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Invest in self-care this month as our beauty experts suss out the best wellness and beauty treatments for The Weekly’s annual Spa Awards

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All-Round Indulgence


Raffles Spa: The Gem Suite Experience, $1,800++ for two guests for four hours

This indulgent half-day spa-cation includes a 120-minute treatment of your choice. Take your pick from holistic rituals, such as the Sumatra Healing Ceremonies or Chakra Deep Sleep Rituals, replete with your own private sanctuary, en-suite steam room, UV sauna, vitality pool, afternoon tea, and champagne.


Haach: Placenta Cell Revitalizing Program, $591 for 95 minutes

This skin-rejuvenating programme helps reduce skin folding, and wrinkles with the Oligopeptide Marine Essence Ampoule. Skin is also hydrated with the Oxygen Jet Infusion and Oxygenating Mask.



Erabelle: Japanese Sake Facial, $278.20 for 90 minutes

Lift the look of fatigue and remove skin dullness with this 12-step facial. Premium sake enriched with kojic acid and natural enzymes is infused into customised masks, while cold and hot compresses soften the skin and enhance radiance.


The Ultimate: YR Luminous Pearl Face Spa, $350 for 90 minutes

Get your glow on with pearl extracts and botanical ingredients. This boosts moisture levels, and fights free radical damage to leave skin looking youthful.


Cutis Medical Laser Clinics: Hydra-Clarifying Facial, $195 for 90 minutes

Harnessing hydra vacuum technology, this facial boosts lymphatic drainage and removes dead skin cells to purify the skin and boost circulation. It also infuses the skin with moisture, oxygen and skincare serums, while helping to alleviate the look of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and under-eye dark circles.


Porcelain: Sun Rescue Facial Treatment, $298.55 for 60 minutes

Soothe and repair sunburnt skin with Korean medi-technology and oxygen therapy. This facial boosts microcirculation and the skin’s natural healing response, dousing it with oxygen, moisture and antioxidants for total skin rejuvenation.


Caring Skin: Plantomer Soothing Treatment, $318.86 for 90 minutes This gentle plant-based facial helps to treat acne and decongest clogged pores with an enzyme peel and skilful extraction. It helps to calm the skin with moisture-rich seaweed extract, as well as propolis that’s rich in antibiotics and vitamin A.


Radium Medical Aesthetics: Radium Rescue Me Sonic, $233.25 for 65 minutes

Give your skin a deep yet gentle cleanse, while treating blemishes. Debris and impurities are dislodged with ultrasonic vibrations, while LED Blue Acne Clear Therapy eliminates acne bacteria to prevent breakouts. Problem areas are spot-treated and soothed. And an acne-soothing mask is applied to help ensure acne-free skin.


My Cozy Room Boutique Spa: Premium Pore Extraction Facial, $188 for 90 minutes

Clear blackheads, and restore skin to its perfect balance with a facial tailored to its needs. You also get to pick from a choice of a 15-minute crystal eye massage, anti-ageing facial massage, or stress-relieving head and shoulder rub!


The Aesthetics Medical Clinic: 3-in-1 Collagen Laser With Stem Cell Serum Infusion, $688 for 60 minutes

Target premature skin ageing signs such as fine lines, pigmentation and enlarged pores with two lasers, Tribeam and ECO2. Then, jumpstart skin’s regeneration process with a stem cell serum derived from the umbilical cord of deer.


IDS Aesthetics: Oxy V-Lift, $300 for 50 minutes

This high-tech treatment exfoliates skin with dermabrasion, infuses it with concentrated vitamin actives, and enhances penetration with high voltage pulses. Facial muscles get a workout with bipolar micro-current for a taut and lifted V-shaped face.

Porcelain: Arctic Tone Facial Treatment, $425.86 for 90 minutes

Chill your way to glorious skin – this treatment lowers skin’s temperature to -15 C, slathers it with customised serums and ampoules, and tones your skin with cutting-edge aesthetic technology for energised, firmer and brighter skin.


Kosme Aesthetics: Fractional FX Skin Resurfacing, $500 for 60 minutes

Refine and revitalise your skin with minimal discomfort. This non-invasive radiofrequency treatment not only treats acne, acne scars and pores, it also helps to smoothen out the look of wrinkles, tighten skin, repair sun damage.


Thann Singapore: Thann Ultimate Detoxifying Facial, $150 for 70 minutes

Packed full of powerful botanical extracts such as rice bran, green tea, algae extracts, oatmeal and mineral water from Tahiti and the Alps, this facial purifies the skin, treats blemishes, regulates sebum production and calms inflammation to boost skin rejuvenation.


Epion Aesthetics: Multi-Nutrient Glow, $300 for 90 minutes

Luxuriate on your spa bed as an advanced aesthetic technology helps to tighten, rejuvenate and illuminate your skin. Dull surface cells are lifted with ultrasonic technology, and your skin is infused with brightening extracts, retinols and vitamin C for youthful radiance.


Epion Clinic: Power Hour, $225 for 60 minutes

Lift off dead skin cells and enhance cellular rejuvenation with a trio comprising a gentle chemical peel, an aqua jet peel, and ultrasonic technology. Skin is doused with a powerful serum and a vitamin therapy mask for soft luminosity sans makeup.


Caring Skin: Hydrogen Duo, $374.50 for 75 minutes

This balancing facial works to purify the skin, and reduce clogged pores and blackheads with hydrogen, plasma ions, AHA and BHA. Cryo Meso Therapy enhances the penetration of brightening and moisturising ingredients for lustrous, clear and dewy looking skin. 

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Shens Clinic: Indiba Proionic V-Face Therapy, $350 for 60 minutes

After deep cleansing, exfoliation and detoxification with gentle exfoliating acids and vortex technology, lifting actives are delivered deep into the skin through a patented Proionic Radio Frequency Technology to help tighten collagen fibres and accelerate cellular regeneration.


Lush Aesthetics: Needleless PDO Threadlift, $280 for 60 minutes

Featuring the latest Korea Transfer Double Nanosphere (TDN) technology, this non-invasive treatment sends skin-rejuvenating ingredients and antioxidants into the skin’s intercellular pathway to enhance collagen production for firmer, brighter skin.


The Ritz-Carlton Spa: ESPA Signature Facial, $350++ for 90 minutes

Aside from the regular cleanse, mask and treat, this indulgent facial comes with a pampering face massage. An essential oil blend of your choice is combined with botanical and marine extracts, and kneaded into the skin. With enhanced microcirculation, skin feels more toned and looks more radiant.


The Spa by the Ultimate: YR Golden Line Face Spa, $350 for 90 minutes

Give lacklustre skin the royal treatment with 23-karat gold, silk proteins and marine collagen. This works to sweep off free radicals and plump up skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and also leave skin more radiant.


SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus: Senze Vitality Facial, $348 for 90 minutes

Unblock your skin’s energy pathways for greater cellular vitality and clarity. Utilising a microcrystalline rock tool and certified organic essential oils, this facial stimulates facial acu-points, enhancing microcirculation and boosting the absorption of skin-loving nutrients.


Freia Aesthetics: Ocean Breeze Facial, $260 for 90 minutes

Douse dehydrated skin with an ocean of moisture. This skin-replenishing facial infuses each cell with marine algae, plasma extracts, and nourishing minerals from the ocean. Posttreatment, skin feels plump and moist, and makeup glides on with a glass-like effect.


Novu Aesthetics: HydroCleanse, $68 for 10 minutes

Think of this as CPR for dull, tired, dehydrated, and clogged skin. This gentle detoxifying treatment uses vortex technology and hydrogenised water to remove dead skin cells, impurities and free radicals for refined pores, greater clarity and a dewy glow.

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Body Treatment


Lush Aesthetics: Fat Freeze 360, from $388 for 60 minutes

Eliminate stubborn fat from the thighs with this FDA-approved, non-invasive technology that uses a 360-applicator to destroy up to 40 per cent of fatty tissue, boosting your body’s metabolism for optimal contouring results.

DETOXING TREATMENT Hot Stone Spa, $145 for 45 minutes, with spa admission

Bliss out on a therapeutic hot stone bed as a Far Infrared Ray Technology warms up the body, improving blood circulation and encouraging the expelling of toxins through perspiration.


House Of Traditional Javanese: Post-natal Massage, $137 for 90 minutes

A Javanese tradition, this restorative post-natal massage helps to lift and shrink the uterus, boost circulation, reduce post-partum water retention, relax sore muscles, and revitalise sleep-deprived new mummies.


Radium Medical Aesthetics: Tummy Sculpting Program, $3,304.15

This programme combines three body-contouring procedures: Fat Freeze to freeze fat tissues to the temperature range of -5 C to 5 C to break them down; the painless Shockwave Therapy helps to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage; and TriLipo is an ultracomfortable treatment that works to increase fat metabolism, tighten the skin with radiofrequency energy and boost internal muscle contraction.


Icon Aesthetics: 360 Freeze, $598 for 90 minutes

Say goodbye to muffin tops with this KFDA-approved treatment that freezes away unwanted fat cells. This latest 360-applicator promises to target up to 40 per cent of fat cells within a single session for a shapelier waistline. Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic: Laser Body Shaper, $250 for 60 minutes The Slim i-Lipo technology emits low levels of laser energy to signal the body to break down stubborn fatty deposits at your waist. Aside from figure-enhancing benefits, it also revs up lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, and skin cell renewal.



Cambridge Therapeutics

Onda Coolwaves, $400 for 15 minutes, per grid of 15 cm by 15cm

This comfortable anti-cellulite treatment uses special microwaves to reduce fat cells, while cooling skin simultaneously to protect the surrounding skin. By tightening skin and boosting collagen production, it also helps to reduce the orange-peel appearance of cellulite.


A.M. Aesthetics: A.M Exilis Ultra 360 Body, $380 for 30 minutes

Combining radiofrequency and ultrasound technology, this treatment destroys fat cells. Heating skin to a comfortable temperature of between 41 C and 43 C, it also stimulates collagen production and the remodelling of elastin for a tightening effect. 

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Spa Esprit: Starblast, $125 for 60 minutes

This acupressure massage will hit all the right spots – tight knots in your back, blocked lymph nodes and sore muscles. Targeting your body’s meridian points, it clears blockages for better blood circulation and energy flow, tension relief and deep relaxation.


Spa Rael: Hann Dream Body Massage, $252 for 60 minutes

Slather skin with aromatherapy blends rich in vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and certified organic essential oils. This massage uses soothing strokes, accompanied by the uplifting blends of rose, clary sage, and lemon.


Raffles Spa: Raffles Signature Gemstone Massage, $385++ for 90 minutes

Luxuriate to the positive vibrations and energy of gemstone crystals. This holistic ritual enhances this gemstone experience with organic botanical ingredients and gem-infused oils for an utterly opulent and rejuvenating experience.


Fresver Beauty: Mud Moxibustion Womb & Ovary, $340 for 60 minutes

A ginger herbal oil massage is used to boost blood circulation at the womb, while a meridian brush treatment expels “wind” and toxins. Application of a mud mask with 28 herb extracts (including ginseng and dang gui) revitalise vital energy and help reduce menstrual cramps.


The Luxe House: Tanaka Lymphatic Detox, $570.31 for 90 minutes

With long broad strokes, your therapist clears blockages in lymph nodes at the neck and underarms, reduces swelling and supports your body in natural detoxification. This relaxing massage relieves pain, eases fatigue, and rejuvenates your mind and body.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Gateway to Vitality, $155 for 60 minutes, inclusive of spa admission

Knead away kinks and aches – this deep tissue massage targets blockages in the body to enhance the flow of energy and boost your body’s natural detoxification process. Complete your spa journey with a soak in the hot and cold pools, topped off with a filling meal of local comfort food.


House Of Traditional Javanese: Relaxing Hot Stones Therapy, $147 for 60 minutes

Combining therapeutic heat with long massage strokes, this soporific treatment lulls you into dreamland. Stones warmed between 35 C and 40 C are placed on pressure points before a deep tissue massage using herbal oil is administered to relieve muscle tension.


The Fullerton Spa: Asian Heritage Signature, $240++ for 90 minutes

Combing time-tested oriental holistic healing therapies – stretching, and pressure point techniques – this treatment restores flow and balance in your body. The invigorating scalp and deep-tissue massages that follow soothe aches and induce deep relaxation.


The Ritz-Carlton Spa: Signature Massage, $220 for 60 minutes

Tailored to address your unique problem spots and pressure needs, this massage uses a wide range of massage strokes, and the experience is elevated by essential oils, such as sandalwood, rose geranium, and frankincense for deep rejuvenation.


Clarins Skin Spa: Clarins Mother-To-Be, $185 for 60 minutes

Designed to ease women into the manifold changes that come with pregnancy, this gentle massage soothes sore spots, such as the back, legs, and ankles. The skin-firming ingredients in each product also help enhance skin elasticity and reduce stretch marks. 

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Eyes & Brows


Browhaus: Plasma Lift, $600 for 60 minutes

This eye-opening treatment delivers pulses of energy using a plasma jet into the skin around the eyes to tighten and lift the delicate skin, enhancing the absorption of skincare ingredients and smoothening out fine lines.


Fresver Beauty: Tribo Biogenic Eye, $268 for 60 minutes

The ancient Chinese technique of guasha targets meridian lines around the eyes, blood circulation and energy flow to reduce the look of puffiness, eye bags and dark circles, and boost skin radiance. Skin hydration is also boosted with advanced bio-ionic therapy to reduce the look of fine lines and crow’s feet.


Browhaus: Brow Shaping – Thread & Tweeze, $25 for 15 minutes

Shape and tidy up your pair in a jiffy. A thread is rolled over to remove ultrafine, unwanted hair by the follicles. Stray hairs are then skilfully tweezed to create the perfect face-framers.


Browhaus: Brow Resurrection – Classic, $1,200 for 90 minutes

Nail your ideal brow shape and colour effortlessly. This semi-permanent brow embroidery treatment uses the finest multi-pins and 100 per cent vegetable based dyes to create hair strands that look so natural and life-like, others will be hard-pressed to tell the difference.


Erabelle: Erabrowlogy, $1,314 for four sessions of 90 minutes each

From design to colour, this bespoke treatment breathes new life into sparse, dull brows, and frames your face and eyes. Mineral and organic micro-pigments are applied using a soft-shading technique and a German-made micropen for an elegant finish.


Dr. Lash: Browcraft – Powdered Brow, $588 for 150 minutes

Ditch your eyebrow palette for this time-saving and fuss-free alternative. Tapping into advanced brow technology, this treatment creates a soft, powdered brow look that complements your best assets, complexion and hair colour.


Browhaus: Eye Define – Upper, $856 for 90 minutes

Half your makeup time and ease the morning rush. By etching the skin surface with a single-needle machine and depositing vegetable dye, this treatment creates a semi-permanent eyeliner effect that perks up eyes, and can last for up to three to five years.


Dreamlash Korea: Korean Classic Eyelash Extensions, from $118 for 90 minutes

Want to give your blinkers more oomph without looking too “madeup”? This natural lash extension is done lash by lash for a softer finish. It allows you to choose from silky, dark or matte lashes for different effects, and adjust the thickness, curl and length.


Dr. Lash: Avant Garde, $288 for 120 minutes

This lash extension treatment creates fluffy lashes with handmade fans of up to 20 lashes that are not too heavy and won’t weigh down your eyelids. The lash technician uses different lash lengths to enhance your eye shape. You’ll find the session relaxing, and that the lash glue doesn’t irritate the eyes. With adequate care, these lashes can last up to six weeks.
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Hands, Feet & Nails


Nail Palace: Classic Manicure & Pedicure, $72.75 for 90 minutes

Give your hands and feet some TLC. Kick back and relax, while highly experienced manicurists trim, shape, and buff your nails before filing it with a glossy splash of colour. A light massage adds the perfect finishing touch to the nail care treatments.


Nail Palace: Classic Gel Manicure, $81.30 for 45 minutes

Get the perfect ten. After the regular trimming and buffing, your manicurist applies a coat of gelish polish and sets in it UV light so that it stays put even when you’re working out or doing heavy-duty chores. Bonus points for the Nail Palace’s lovely range of nail colours.


Nail Palace: Brightening Manicure & Pedicure, $222.56 for 110 minutes

This pampering hand and foot spa treatment begins with exfoliation, a mask and wrap to lift off dead skin cells, and infuses skin with brightening and anti-ageing ingredients. Your hands and feet are then treated to a classic manicure and pedicure.

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY G Reflex, $130 for 60 minutes, inclusive of spa admission

Treat weary soles to a detoxifying and energising pressure-point massage. This foot reflexology treatment eliminates blockages in the feet and enhances the flow of energy within the body. The session also includes access to the hot and cold pools, sauna and dining facilities.


Nail Palace: Sole Renewal Treatment, $415.15 for 60 minutes

Rescue dehydrated, cracked or calloused feet. This foot-care treatment loosens dead skin cells and softens calluses for noticeably softer, smoother, and brighter skin. This allows rejuvenating ingredients to penetrate better for intense rehydration and repair to leave you with softer, smoother skin. 

Hair Removal


Strip: Brazilian Waxing, $62 for 40 minutes

Tame the fluff for your favourite swimwear or lingerie. After your choice of the Berry Chocolate Wax or Strawberry Virgin Wax is spread over the skin, a cloth strip is pressed on top and ripped off to remove hair from the pubic region in one quick and fuss-free session.


Strip: Brazilian AFT, $2,250 for six sessions of 50 minutes each

This semi-permanent hair reduction treatment sends filtered light energy to weaken hair follicles and reduce growth. Unlike regular IPL treatments that may sting a little, this treatment emits energy gradually and feels as relaxing as a hot stone massage.

For Men


Haach: Aqua Porcelain Facial, $381 for 95 minutes

Weary looking, dull skin will benefit from an energising boost of hydration. Featuring sonophoresis, a technology that uses ultrasound vibrations to disrupt the skin barrier for better absorption of hydrating ingredients, this facial replenishes skin’s moisture reservoir.


Raffles Spa: Rescue And Release Massage, $245++ for 60 minutes

Stretching and pressure-point techniques are combined with soothing, long Swedish massage strokes to boost blood circulation, relieve chronic back and neck aches, and induce utter relaxation.