Get on the right frequency — #TeamCLEO goes deep to learn more about Pico lasers.

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"What to know before going under the light"

Ultrasound, light therapy, lasers... Cosmetic procedures have gone way past plastic and nipping, and are now more quick, smart and super hightech. But before any procedure, you need the lowdown about which works for your concerns, and how much downtime is involved. Your skin is at stake.

With this evolution also comes changes within laser treatments. #TeamCLEO spoke to some experts to know more about aesthetic lasers, what colours you need to know of, and the difference between pico and lasers and the rest. On the panel of experts are Dr Raimie Rahmad, Aesthetics Medical Practitioner and Dr Ee of EE Clinic, so you #getthefacts.


Lasers are differentiated by grades — those lasers used in facial treatments are grades 3 and 4, and can only be used by medical practitioners. “Every colour carries a different wavelength and each has its own indications and purposes”, says Dr Raimie. For example, the yellow and red laser rays are great for collagen stimulation if you want to prevent premature ageing. As for the blue laser ray, it is great for killing bacteria on existing acne; this could also be used as a prevention before an outbreak occurs, according to Dr Raimie.

The green laser ray is your solution to unwanted pigmentation. Dr Raimie also mentioned that if you find the spot still dark after the treatment, be patient with it;  it’ll take time for the dark spots to get lighter because of the extra melanin that’s on your skin.


Dr Ee elaborated on the various types of lasers, but depending on the skin concerns you have, you still need to seek your doctor’s advice to know which laser treatment is the best for you.

According to Dr Ee, CO2 lasers are used for rejuvenation of the skin, and then you have the Q-switch which includes two lasers — nano and pico lasers. While the nano laser has a short laser pulse durations, the pico laser is ultra-short resulting in less pain. So... a painless laser treatment may sound impossible, but #TeamCLEO took up the challenge to see how it would work. Keep reading!


First up was PicoSure treatment at EE Clinic in, which treats enlarged pores. Voon Wei from #TeamCLEO found the experience a little intimidating, but the results were worth it. “Honestly, I could feel the burning sensation and the crackling sound didn’t help. After 25 minutes (of what seemed like hours) of the laser treatment, a layer of moisturiser was applied to soothe the skin, as I felt a little heat and my skin was a tad bit reddish,” he said. “But all that aside, my skin was instantly smoother and radiant — like I had applied a beauty filter IRL!”. Our reviewer Vanessa Lim tested the PicoGenesis by Cutera Laser, and thanks to numbing cream and the super-fast treatment, there was minimal pain throughout the 15-minute treatment.“ The outcome? “I saw gorgeous, instant results on my skin — radiance and baby-smooth skin that lasted for weeks,” she said. Worth it!


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