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The Liquid Matte Foundation for 10-hour Work Days

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Hera’s Black Foundation is the liquid version of the brand’s cult favourite Black Cushion. It isn’t.

Black Foundation is an entirely new formula, created for days when you know your makeup needs to be on – and impeccable – for at least 10 hours.

We’re talking hide-all-flaws high coverage (even higher than its sister cushion foundation) with just one pump covering the entire face. Plus, its matte finish is friendly to oily skin, heat and humidity – my face was truly oil-slick-free at the end of a scorching day, and no, no foundation melted off.

Brownie points for inclusivity: Black Foundation is available in 12 shades – twice the number that Black Cushion offers – and The Liquid Matte Foundation for 10-hour Work Days HW Endorses currently has the widest range among Hera’s foundations. Its popular #21 and #23 shades for fair Asian skin now also include cool and warm undertones, and there’s a new tan shade in #31N1. It costs $75. – CT