Don’t let achy joints stand in the way of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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Don’t let achy joints stand in the way of a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

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As if it isn’t challenging enough to get started on your workouts, sometimes the ache in your knee or hip gives you even more reason to call it quits. Before you know it, the pain may become unbearable and you find yourself settling for a sedentary lifestyle. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Here are five ways to maintain strong and healthy joints regardless of your age. 


Never underestimate the importance of a proper warm-up before your workouts. It will help to loosen up your muscles and prepare your body for movement. It is best to incorporate warm-up exercises that mimic your actual workout. For instance, do a slow jog before you run. 


High-impact exercises like running and high-intensity interval training are great, but low-impact workouts are essential to give your joints much-needed relief, so don’t forget to incorporate them into your fitness routine. Swimming is great to get your heart rate pumping without putting pressure on your joints. 


Shoes that are not of the right fit will place unnecessary stress on your hips and knees. It is also important to replace your shoes when they’re worn out, as old shoes won’t be able to provide as much cushioning, and may exacerbate joint pain. 


Switch up your exercises regularly to target different muscle groups. If you are always running, try alternating your sessions with upper body work to avoid putting too much stress on your lower body, and allow those joints to rest. 


Sometimes, our bodies need a little more help when it comes to strengthening and repairing. To ease and prevent achy joints, try Borsch Med All in 1 Formula for Joints, which has been well-received since its launch in 2016. It was also a winner of the Unity Popular Choice Awards 2016. 

The All in 1 Formula for Joints is great for those who prefer liquid supplements as you can mix it into your drinks. This intensive and complete supplement consists of glucosamine, collagen, chondroitin and rose hip extract to improve flexibility of your joints, repair worn-out cartilage and relieve joint inflammation. What’s more, it comes in convenient sachet packs – perfect to take with you on the go. 

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