The next level of product personalisation in beauty is more specific than ever. Three local players show how it’s done.

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Alcheme uses 25 plant-derived extract and vitamins in its formulas. These include extracts like moringa seed extract, iris root and butterfly bush flower. 

Loose powder in your exact shade and function

Marilyn Ng’s former jobs had her testing so much new makeup that her skin became hypersensitised. When she didn’t stop, the sensitivity got worse, coupled with peeling and rawness – second-degree burns, said her dermatologist. To help her skin heal, she looked for “cleaner” skincare and makeup that wouldn’t aggravate her skin. What she couldn’t find was good base makeup, specifically loose powder, which Ng says is a must-have for her. That inspired her to launch Indvcollective last year. It doesn’t just specialise in custom-made, talc-free loose powder for sensitive and/or reactive skin; but also ensures that all skin tones, from very fair to very deep, have a match.

“Customers first select from a range of 100 base shades, replicated from the Pantone Skintone Guide,” says Ng. “Then, we get into the nitty gritty of what they want, from a brightening effect and colour correction to mattifying and maximum wear. You name it, you’ll get it.”

There are two ways to experience Indvcollective: at one of its pop-ups (find out when and where from its Insta account @indvcollective) with Ng and her team; they will personally blend each product in front of you. Or pick up its DIY Face Discovery Kit (pictured below) at www., to blend your own. Both options are $128 each.

Online and face-to-face custom-made skincare

Alcheme, SG’s first of its kind personalised skincare via a website, now has a face-to-face service.

It launched in 2017 with a serum and eye serum, then added a moisturiser – all customisable – this year. But customers wanted the option of face-to-face consults, as opposed to online skin analysis. They also wanted on-the-spot skincare customisation done in up to an hour, instead of waiting for a week for products to be delivered to them.

Since September, founders Tuyen Lamy, 38, and Constance Dr.TWL’s lipstick components are coated with a UV-protective coating that protects active ingredients from breaking down. Mandefield, 41, (both ex-colleagues at Clarins), and the Alcheme team are now taking customers in-store at Naiise Iconic at Jewel Changi, from Thursdays to Sundays, 12-7pm. There’s no change in what you pay: Products start from $65 for the eye serum. 

Lipsticks for those with skin conditions

Dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin launched Dr.TWL Custom Makeup Lab to cater to people with sensitive and allergic skin. Its star product, Lip Serum Stick, which reportedly has salmon roe DNA, started as an anti-ageing care.

“But when my patients with lip eczema can’t use store-bought lipsticks because of the many chemical preservatives, we created Lip Lab, an offshoot of Dr.TWL Custom Makeup Lab, to turn Lip Serum Stick into a customisable lipstick,” says Dr Teo. “Our Advanced Colour Science System is a tool that determines your skin tone on the spot, then recommends your best shade(s).”

The clinic’s in-house chemist then mixes colour pigments that make up your desired shade. These are added to the lip serum base, poured into a mould, and chilled. An hour later, your customised Lip Serum Stick is ready. Each lipstick is $96.30. Call 6355-0522 for an appointment at #17-07 Royal Square at Novena. 

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Dr.TWL’s lipstick components are coated with a UV-protective coating that protects active ingredients from breaking down. 

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Before you order the Indvcollective DIY Face Discovery Kit, find your closest skin tone match (out of 100) on its website. 

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Step two: Select three of four colour correctors to go into the loose powder: green for redness, salmon for dark circles, yellow to brighten, and purple to combat dullness. 

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Last step: Pick two of three Skin Benefit powders – HD for high definition and a soft-focus glow, M to mattify, and P for long-lasting coverage. Now, wait for your kit to arrive to mix it up on your own.