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Best Beauty Buys celebrates the most outstanding in skincare and makeup. And The Weekly takes this very seriouly, having spent months compiling, testing and evaluating each and every product in order to arrive at this list of the crème de la crème of what’s available in the beauty world. Here, we shine the spotlight on some of the winners you need to add to your regime now. 

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alche{me} Personalised Eye Serum 

Battling eye bags and persistent puffiness? From stress to poor micro-circulation to premature ageing, your eyes are the first to reveal “battle” wounds. A lack of lympathic circulation could also mean that fat residues and toxins get trapped under the eye area, resulting in those unwanted dark circles.

Banish those eye bags with this personalised eye serum, which contains atlas cedar bark that not only reduces inflammation, but also strengthens blood vessels and visibly reduces the reddish colour under the eyes. The bark extract of Alibizia julibrissin (or the Persian silk tree) helps to fade age-related dark circles, while caffeine is harnessed for its lipolytic activity on fatty cells helps to drain toxins from the eye area, so you can say goodbye to puffy eyes.

The beauty of this customised eye serum is also the ability to include other active ingredients to tackle concerns like wrinkles and sagging, all personalised for your needs. At $65 (15 ml). 


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alche{me} Bespoke Serum

Concocted with vitamins and botanical extracts, this made-to-order serum is customised for each individual and contains a nourishing solution that penetrates deep for maximum moisture. At $105 (30 ml). 

alche{me} Bespoke Emulsion

Formulated to work in tandem with the serum, layer this over the serum to glean the best hydrating benefits and see your complexion glow again. At $95 (50 ml). 

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alche{me} products are available at

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Declaré Anti-Irritation Serum

Our skin is constantly getting ravaged by environmental aggressors and free radicals. To make matters worse, if your skin is sensitive it tends to get easily inflamed, resulting in blotchiness and an uneven skin tone.

To help soothe stressed skin, this anti-inflammatory serum offers immediate SOS aid and calms reddened patches in order to rebalance your complexion.

Containing a highly effective soothing complex as well as a synergistic herbal cocktail of Persian silk tree extract, Indian pennywort, butcher’s broom and marigold, this calming yet potent serum protects cells against damage and reduces the skin sensitivity while combating premature ageing by deeply infusing it with moisture.

Rediscover the relief of reduced redness with Declaré’s Anti-Irritation Serum and bask in the glow of a soothed and smooth look. At $130 (50 ml). 


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Declaré Skin Meditation Soothing & Balancing Cream

Those with aggravated skin will love the healing balm of this restorative cream, formulated with phyto complexes to reduce hypersensitivity while protecting the skin against irritants. At $110 (50 ml). 

Declaré Essential Eye Lifting Serum

Give those droopy eyelids a helping hand with this moisturising serum that works to reduce lines and wrinkles by improving micro-circulation and banishing dark eye circles. At $95 (15 ml). 

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Available at 

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Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS Amino Acid Facial Cleanser 

Using makeup products can help you look good, but if not removed properly, they can cause grease and grime to build up, clog your pores and leave your skin spotty and inflamed.

Keep your skin clean with Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS Amino Acid Facial Cleanser. Formulated with technologically enhanced botanical extracts, it goes in deep to cleanse and effectively remove dirt and sebum.

This gentle cleanser contains amino acids, which are building blocks of proteins that retain and strengthen the skin’s moisture retention capacity. Calming aloe and liquorice extracts work to soothe your skin, while hibiscus extract helps to maintain its elasticity.

Suited even for very sensitive skin, it leaves complexion balanced, supple and moisturised. At $38 (120 ml). 


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Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS Hydro Firming Serum

For resilient skin, infuse it with this lightweight serum that combines four types of hyaluronic acid to form a 3D moisture network, providing long-lasting moisture. At $72 (30 ml). 

Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS Royal Age Defying Cream

Banish fine lines with this moisturising cream that contains squalane, an anti-ageing non-comedogenic oil that retains surface moisture while penetrating into the skin’s layers. At $68 (30 ml). 


Be one of the first 20 customers to like and share Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS’ Facebook page to receive a complimentary trial pack from their counters at Metro Centrepoint, Robinsons The Heeren and Robinsons Raffles City. Available from 12 pm, Thursdays to Sunday. Terms and conditions apply. 

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Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS products are available online and at Metro Centrepoint, Robinsons The Heeren and Robinsons Raffles City.


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Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS Ultra-Light Sunblock SPF50 PA++++ 

It is not just sunbathing by the pool that exposes your skin to harmful UV rays. The minute you set foot outdoors, the sun is already beating down on you, even if you are just walking to the bus stop.

Overexposure to the sun can cause pigmentation problems when UV rays penetrate deep into your skin’s inner layers, damaging cells, or worse, causing cancer.

That is why using a good sunblock is so important if you want to maintain a healthy complexion. Shield your skin with a non-sticky, protective sunblock like Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS Ultra-Light Sunblock SPF50 PA++++ that helps stave off the sun’s rays with specialised broad-spectrum UV filters.

Knowing that your skin is well covered, you can head out with confidence every day. At $56 (30 ml). 


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Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS Royal De Pigmentation Cream

Eliminate spots and freckles with this lightening and whitening cream which contains hexylresorcinol, an antioxidant that can target pathways at the cellular level. At $80 (30 ml). 

Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS Hydro Firming Moisture Lotion

Skin feeling dry and distressed? This hydrating skin-rejuvenator combines four types of hyaluronic acid to form a 3D moisture network, providing long-lasting moisture. At $62 (30 ml). 


Be one of the first 20 customers to like and share Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS’ Facebook page to receive a complimentary trial pack from their counters at Metro Centrepoint, Robinsons The Heeren and Robinsons Raffles City. Available from 12pm, Thursdays to Sunday. Terms and conditions apply. 

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Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS products are available online and at Metro Centrepoint, Robinsons The Heeren and Robinsons Raffles City.


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Heliocare Purewhite Radiance Max 240 

Hyperpigmentation is the bane of most women. The result of overreactive skin, inflammation and dark spots can cause your skin to appear rough and uneven.

Combat the problem with this dietary supplement – formulated with Heliocare’s exclusive WhiteTech Complex, which is a blend of pomegranate extract, L-Cystine, L-Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and vitamin B3, it targets pigmentation problems from the inside out by working on all layers of your skin. Fernblock technology encourages antioxidant activity to slow down the skin’s ageing process.

This revolutionary oral supplement not only helps to boost your skin’s ability to interfere with the melanogenesis cycle, it also reduces inflammation and stimulates the production of collagen, so you can unveil firmer and younger-looking skin. At $148 (60 capsules). 


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Heliocare Oral

The Heliocare oral is the perfect complement to topical sunscreen. Containing the proprietary Fernblock, this powerful antioxidant actively seeks out harmful free radicals generated by UV rays, and neutralises them before they can wreck havoc on skin cells, causing damage to cell DNA. At $57.75 (60 capsules). 

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HERA Cell Essence 

When your skin is dehydrated, it gets robbed of its radiance and shine. Restore clarity to your complexion and smooth out rough skin with this rejuvenating essence.

Formulated to be used as the first step of your skincare routine, this booster not only revitalises skin, but also helps to increase the efficacy of the skincare products you apply.

Containing Eight Skin Activators by Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.02, this fast-absorbing water-based essence is a body fluid-mimicking solution that provides essential nourishment to parched skin without leaving any sticky residue, so your cells can regain their plumpness and strength.

With HERA Cell Essence, rescue dry skin and restore its resilience so you can glow with good health and natural radiance again. At $80 (150 ml) or $42 (75 ml). 


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HERA Rosy-Satin Cream

Containing achillea, Bulgarian Damask Rose oil and an elasticity-supporting peptide, this moisturising cream promotes skin cell turnover and gives a petal-soft feel to skin. At $120 (50 ml). 

HERA UV Mist Cushion (Cover/Ultra Moisture)

Give your skin a multi-dimensional glow with this fine, lightweight powder that offers high coverage while reflecting light for a soft, dewy finish. At $68 (2 x 15 g). 

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HERA products are available at HERA ION Orchard boutique & Takashimaya D.S. Visit

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Himalaya Botanique Invigorating Lemon Face Wash 

What better way to start the day than with a refreshing cleanse! Infused with 100 per cent certified organic ingredients including lemon peel, rose and honey, this soap-free facial cleanser is a botanical treat for your skin.

Besides revitalising skin with organic skin-loving ingredients, this effective cleanser is formulated without paraben, SLS, gluten, artificial colour and fragrance, making it hypoallergenic, and suitable for all skin types – keeping skin in tip-top shape, naturally.

Soliga forest honey nourishes your skin while rose cleanses, as rice grains slough away dead surface skin and work to refine your pores so gently, it’s suitable for daily use. The mild scent of cinnamon bark extract combined with purifying citrus from lemon peel revives tired skin and reinvigorates your senses. At $16.90 (150 ml). 


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Himalaya Botanique Exfoliating Walnut And Wood Apple Face Scrub

A dull and rough complexion can be caused by layers of grime that have accumulated on the surface. Slough off dirt and dead skin cells with this exfoliating scrub that refreshes at the same time, so you can reveal radiant skin beneath and show off a glowing complexion again. At $18.90. 

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Himalaya Botanique products are available at leading pharmacies and healthcare stores. Facebook: himalayasg Website: 

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KANEBO Refreshing Powder Wash 

Keeping your complexion bright means keeping your skin clean – and using the right facial wash can help you achieve skin clarity and luminosity without stripping it of essential moisture.

If your skin is feeling grubby and rough, this unique scrub will renew your skin and restore its natural radiance. By combining two types of powders, it gently removes excess sebum, extracts blackheads and unclogs pores. White powder contains protease to break down proteins and peptides while pink powder contains apricot and rose hip extracts to remove dead skin cells.

Take your skincare to the next level and discover newness of life with this refreshing powder wash, which will diminish the visibility of pores while revealing a cleansed and purified complexion. At $45 (0.4 g x 32 capsules). 


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KANEBO The First Serum

Powered by a Hydra Botanical Complex, lay the right foundation on cleansed skin with this hydrating formula that prepares it for products that follow. At $98 (60 ml). 

KANEBO Fresh Day Cream

This moisturising cream with SPF15 contains a Baby-Soft Oil Formulation to keep your skin refreshed while protecting it from daily dryness and UV damage. At $98 (40 ml). 

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KANEBO is available at Takashimaya D.S and OG Albert Complex. Website: 

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KATE Fit Rare Gel Pencil 

Well-defined peepers will not just make you look sharp, but also add to your confidence. Frame your eyes and define its contours to make a striking first impression wherever you go with this gel eyeliner pencil.

Featuring a superfine 1.5 mm tip, it is designed to be manoeuvred freely without tugging on the delicate skin around your eyes, and allows you to draw close to the lash line or between your lashes with ease and precision.

Its high-fitting formula ensures the lines adhere to your lash line, offering long-lasting wear throughout the day. Rich in colour and resistant against sweat, water and tears, you can count on it for a smudge-proof and fade-resistant look all day.

Available in two shades: BK-1 High Black and BR-1 Brown. At $19.90. 


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KATE Designing Eyebrow 3D

Achieve defined brows and a sharper nose with this must-have contouring tool that comes with a three-colour gradation palette and a dual-tip brush. At $20.50. 

KATE Powdery Skin Maker

This remarkable liquid foundation adheres to your pores for full coverage before turning into powder to give you a flawless matte finish without any heaviness. At $34. 

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KATE Tokyo products are available at Don Don Donki, Welcia-BHG, LAZADA and select Sasa and Watsons stores. Visit

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Porcelain Balance – Daily Cleansing Gel 

Keeping our skin well hydrated is essential to maintaining a clear complexion, but all the best moisturisers out there will be useless if a harsh daily cleanser ends up stripping away moisture, undoing any good your hydrating products might have offered.

With this gentle and nourishing cleansing gel, your skin gets deeply cleansed without upsetting its natural pH balance. The natural oils of coconut extract impart moisture and soften the skin; vitamin E and soybean oil boost its defenses against external aggressors; and tea tree oil with AHA and BHA keeps your skin spot-free.

Infused with cucumber, sage and aloe, let this cooling cleanser flush out sebum and trapped dirt in your pores while providing antioxidant benefits to prevent future breakouts. At $59 (120 ml). 


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Porcelain HA+ Hydrating Serum Intensive

Whether you have oily, dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin, this smart serum works to find the perfect moisture balance. Harnessing the benefits of four customised complexes, this breakthrough cocktail for your skin contains wakame, which works to reduce wrinkles, probiotics to counter acne bacteria, elderflower to disarm free radicals and hyaluronic acid to offer deep hydration. At $198 (30 ml). 


Enter the code “SWWBBB” on the checkout page when you shop on to enjoy free local shipping with every purchase of two bottles of Balance – Daily Cleansing Gels. Offer is valid till Mar 31, 2019. 

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Porcelain products are available at their new e-store and their spa outlets: #04-48 Paragon ● #01-02 Tanjong Pagar Centre ● #03-13 Orchard Gateway ● Visit 

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Shiseido Makeup DAIYA FUDE Face Duo 

Using a good tool is essential for precise application of makeup, but it also helps prevent wastage. Boasting breakthrough technology from Japan’s rich brush-making history and hand-crafted by takumi (artisans), this diamond-shaped jewel of the Shiseido Makeup Brush Collection is made with a polyurethane blender that mimics the feel of fingertips.

Featuring a Hidden Core Technology, this applicator comes with a gel blender on one end for liquid or cushion formulas, and a diamond-cut brush on the other end to buff and diffuse pigment for a soft-focus finish. It adapts naturally to your facial contours and deposits colour evenly by providing consistent contact so that there is no unsightly streaking.

Hygienic and easy to wipe clean, let this superb brush take your look to the next level. At $65. 


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Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush

Whether you want dramatic cheeks or a subtle glow, this blush melds seamlessly into your skin as it transforms from a mousse into an ultra-thin powder. At $48. 

Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation SPF 20

Regardless of skin type or tone, this foundation offers eight-hour hydration and adapts to your skin for a beautiful, radiant complexion. At $74 (30 ml). 

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Shiseido products are available online and at leading department stores. Visit 

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Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Radiance Foundation E 

Setting the stage for your makeup can make all the difference to your look. With the right foundation, not only do you prepare the proper canvas for cosmetics, your skin can also get revitalised at the same time.

Infused with the healing Enmei herb, Shiseido’s luxurious foundation contains SkingenecellEnmei, a key ingredient that offers deep regenerative benefits to stave off damage caused by ageing. Its innovative brightening ingredient 4MSK improves dark spots and evens out your skin tone while the Aura Radiance Technology maximises light reflection and helps your skin radiate a rosy glow.

The Micro Fit Technology in this age-defying foundation also responds to changes in the environment so your complexion stays smooth and translucent all day. Available in nine shades. At $122 (30 ml). 


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Total Radiance Loose Powder E

Containing Time Match Powder and Photochromic Powder, this luxurious loose powder keeps your skin silky smooth while the Japanese botanical M helps maintain moisture. At $108 (10 g). 

Universal Defense SPF 50+

Keep your skin shielded with this protective cream that defends against UV rays and pollutants in order to prevent the formation of spots and wrinkles. At $112 (50 ml). 

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Shiseido products are available online and at leading department stores. Visit 

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Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum 

Sagging skin can leave you looking older than your years. To help firm up your facial contours, this anti-ageing serum energises your skin from within, strengthening its elasticity for a firmer and smoother visage.

Formulated with Ginsenisphere™, an innovative microcapsule imbued with concentrated ginseng, this silky serum delivers small delicate capsules infused with precious ginseng seed oil, which melt into your skin to provide revitalising nourishment. By harnessing the anti-aging properties from carefully cultivated ginseng leaves, stems and roots, you can plump up your skin cells and even out fine lines and wrinkles.

Let the power of ginseng work to defy the effects of time and refine your look so your contours appear flawless from every angle. At $265 (50 ml). 


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Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX

Compound K, extracted from ginseng roots, forms the heart of this anti-ageing cream. It also contains Ginsenoside Re extracted from ginseng fl owers, which enhances skin’s defensive power. At $298 (60 ml). 

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask

Packed with eight times more active ginseng ingredients than the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX, this nourishing mask hydrates and strengthens skin intensively. At $148 (box of five). 

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Sulwhasoo products are available at all Sulwhasoo boutiques and counters island-wide. Visit
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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté All Hours Foundation 

When you have an evening function to attend after work, keeping your makeup on point can be tricky after a long day. To keep you looking flawless all day and all night, this 24-hour night-proof foundation by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is just what you need to put your best face forward without having to constantly do touch-ups.

Waterproof and transfer-resistant, its fine pigments of spherical-shaped silicon resin minimise the appearance of pores and ensure a matte, shine-free complexion with a soft-focus finish. Containing a long-wear resistant polymer which is rich in perlite, this oil-free foundation absorbs up to three and a half times its weight in water for long-lasting coverage, leaving your skin looking porcelain-smooth even as you dance the night away. At $98 (25 ml). 


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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Le Cushion Encre de Peau

The first ink-in-cushion application, this revolutionary foundation offers long-lasting coverage that evens out your complexion and adds matte luminosity to your look. At $92 (15 ml). 

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté All Hours Concealer

Camouflage dark circles and hide imperfections with this sweat-resistant liquid concealer that leaves you with a velvety finish without any creasing or caking. At $49 (5 ml). 

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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is available at its boutiques at #B2-34 ION Orchard, #01-02 VivoCity and #01-41 Raffles City, as well as counters located at Takashimaya D.S, TANGS at Tang Plaza, Metro Paragon and BHG Bugis. Visit