for a lip balm that conditions lips without feeling waxy, try this lightweight formula. It’s infused with botanical waxes and oils, and goji extracts to protect lips against dryness and free radical damage. Plus, it has a subtle fruity flavour and scent that never overpowers.
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Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Mint Choco, $27

Packed with botanical waxes, shea butter, glycerin and murumuru seed butter, this ultranourishing overnight lip mask softens chapped lips while plantderived antioxidants help stave off signs of ageing. Simply apply a generous layer before bed and wake up to smoother, softer lips. Did we mention it has a mint chocolate flavour?
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Lancome L’Absolu Mademoiselle Shine, $47

Blurring the line between lipstick and lip balm, this super hydrating lip colour has the vibrant pigments of a lipstick with the conditioning properties of a lip balm. It is formulated with Proxylane and rose oil, and melts onto lips upon application to deliver a high-shine finish while keeping lips soft and supple. Plus, it has an exquisite fruity fragrance that you can’t get enough of!
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Innisfree My Lip Balm in #08 Sunkissed Cherry Tea, $16

Ideal for daily use, this self-adapting tint transforms according to your lip temperature for a natural and flattering shade that complements your overall skin tone. With a fine and non-greasy texture, it delivers long-lasting moisture and antioxidant properties thanks to a blend of sunflower oil, jojoba oil, and cupuacu butter. Moreover, it has a subtle cherry tea fragrance which refreshes your mind while enhancing your lips.
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Fresh Sugar Lip Lemon Hydrating Balm, $27

There’s nothing quite like an addictive tangy citrus scent to make your lip care ritual a thoroughly sensorial one. Which is why you’ll keep reaching for this rich, cushiony lip balm enriched with moisturepreserving sugar and other replenishing ingredients like apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E for a supple pout.
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Too Faced Peach Mega Moisture Lip Balm, $27

With a buttery-soft texture that’s enriched with hydrating and plumping ingredients, this decadent lip balm smoothes and fills lines caused by dehydration, leaving behind a satin finish that’s perfectly prepped for lipstick application. Best part? It smells and tastes like peaches and cream - now how’s that for kissable lips?