...Of burgers, and milkshakes and all the other things that make up our teenage dreams.

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...Of burgers, and milkshakes and all the other things that make up our teenage dreams.

Eyebrow-raising milkshakes are a perennial favourite at Black Tap


What goes perfectly with burgers and fries? Milkshakes, of course! Or CrazyShakes, as they are known at New York burger joint, Black Tap. These shakes-on-steroids are a fixture on Instagram because of their photogenic (if over-the-top) appearance. Clouds of whipped cream, lashings of syrup and drifts of rainbow sprinkles are all balanced on a glass crammed with candy, biscuits, cake and all manner of confectionery, and filled to the brim with pure, blended ice cream. 

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The Wonderland Shake

The latest offerings include the whimsical Wonderland Shake (a strawberry milkshake studded with pearl candies, adorned with a bright red mushroom cupcake) and the Churro Choco Taco Shake (drizzled with dulce de leche, crowned with a choco taco and two churros dusted with sugar and cinnamon).

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With fast food chain A&W’s return to Singapore, local diners welcome back an old friend, along with its beloved Rooty the Bear mascot. All the classic favourites are on the menu at its outlet in Jewel—the Coney Dogs, Curly Fries, Waffle Ice Creams, as well as the iconic Root Beer Floats in frosted mugs. New additions to the menu include crowd-pleasers from around the region, like Cream Cheese Chicken or Beef Burgers and Golden Aroma Chicken.

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The famous lobster roll from Burger & Lobster


Another new entrant into our dining scene is London-based Burger & Lobster, famous for its mastery of “surf” and “turf” dishes. Look out for burgers crafted from Nebraskan beef patties as well as succulent lobster rolls featuring fresh lobsters flown in from Nova Scotia, Canada. The restaurant sits pretty at Canopy Park—the topmost floor of Jewel—and boasts prime views of the Shiseido Forest Valley and the HSBC Rain Vortex, offering a destination dining experience for everyone. 

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The Shack-Cago Dog with its perfect combination of beef sausage, relish and fresh vegetables


One of the most eagerly awaited openings of 2019 must have been Shake Shack’s, which finally opened its doors in Singapore at Jewel in April. A pioneer of “casual fine dining”, the beloved burger chain started off as a humble kiosk in New York’s Madison Square Park 15 years ago and quickly established a reputation for high-quality ingredients. Expect all the same great stuff as you’d get Stateside—juicy US Angus beef patties in ShackBurgers, luscious Shroom Burgers with melting cheese and tasty Shack-cago Dogs topped with mouthwatering relish. 

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The ShackBurger

Don’t forget to add a side of crisp golden crinkle-cut fries, as well as an ice-cold Shakemeister Ale to wash it all down with. There are even Singapore-only menu additions that highlight local flavours—like the Pandan Shake (pandan and coconut) as well as frozen custards It Takes Two To Mango (mango and sago) and Jewela Melaka (gula melaka).