The Foundation Every Power Woman Needs

Emulating the success of its eponymous Armani Jacket, the Italian house adopts the same concept for its newest foundation: long-lasting appeal, flawless coverage and comfortable wear.

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You’re a woman who has your life and career down pat. You have goals to hit, places to go and people to meet. You’re your own #girlboss. You’re in it to ace it – and you expect the same level of performance from your makeup, especially your foundation.

Giorgio Armani Beauty’s got your back. Meet the Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation, which will help you ace your base even on the most hectic days.


Known primarily for its luxe fashion apparel, the long-standing Italian brand’s beauty arm emulates the concept and quality of its fashion side. It’s a brand that exudes elegance, luxury and confidence – and it has won the hearts of many makeup artists, celebrities, and everyday women.

The Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation’s addictive texture and formula are inspired by the iconic Armani Jacket. Giorgio Armani created this eponymous jacket in 1976, at a time when working women were trying to figure out what to wear in offices. The Armani Jacket was elegant, comfortable, and allowed the wearer to move freely and naturally without constraint. Women felt and looked good in it.

The Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation works the same way as the Armani Jacket, in the sense that it sits lightweight and matte on your complexion, just like a second skin. It offers flawless medium to high coverage (it hides scars, blemishes and dullness), and is long-wearing, lasting up to 16 hours.


The foundation combines ultra-fine colour pigments with three types of oils to help you look great all day. Here’s how: It glides smoothly onto your skin for a naturally airbrushed finish with a radiant glow. No tugging or pulling involved.

Its ultra-fine pigments are carefully selected and shaped so that the foundation’s colour payoff is rich, and you won’t have trouble finding your perfect shade.

The oils in the formula are released at intervals to ensure a fresh film of colour on your skin all day. There’s no need for touch-ups, and that’s how reliable a power foundation should be for a power woman.


The flawless base provided by the Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation lets you get away with not wearing any other makeup. But if you prefer a complete long-wearing makeup look, Giorgio Armani Beauty has the Power Fabric High Coverage Stretchable Concealer and the Power Fabric High Coverage Foundation Balm to add to your beauty arsenal.

Like the foundation, the concealer and foundation balm both boast lightweight textures that are able to perfectly hide blemishes. They’re great for when you need the extra coverage – whether it’s because of an all-nighter at work, or when you have an important event to attend.

The concealer targets imperfections such as dark eye circles and redness. Don’t underestimate its fluid texture; a little goes a long way when it comes to coverage. The concealer sits fresh on the skin all day, without caking or flaking.

The foundation balm goes on as a balm-to-cream. Pat it onto areas with enlarged pores – it will help to fill them in for a smooth complexion. Alternatively, a light layer of it will help set your skin to a silky, velvety finish.

Using all three products together gives you a beauty trinity of coverage. That said, the products do not compromise on how lightweight and comfortable they feel on the skin. They offer you what we all desire in makeup: the best of both worlds.

The Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation costs $90 and comes in 20 shades; the Power Fabric High Coverage Stretchable Concealer costs $60 and comes in five shades; and the Power Fabric High Coverage Foundation Balm costs $120 and comes in 10 shades.
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