Haircare That Restores Hair To Good Health

Getting sleek, shiny strands isn’t about bombarding it with nutrients and hoping for the best. The first step is to dive in deep to undo any damage, then supplementing it with repairing ingredients.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

The mindset that most people have with haircare is this: Replenish what is lost. So we look for moisturising products to condition, or keratin-based products to strengthen hair. That approach is just a little shortsighted. You’re ignoring the underlying problem – the damage.

Shiseido Professional recognises this. Its new haircare line Sublimic employs a “reform and repair” method to treat damaged hair with lasting results. Step One: Undo the damage (reform). Step Two: Supplement with nutrients (repair). Sublimic has in-salon products for professional use, and four homecare ranges that let you continue the TLC after you leave the salon.

The homecare products (from $32 for a shampoo) work to reshape distorted hair strands (because distorted = rough = unhealthy), to restore them to their straight (read: healthy) state. With this “primer” in place, your hair is now ready to receive repairing agents.

Each range includes shampoos, conditioners and hair masks: Aqua Intensive for dry and/or chemically weakened hair; Airy Flow for unruly hair; Luminoforce to add vibrancy to coloured hair; and Fuente Forte for scalp care. The products have ingredients/tech for a specific target. Aqua Intensive introduces protein, moisture and lipids to strengthen cuticles and hair’s moisture barrier, while Airy Flow has a micro-bouncing complex to help hair feel soft. Luminoforce has a brightening oil so hair colour doesn’t look dull, and Fuente Forte boosts scalp health by keeping it well hydrated.

Then, add Sublimic Wonder Shield (both an in-salon and homecare product) as the final step. It protects against external aggressors like pollution and humidity. – CT 


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