With exciting new launches come some much-needed expert tips, straight from an insider.

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Michael Brown, beauty insider who spilled on super-useful tips! 

Come party season, beauty counters are awash with flecks of sparkles, pop party colours, celebratory shine and more-is-more. The new launches in the Lust & Stardust collection by Marc Jacobs Beauty is no different, and why not? It’s the time of the year to get glitz! #TeamCLEO had a chance to learn even more insider tips from makeup artist Michael Brown himself, who is the Southeast Asia Regional Artistry Ambassador of Marc Jacobs Beauty.

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Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette in Elec-trick, $70 


When you see gloss you just think: sticky lips and stuck hair. But gloss has become 2019, and it’s about achieving that ‘glass’ lip look. “It doesn’t have to be gloss all over the lip because it can be a bit messy,” says Michael. “The Enamored lip glosses in our core range are very thick, creamy, not sticky but have really good pigment. Even the nudes,” he explains. Consider these your lip-changer: “So in a recent shoot when the model had a red lip, I dabbed the gold [Atomic] gloss in the centre of the lip and the red lip just changed! The gloss gave the glassy effect while the gold lightened the red,” he says. “You’ll love the sparkle in these glosses, which you can wear by itself or mix it into a red lip or another colour to brighten your lip or lighten it.” Perfect for the holiday season! 

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Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Dazzling Lip Lacquer Lipgloss in Genie Kiss, $42 


When you open up your little pot of Marc Jacobs Beauty See-Quins, you’ll notice a little ‘hat’ on the packaging that’s not meant to be thrown away. “That’s because you need that to pack down the product. When you use it, you can disturb the glitter and it gets looser and looser and by the end, it’ll be crumbly,” he explains. It needs to be compacted so that it bonds onto your lid or wherever you need to use it. And the best way to apply is not with a brush! “Apply with your fingertip. The best technique is to press and massage the pot, and massage onto the eyelid. Be very gentle!” he says. That’s how the pigment goes on without fall-out. And in his recent shoots he glossed up a model’s lids with them, how #love! 

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Marc Jacobs Beauty See-Quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadow, $38 each 


This brand new release sees seven shades of the much-loved Highliner, which is reimagined in a liquid-to-gel formula. They’re like the old-fashioned eyeliner pots that make sure the tip always has colour. “When it’s the usual pen-type liner we found that it dries out too quickly. I really like there’s an ink well where it comes out with a tapered tip for that really thin line,” he says. And once it’s on, it won’t move! “It’s 12-hour wear, waterproof, flake-proof and smudge-proof; and we decided to create metallic shades to have fun with it,” says Michael. If you don’t know how to do colour liners, why not try an ombré liner? “Play with the different colours in the same line and you can create an ombré effect!” 

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Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Liquid-Gel Eyeliner in Gold Getter, $42 


These tips are so simple yet so effective. *Cry-emoji face* Thanks Michael Brown! 

1 Do lips different: Use a lip liner in a deeper shade around the edges, then enhance with the gloss. “Blur out the lines and smudge it out. Keep centre of the mouth totally bare and put the gloss on,” he says, if you want to achieve a knock-out pout.

2 When you’re applying glitter to your lids, tilt your head backwards to prevent fall-out onto your cheekbones. And if you use your fingers and the “massage” technique he mentioned, there won’t be fall-out at all! 

3 Not sure how to do a directional eyeliner? “Use your dark brown or black liner for definition. Or try a ‘double technique’; use the coloured liner on top of your actual liner so it creates an eye shadow effect with a liquid liner. It’s so fun!” 

4 Apply eyeliner with your eyes open! And always start from the outer part! “The finishing line should always be on an upturn,” said Michael. If you do the opposite, you’ll tend to go downwards with your liner and get a “sad look”.