The Micellar Waters That Remove The Tough Stuff

With lasting makeup comes the task of removing it completely.

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With lasting makeup comes the task of removing it completely. Micellar water, made of tiny globules of cleansing oil in water, is lightweight and won’t irritate skin. No emulsifying, foaming or scrubbing – makeup comes off easily with a few swipes. The ones here do the heavy lifting after a night of heavy partying. Our team found that they removed longlasting foundation, waterproof eyeliner, fibre mascara, glitter, matte lipsticks and everlasting lip stains. – CT
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Bifesta Cleansing Lotion, from $16.90

The brand’s star product, V2.0, has micelles 12 times smaller than the original version, so more gets onto your skin to break down makeup, with less tugging. Six variants are available for different skin concerns.
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The Body Shop Camomile Fresh Micellar Cleansing Water, $25

Cuts through a thick base in one swipe. The product is infused with soothing camomile essential oil, but is otherwise scent-free. It’s gentle on skin with acne, and on irritated skin.
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Kiehl’s Herbalinfused Micellar Cleansing Water, $45

The herbalscented water not only removes thick, goopy, waterproof mascara with minimal pressure, it also has ingredients that hydrate the eye area.
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Laneige Perfect Makeup Cleansing Water, $32

It’s epic on waterproof eyeliner, whether you’ve drawn chunky cat-eyes or big wings. It doesn’t sting your skin or smudge pigment all over the eye area. It’s also safe for the waterline and lashline (use a Q-tip).
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Placentor Vegetal Soothing Micellar Water, $39.90

This is very effective on waterproof eyeliner, and the jelly-to-water consistency provides extra glide, so no tugging or pulling is needed on your part.
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Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Water, $50

Glitter just sticks to skin, resulting in a lot of tugging to get it off. But this product gently “lifts” glitter specks off skin – and in one swipe, too.
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Nivea Micellar Rose Water with Oil, $19.90

Matte lipsticks and stains can’t hold up against this rosewater and oil-infused micellar water, which makes it so easy to wipe them off.