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How do you achieve that coveted V-shaped visage? Dr YX Lum of IDS Clinic shares some of the best options

Q: If I desire a more contoured V-shape face, how can procedures like HIFU, threads and fillers help me?

A: “HIFU works by penetrating ultrasound energy to the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), stimulating collagen to create a lifting effect. This is useful in patients with a more saggy face as it can be improved with HIFU. Threads are often inserted under the skin to tighten and rejuvenate the skin and create a lifting effect. This lifting effect is achieved as the threads pull in an upward vector to create a V-shaped look.

Fillers are great for enhancing your face shape to be more defined. If you desire a V-shaped face, fillers are often injected in the chin, especially for those with shorter chins, to achieve a more elongated look. This is often combined with some botulinum toxin at the jaw to slim the muscles down. Also, fillers can provide support to bony structures and improve facial contours.”

Q: How does injecting fillers help in making my face slimmer and how do I know if it’s suitable for me?

A: “Fillers can be injected in different areas of the face to help create a more V-shaped and contoured look. For Asians, we often lack definition in the central features of our faces. Our noses and chins are often less prominent than desired. Fillers in these regions can help enhance our faces and bring out the other facial features better.

Every individual’s bone structure, distribution of fat pads and volume is different. Fillers can be injected in different areas of the face in different volumes to create a more desired face shape. I believe this treatment can be done for everyone, although the results may vary.”

Q: How effective are filler treatments when compared to treatments like HIFU and thread lifts?

A: “All these treatments are effective in their own ways and often a combination of treatments is best. The most rewarding aspect of fillers which differentiate it from the rest is probably the fact that it is almost immediate in providing results.”

Q: What can I expect in terms of results, cost, downtime and pain level for filler injections?

A: “With fillers, you can expect almost immediate results, whereas procedures like HIFU and threads take some time. Pain is minimal and most patients find that fillers is actually the least painful. Although fillers has minimal to no downtime, you may experience slight swelling and occasional bruising after the treatment.”

Q: Can fillers be done in tandem with the other treatments?

A: “Yes, combining treatments is actually best to get a synergistic effect. I would usually recommend HIFU first to improve the quality of the skin and see how much lifting effect we can achieve before placing the fillers and threads in the appropriate places and in the appropriate volumes.” Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice and readers are advised to seek advice from a qualified doctor if they are considering any cosmetic procedures. SPH Magazines Pte Ltd does not accept any liability in respect of any action taken by a reader in reliance on any recommendations contained in this article.