Sweet Endings

These easy-to-make desserts are perfect meal enders.

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These easy-to-make desserts are perfect meal enders.

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Lemon Curd Galette
Prep 20 mins / Cook 40 mins + Chilling / Serves 8.
1/3 cups plain flour.
100 g chilled butter, chopped.
¼ cup caster sugar.
1 to 2 tbsps iced water.
350 g tub lemon curd.
2 tbsps coconut cream.
1 egg yolk.
100 g lightly crushed mini meringues.
¼ cup toasted coconut Candied lemon slices (see Chef’s Tip).
1 Sift plain flour into a large bowl. Using fingertips, rub in butter until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Stir in caster sugar. Add iced water to bring dough just together.
2 Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Knead gently until just smooth. Wrap in plastic wrap. Chill 20 mins.
3 Preheat oven to moderate, 180 C. Preheat an oven tray. Roll out pastry between 2 sheets of baking paper to a 3-mm rectangle. Using 5 cm of the pastry edge, pinch up to form a border. Chill 20 mins.
4 LEMON CURD FILLING Meanwhile in a bowl, combine lemon curd, coconut cream and egg yolk, whisking to combine.
5 Transfer chilled pastry case to hot baking paper-lined oven tray.
6 Carefully pour in curd mixture. Bake 25 to 30 mins until custard is just set. Cool slightly. Serve galette topped with crushed mini meringues, toasted coconut and candied lemon slices.
CHEF’S TIP: For candied lemon, dissolve ¼ cup caster sugar in 1 tbsp water over heat. Add thinly sliced lemon. Simmer 4 to 5 mins. Remove and cool. 
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Jam Doughnuts
2 cups bread flour.
2 eggs.
1/3 cup water.
2 tbsps caster sugar.
7 g sachet yeast.
1 tsp salt.
75 g cubed butter.
For dusting, 1 cup caster sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon.
For filling, 1 cup jam or kaya of your choice.
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1 In a mixer with dough hook, combine bread flour, eggs, water, caster sugar, yeast and salt. Knead on medium, 5 mins.
2 Add butter, kneading. set aside, covered, to prove 1 hour. Punch down. roll to 1 cm thick. cut into 6-cm rounds. Prove 1 hour, covered. deep-fry 1 min. drain.
3 Toss in combined caster sugar and cinnamon. Pipe 1 cup jam into side of each doughnut.
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Cook’s Solution

The Sweet Things In Life

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