A More Powerful Skin Booster

It’s a known fact that stress lowers your body’s immunity.

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It’s a known fact that stress lowers your body’s immunity.

In the same way, says Shiseido,stressed skin has lowered immunity. This makes it look rough, dull and less firm. In 2014, the Japanese beauty house launched its Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, a pre-serum that claimed to boost the ability of the body’s Langerhans cells to help skin immunity. Better defences would mean smoother, more supple and radiant skin.

But stress also reduces the number of Langerhans cells. So Shiseido developed the new Ultimune Power InfusingConcentrate N, which now includes reishi (lingzhi) and iris root extracts to help skin produce new immunity cells.

What this means for your skin: N works harder to boost its defences, so it remains supple, smooth and radiant even when stressed – whether it’s from weather changes, haze, pollution, or emotional upsets. $110-$185 – KT

Touche on the Touch-ups

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What do women on the go need? Products that allow for precise touch-ups with precisely no effort. Innisfree’s Smart Drawing collection comes in nifty paint tubes topped with soft bristle brush applicators. Each squeeze dispenses just enough product onto the brush to blend into hard-to-reach areas, like around the eyes, nose and lips. The range includes colour correctors, foundations, blushers, contour products, and highlighters. The creamy, buildable formula sets into a satin finish. $12.50 each – CT
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Kose Infinity Cool Astringent Tighten Up, $58

What it is: A bubbly toner that instantly cools skin. It forms a film that “hardens” and conforms to your facial contours. This is supposed to help makeup last longer, and prevent sebum oxidation and enlarged pores.

How to use: Apply after moisturiser. Shake well, hold upright, spray onto a cotton pad, and run it over your skin. You can also use it as an intensive mask by placing the cotton pad over enlarged pores for 30 seconds.

Verdict: “The astringent effect worked. The cooling sensation felt like I was running an ice cube across my face, but afterwards, my makeup didn’t budge even though I was outdoors for most of the day. The film had a barely-there feel but flaked around my nose as I tend to rub this area. The 30-second mask helped minimise the appearance of my enlarged pores. The alcohol smell is quite strong, though.” – KT