Wider partings, receding hair lines & widespread thinning. Additionally, you'll notice dumps of hair in the shower or on your pillow.

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Progressive hair loss, which is characterised by the gradual loss of hair over a period of time, affects up to 40% of women and 50% of men. Factors that cause hair loss include hereditary, hormonal and lifestyle reasons. If left untreated, it can cause a severe loss in hair density in women and total baldness in men. Hair loss can also affect one's self-esteem and confidence.

The hair follows a defined life cycle comprising three phases - Anagen (growth phase), Catagen (rest phase) and Telogen (hair loss phase). Progressive hair loss is caused by the shortening of the Anagen phase where a hair growth's cycle is completed earlier than expected, resulting in thinning hair.

René Furterer laboratories identified three key stages from this phase — 1.Genesis, 2.Growth and 3.Maturity. Cognisant of the importance of the Anagen phase to the hair's life cycle, René Furterer reformulated its anti-hair loss serum Triphasic with a new natural ingredient Biotrinine which is obtained by aqueous extraction of the aerial parts of watercress (Nasturtium officinale) and nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus).

Combined with patented" key ingredients, Biotrinine acts at the three key stages in the hair's vital Anagen phase: 

1. Genesis Stage (Activate Growth): Biotrinine activates the signal required to trigger hair growth.

2. Growth Stage (Stimulates and Strengthens Hair): Biotrinine acts in synergy with Adenosine Triphosphate (patent pending), to maintain growth and prolong life of hair^^. The effect is further optimized with natural Pfaffia Extract combined with Orange and Lavender essential oils.

3. Maturity Stage (Delay Hair Loss): Biotrinine works in harmony with Curbicia (Squash Seed) extract to prolong hair growth cycle^^. Licorice Extract and HMC^^^ promote an environment conducive to the maintenance of healthy hair. 

" Triphasic has always benefitted from research advances to optimise its efficacy using active ingredients extracted from plants. Biotrinine is the new differentiating key ingredient today. We witnessed its pharmacological activities and how it has shown potential in acting in synergy or in complementarity with the current key ingredients present in the formula such as Adenosine Triphosphate and Squash Seed. "
Marguerite Lévêque, Pharmacology Research Officer, Pierre Fabre Demo-Cosmetique. 

Users found an average increase of +7,490* hairs and +3,000* hairs in the alopecic zone after three months of use. 

Even the product packaging has been thoughtfully designed in three essential phases — aqueous, oil and power. Mixed only before application, this ultra-concentrated powerhouse serum is brimming with precious active ingredients at its purest. The new Triphasic Progressive also contains a new stimulating massaging tip which reinforces the anti-hair loss action by improving micro-circulation in the scalp, awakening the hair follicles and promoting growth and strength.

It is recommended to use to the product twice a week during the first month as treatment and once weekly for the next two months as maintenance.

"With Biotrinine, René Furterer is opening a new page in the anti-hair loss saga. It took several years to understand and master new key stages in progressive hair loss, multiply screenings of key ingredients and create a landmark event. With this new powerful anti-hair loss treatment, we have a truly effective concentrate..." Sylvie Daunes-Marion, Head of the Hair Research Area, Pierre Fabre Demo-Cosmetique.

René Furterer is number I in anti-hair loss in France for 14 consecutive years* 

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*Average increase in the number of hairs. Clinical study conducted in 31 men, results after three months of use.

**QuintilesIMS - 'MS PEC - market for off-label anti-hair loss treatments sold in pharmacies in France — for 2016— in volume.

^Patents filed in France M

^^In-vitro test

^^^Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, derived from Citrus Aurantium.