Stay on your toes and keep your cards close to your chest this month.

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21 JUL TO 21 AUG 

Stay on your toes and keep your cards close to your chest this month. It’s time to think twice about the information you give out to others and also the guidance people offer you. When it comes to finances, though, trust your gut and seize the many opportunities that will be available. Leos will also pay attention to their emotional and personal needs this month, so you may find yourself attracted to a potential partner who can provide them with the support they need. Avoid overworking and pamper yourself with SOTHYS Unifying Youth Serum, $169. 

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22 AUG TO 22 SEPT 

Communication is key this month – avoid jumping headfirst into commitments or situations at work that could trap you. August is an ideal time to work on new ventures, so pick up a new hobby or get involved in a new industry. There may be a few bumps in the road for attached Virgos, who will find that honesty is the best policy. Changes you make now are likely to last in the long run, so try to address health concerns and focus on getting rid of bad habits. Put your best face forward with the help of SOTHYS Vitality Youth Cream, $139. 

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23 SEPT TO 22 OCT 

As a people person, you may be considering a career change if you currently work alone. And it’s not just work that you’re considering changes in; you’re forging full steam ahead in all areas of life! Learn to take things slowly so as to not overwhelm your loved ones. And remember, Lady Luck is not on your side at the moment and it’ll be good to avoid taking risks. Don’t let bad habits take control this month – set limits for yourself and try to get enough sleep. Try adding SOTHYS Detox Resurfacing Overnight Cream, $179, to your pre-bed routine. 

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23 OCT TO 22 NOV 

Your patience will be tested in all areas of your life this month, so think over your decisions and manage your public image carefully. The spotlight is on you at work, so put yourself out there and showcase your ideas and talents. Scorpios in long-term relationships will feel extra affectionate this month, while singles may be looking out for a fling. Feeling easily frustrated? Meditation or decluttering your home may help, and you can also try treating yourself to SOTHYS Secrets de Sothys Global Anti-ageing Destressing Cream, $334

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23 NOV TO 20 DEC 

You’ll need to focus more on your health this month as you may suffer from allergies, especially those related to the respiratory system. If you’re single, you may attract many suitors this month. Sagittarians in a relationship shouldn’t shy away from discussing issues that have been bothering them with their partner. Work will be demanding, but pace yourself and people will notice your efforts. De-stress after a long day with SOTHYS Hydra 3Ha Set-Hydra-Youth Cream & Intensive Hydrating Serum, $249. 

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21 DEC TO 19 JAN 

Your love life is due to blossom this month. Singletons will find potential love interests they can quickly connect with, and those in a relationship will grow closer to their partner. You’re also in the pink of health and will find it easy to form good habits.  August is all about starting afresh at work and projects and opportunities you previously missed may be available to you once more. With such a good month ahead, pamper yourself with SOTHYS Multi-Action Eye Contour, $134. 

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20 JAN TO 18 FEB 

You may feel a bit of frustration in the workplace, but you can stop feeling that way with some patience and understanding. You’re feeling extra sensitive so may overreact during this time – be careful if your partner is a fiery, argumentative sign like Leo or Scorpio or you guys will end up fighting. It’s not the best month to make any major financial decisions, so instead focus your energy on taking care of your physical and emotional health. Dressing for the weather and applying a concentrated ampoule like SOTHYS Oxygenating Essential Ampoules (7pcs per box), $89, can help. 

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19 FEB TO 20 MAR 

August is a good month to tie up loose ends and break away from bad habits. It may be time to wrap up old projects and move on to greener pastures, especially for Pisces who have been looking for new careers. Meanwhile, make sure you avoid negative energies and bolster your health through a balanced diet. Controlling your temper and focusing on being more tactful will go a long way. As you wipe the slate clean, make sure your face is in the same condition with SOTHYS Micellar Cleansing Water, $82. 

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21 MAR TO 19 APR 

August will be a challenging month in terms of your career, love life and health. As you may be feeling more bored than usual, you may feel tempted to leave a long-time position and change up your career or relationship. If you’ve been doing your homework and studying the market carefully, making important investments will definitely pay off. However, be careful when making big decisions, especially if dangerous activities are involved in any way. Treat yourself with SOTHYS Biological Skin Peeling, $82. 

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20 APR TO 20 MAY 

Your practical and reflective sides will come into play this month and you may find yourself torn between personal relationships and career goals. Focus on tackling problems in a diplomatic manner and keep your image squeaky clean. It’s also a good time to analyse your relationships deeply; but be careful when deciding if there are ties to be cut as you may require financial help from your loved ones. As August may be very mentally taxing, unwind with some distracting games to keep your mind occupied, or indulge in SOTHYS Nourishing Body Elixir – Cherry Blossom & Lotus Escape, $72. 

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21 MAY TO 20 JUN 

August will put your people skills to the test as a shake-up in the workplace will require you to keep the team morale and your focus level high. Thanks to a boost in confidence, you’ll feel sexually charged during this period, so be sure to make time to see your partner. You’re feeling competitive and daring this month, but avoid taking out loans or financial risks. Instead, focus your competitive streak on the sports field or at the gym, and then treat your skin to SOTHYS [W]+ Brightening Mask, $140, so you glow inside and out. 

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21 JUN TO 20 JUL 

You’re at the top of your finance game, and you can maximise on that by keeping up to date with current issues and trends. Workplace conflicts abound this month; just be patient and it should calm down. You may be feeling restless, but don’t be too reckless in seeking a fast-paced fling or spending all that pent-up energy on high-speed activities or it could end badly. Before you make any rash decisions, relax and unwind. Try pampering yourself with SOTHYS Hydra3Ha™ Intensive Hydrating Serum, $185.