Chanel Goes Metal

The French fashion house goes big and bold with metallic – but with a twist.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

The French fashion house goes big and bold with metallic – but with a twist. Instead of settling on one-dimensional shine, Lucia Pica, the brand’s global creative designer for makeup and colour, focuses on the way light reflects as it hits uneven surfaces. The result: a flattering glow that adapts to your facial contours and textural imperfections on the skin. The holiday l imited-edition Collection Libre comprises highlighters, eyeshadows, glosses and nail polishes. Prices start from $40. – CT 

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The Tinted Moisturiser for Older Skin

As skin ages, it looks duller and more flushed, and feels drier. The Dr Hauschka Regenerating Day Cream Complexion is a tinted moisturiser with different pigments to correct uneven skin tone. Green balances out redness, red conceals dark areas (such as dark eye circles) and gold adds an overall glow. The product also has olive plant oils to moisturise and nourish dry spots. Use it on its own for light coverage, or as a base to help makeup go on more smoothly. It costs $109. – CT
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The #Lipstickhack You (Probably) Never Thought of

It happens a lot. You break into a brandnew bullet lipstick – and then you break the sharp tip, or smush it against the lipstick cap, or blunt it with frequent use. Sometimes, the tip loses shape completely and can no longer give you a precisely defined lip and Cupid’s bow.

Our friends at YSL Beaute shared this #beautyhack with us when showing us their new YSL Beaute Rouge Pur Couture The Slim lipstick ($54): Grab a penknife and thinly shave the lipstick at an angle. You’ll instantly get a sharp edge. A sturdy name card will work too, if you’re really in a pinch. – CT 
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The New Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hydration is the most important thing for skin that looks recharged and appears to be line-free. Eucerin’s Hyaluron filler Overnight Treatment is an anti-ageing serum that does three things: It puts two kinds of hyaluronic acid into the skin to hydrate it; its bioactive ingredient glycine saponin works on deeper skin layers to prompt it to make hyaluronic acid; and it gently exfoliates and boosts skin cell renewal with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). The bottle has two chambers – one has glycine saponin and AHAs in an oil-in-water emulsion, and the other has hyaluronic acid in a gel-like serum. Dispensing the product combines the two and activates the serum, which works on skin overnight. It costs $84.90. – LZY