Beach Or Poolside Party? Here’s How To Look Your Best

The sun is hot as can be in the middle of the year, but if you want to hang out in your bikini best, you need these tips from Dr Low Chai Ling.

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Who doesn’t love a little poolside or beach lounging in our year-round blazing sun? But hanging around in nothing more than a bikini can be unnerving both because you might be selfconscious about your body or worried about sun damage. Fret not. Dr Low Chai Ling of SW1 Clinic shares some solutions to these conundrums.


Dr Low says that looking good for a beach holiday isn’t just about appearing skinny, but more about looking toned. She says it is better to have a proportionate and toned body than to obsess about weight.

Good nutrition, and optimising gut and bowel health, are also crucial for looking good and having a flatter tummy. Try supplements such as SW1’s Probiotic Skin Food and Daily Cleanse Dietary Supplement – probiotics balance intestinal bacterial flora to improve gut health, while the Daily Cleanse supplement has herbs to naturally regulate bowel wellbeing for a slimmer midriff.

If you have pockets of stubborn fat such as love handles, consider Coolshape and Onda Body Magic, treatments you can get at SW1 Clinic. “Coolshape is a cryolipolysis therapy that breaks down about 20 per cent of the treated fat in each session, helping you to sculpt and trim areas of your body. Together with an exercise and diet plan, it can transform the figure,” says Dr Low.

“And to improve the elasticity and smoothness of body skin, Onda Body Magic uses microwaves that are saidto tighten skin and reduce thelook of cellulite, giving your body a smoother and more toned appearance.


“Use at least an SPF30 broad-spectrum, sweatresistant sunscreen to protect against UVA and UVB damage. Apply an adequate amount prior to sun exposure, and reapply every four hours or after water activities,” says Dr Low.

A novel way to ensure head-to-toe sun protection is to use SW1’s Guardian Angel Gentle Face Wash or Bodyguard Body & Hair Wash. When you rinse them off after washing your face, body or hair with them, their special formulations leave behind an invisible layer of ionic sun protection. Of course, if you are going to have a significant amount of sun exposure, you will need to add another layer of sunscreen such as SW1’s Umbrella UV-Protection & Light-Diff using Cream over your face and neck, which are usually the most exposed parts of your body.


After too much sun exposure, solar elastosis – the breakdown of collagen in the skin – occurs. To help your skin recover, Dr Low recommends slathering on products with vitamin A to stimulate collagen growth, vitamin B3 to reduce skin redness, and vitamin C to brighten skin tone.

Consider a vitaminenriched facial such as SW1 Clinic’s Vitamin Therapy, which uses iontophoresis and sonophoresis to deliver a cocktail of vitamins to the skin for an immediate glow.

If you have dark spots as a result of having had too much sun exposure, wait until your tan has faded, then consider options such as a Pico Pigment laser treatment to remove unwanted pigmentation, or try a lightening cream to reduce the hyperpigmentation.

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Dr Low Chai Ling is the founder and medical director of SW1 Clinic, which offers both non-invasive cosmetic dermatology and cutting-edge plastic surgery. She also loves beach vacations and takes at least one trip to a sunny destination every year. Her favourite location is Bali for its happening beach clubs, cool cafes and chill vibes.