57 ways to Relax & Pamper every part of your being

This is your guide to the winning face and body treatments in the 2019 Her World Spa Awards. Keep it somewhere safe – you’ll be referring to it often. What the Her World team loves about this batch of winners from beauty salons, medispas, swanky hotels and specialist boutiques: There’s a wellness indulgence for every week of the year, plus extras for tough times.

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Under-an-hour Facials


Grandiose Focus, $298 for 45min

Vedure, #04-06 Wheelock Place, tel: 6732-6448

To deliver maximum results in minimal time, this combines ultrasonic wave, microcurrent and LED light technologies to improve muscle tone, lift sagging skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Sugar K Organic Peel, $65 for 20min

Sugar K Organic Peel Bar; visit www.keworganics.com for outlet listings

This speedy face peel uses organic sugarcane and other botanical ingredients to gently lift away dead cells that have accumulated on the surface. Expect a slightly tingling sensation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Our tester loved how soft and smooth her complexion was afterwards.


Hydrafacial, $200 for 30min

Lloyds Medical Group, #19-04 Wisma Atria, tel: 6996-4999

Hydrafacials – which combine cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and protection – are fairly common, but the experience here is truly unforgettable. It includes a limousine transfer from your preferred pickup point, and that’s just the start of the VIP treatment. Our tester loved emerging looking and feeling like a million bucks. 



Anti-acne Perfect Solution, $407.70 for 90min

Haach; visit www.haach.com for outlet listings

Control frequent breakouts with this zit-zapping facial. It is carefully designed to slough away dead skin cells, eliminate impurities and regulate sebum production. A slew of hydrating and calming products is used to replenish moisture in the skin and prevent oil glands from becoming too hyperactive. Our tester found the extraction thorough and relatively pain-free. She also said that her skin felt softer and smoother the next day.


Eye De Puffer, $158 for 3min

Novu Aesthetics; visit https://iamnovu.com for outlet listings

Using a non-ablative laser, the treatment specifically targets fibroblast cells deep within the skin. The aim is to stimulate the production of collagen fibres as well as destroy fat pockets without overheating the skin surface. Over time, the treatment helps reduce the appearance of eye bags and wrinkles. Our tester also found the slight warming sensation relaxing. 


Art Mesotherapy. Anti-ageing Facial, $203.30 for 90min

Art by Verita, #04-01 Wheelock Place, tel: 6732-0836

Targeting multiple concerns at once, the facial uses microdermabrasion and ultrasonic exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells and deep-cleanse pores. Extraction is optional. A range of anti-ageing serums is then infused into the skin with a medical-grade electroporation device for optimal product penetration. It ends with a stem cell mask to plump and smooth skin so you emerge looking and feeling more youthful.


Senze Awakening Facial, $400 for 90min

SK-II Boutique Spa; visit www.mysk2spa.com/eshop/home for outlet listings

One of the spa’s most powerful facials to date, this is designed to deliver immediate results without being invasive or painful. It opens with a relaxing massage, then your skin is cleansed before the therapist performs a meticulous extraction. Next, a device using Wishpro technology converts electromagnetic pulses to active energy, paired with suitable treatment capsules to address your skin concerns. LED light therapy speeds up collagen renewal, then a collagen mask seals in all the goodness for a younger-looking complexion.


Shakura Bright EX Treatment, $588 for 90min

Shakura Pigmentation Beauty; visit www.shakura.com.sg for outlet listings

The facial feels mild but draws on the powerful pigment-busting properties of vitamin C, niacinamide and tranexamic acid. These inhibit the production of melanin and its transfer between skin cells while speeding up its breakdown so your complexion appears more even-toned and clear. Our tester raved about the replenishing face mask, which provided deep moisturisation for luminous, dewy skin. It’s suitable for all skin types.


Glow Zone Laser Facial, $400 for 60min

Simply Aesthetics, #B1-28 Capitol Piazza, tel: 6384-2568/2598

Featuring low-energy laser pulses, the treatment has little downtime; you can resume your everyday activities immediately after. Yet, it effectively combats rough skin, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also suitable for irritation-prone skin as it doesn’t leave skin flushed or sensitised.


Zitzap, $321 for 60min

Porcelain; visit http://porcelainfacespa.com for outlet listings

Catering to those with oily, congestion-prone skin, this uses a unique Spanish Variable Pulse IPL technology to specifically kill acne-causing bacteria, diminish the appearance of post-acne scarring, and speed up the skin’s natural ability to heal after extraction. Our tester loved that her complexion was soothed and didn’t look red and blotchy.


Aventurine Anti-stress Treatment, $320 for 120min

Eternelle V Aesthetic Clinic & Medispa, #13-10/11 Royal Square at Novena, tel: 6732-3839

Pamper your skin and senses with this utterly relaxing facial. It begins with a deep-cleanse before your therapist applies an enzyme peel, followed by a carbon-based detox mask to rid skin of impurities and dead cells. Next, an ultrasonic machine is used to infuse the skin with hyaluronic and silk skincare ampoules to intensely hydrate it. Finally, a healing massage calms your body and mind – it clears energy blockage so you emerge feeling recharged.


Jyunka V Ageless Treatment, $380 for 120min

K&G Beauty Clinic, #02-05 Pacific Plaza, tel: 6835-7503

The facial combines multiple benefits and acts on different layers of the skin. Your therapist first uses an ultrasonic plate to loosen dead cells and dislodge stubborn comedones for a thorough cleansing. Then she performs a Jyunka Stimulation Massage using quick pinching motions to activate and tone the facial muscles. After that, a radio-frequency probe delivers heat to the dermis to stimulate collagen production. Finally, an electroporation probe infuses skin with a customised blend of products to hydrate and smooth expression lines. Our tester saw an improvement in skin tone, texture and firmness.


Glaze+ Laser Face Treatment, $338 for 60min

La Vie Aesthetics, #04-08 Orchard Gateway, tel: 6581-4417/4470

If you’re looking to combat multiple issues in one treatment, this is it. Using state-of-the-art equipment, targeted heat energy is directed deep into the skin layers to accelerate cellular turnover and collagen regeneration. It is intended to tackle sagging, wrinkles, roughness and dark spots. Our tester experienced little downtime and practically no discomfort, and also reported a visible improvement in skin radiance and clarity after one session.


Intense Lifting Care, $298 for 70min

Hanbang Skin Solutions; visit www.hanbangskin.com for outlet listings 

Designed to stimulate the fascia, a layer of connective tissue that protects and stabilises the facial muscles, Hanbang Skin Solutions’ signature massage technique releases tension within the facial muscles and improves circulation and lymphatic drainage so that your face looks more V-shaped and youthful. It also uses ultrasonic and lifting machines to help the facial contours look firmer and more sculpted. 

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Super Lifting Face Treatment, $350 for 80min

Asterspring, #05-09 The Centrepoint, tel: 6737-9177

Targeting the dermis and facial muscles, this treatment uses ultrasound technology to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, as well as tone and tighten facial muscles. This lifts the facial contours. Our tester experienced an instant firming effect, and found that her pores seemed less noticeable.


Hydro-aid Moisturising Soothing Treatment, $180 for 80min

Sulwhasoo Boutique; visit www.sulwhasoo.com/sg/en/spa/location/location.html for outlet listings

Perfect for those in need of intense hydration, this deeply moisturising facial quenches dry and rough skin with a range of hydrating Sulwhasoo products. Rich in birch sap, the skincare rebalances the moisture levels in skin cells while a refreshing massage using a white porcelain applicator helps soothe and cool the skin.


Valmont Summit of the Cervin, $420 for 75min

Remede Spa, The St Regis Singapore, tel: 6506-6896

What do you get when you combine luxury Swiss skincare products with the unparalleled hospitality of a five-star hotel? Utter bliss, of course. Your therapist removes your makeup before performing a relaxing facial massage called The Butterfly Motion. In the meantime, your skin is bathed in the lavish textures of Valmont’s powerful anti-ageing products and coaxed into a state of plumped perfection.


Hydrocollagen+ Skin Treatment, $321 for 90min

New York Skin Solutions; call 6363-5566 for outlet listings

Featuring active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and hydrolysed marine collagen, the facial delivers deep hydration to all the skin layers to boost suppleness and radiance. Gentle yet super-effective, it is suitable for all skin types and can even be done as a post-sun treatment after a beach holiday.


24K Uplift, $535 for 90min

SW1 Clinic, #13-01 Paragon Medical Centre, tel: 6653-7599

Combining clinical ultrasound skin-lifting technology with a cold laser, this hybrid facial is the perfect remedy for deep wrinkles and a loss of elasticity. It begins with aqua-dermabrasion to gently exfoliate skin and eliminate pesky blackheads and whiteheads. Our tester raved about her therapist, who skilfully used the devices on her skin while constantly checking in with her. Post-treatment, she noticed that her cheeks and jawline looked and felt tighter while wrinkles appeared less prominent. 

BEST LIFTING FACIAL (Non Machine-based)

Maria Galland Absolute Youthful Lifting, $280 for 75min

Maria Galland; call 6278-2633 for outlet information

Boasting the expert touch of a trained therapist, this 100 per cent hands-on facial is designed to tone, firm and lift skin using specialised massage techniques. The therapist takes you through an in-depth diagnosis to identify key areas of concern before thoroughly cleansing and gently exfoliating your skin. A series of deep gliding and intensive petrissage movements follows, kneading, rolling and lifting your skin. Our tester noticed that her face felt warm and looked rosy after the treatment – a sign of increased microcirculation. Plus, she reported a lifting effect that remained visible more than a week after the treatment. 


BR Second Skin, $488 for 90min

Freia Aesthetics, #B2-26 Raffles City Shopping Centre, tel: 6258-0233

Featuring the use of an innovative electrospun mask, the facial targets deep wrinkles so your complexion feels smooth and looks revitalised. After cleansing, small strips of the unique mask are placed on areas where wrinkles are most prominent. The nanofibres in the mask release hyaluronic acid into your skin for an immediate plumping effect. Next, the therapist employs a series of light pinching, pulsing and rolling massage techniques to stimulate collagen synthesis and tone the muscles.


Signature Small Face Care, $179.76 for 60min

Facia Ginza Singapore, #09-20 The Central Soho 1, tel: 8749-2563

The highlight of this shaping facial is the massage technique originally developed with a team of Japanese orthopaedic doctors. Designed to work on your facial structure from the inside, it aims to speed up waste removal, reduce water retention and improve blood circulation so that your face looks more symmetrical, sculpted and radiant.


Glow-to-go, $250 for 30min Estheclinic; visit www.estheclinic.com.sg for outlet listings

Time-strapped women will love this efficient all-in-one treatment. Using a patented No Pain System IPL technology, the facial breaks up melanin clusters in skin to lighten dark spots and acne scars. At the same time, it improves collagen production so that fine lines and pores are diminished, resulting in a smoother and more even-toned face.


La Mer Miracle Broth Facial, $494.34 for 90min 

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, tel: 6434-5203

Every step of your experience here is designed to indulge you sensorially, so just relax in the spa’s well-appointed treatment suites under your therapist’s expert touch. And there’s no better way to pamper yourself than with this luxurious anti-ageing facial. Designed to recharge and regenerate tired and dehydrated skin, the facial features a pure infusion of La Mer’s coveted Miracle Broth. Bespoke massage techniques encourage your skin to drink up the potent elixir so it looks plump, soothed and radiant. 

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Multivitamin Firming Treatment, $500 for 120min

Geranium, #01-01 BH Building, 26 Horne Road, tel: 6294-2581

East meets West in this regenerating facial combining gua sha with an infusion of multivitamins that is meant to strengthen the skin against environmental aggressors. As your skin reaps the benefits of vitamins A, B, C, D and E, the accompanying gua sha massage helps stimulate the muscles and promote lymphatic drainage to protect skin against pollution.


La Signature, $308 for 75min

La Source Spa & Hair, #01-03/04 Thong Teck Building, tel: 6732-1318

We breathe in oxygen to stay alive, and our skin thrives when it receives an intense boost of oxygen. So this facial quite literally breathes new life into tired, dull skin as it delivers 98 per cent pure oxygen via a pressurised oxygen spray. Your therapist also selects a custom blend of serums to address your skin concerns so that you can have a dewy and glowing complexion.


#nofilterbeauty, $300 for 75min

M&G Aesthetics Beauty Care, #03-05 Pacific Plaza, tel: 6733-6742

This is perfect if you’re looking to refine your skin texture and boost the radiance of your complexion before a big event. The gentle facial for all skin types harnesses the skin-balancing properties of prebiotics and probiotics to reduce the effects of oxidative stress and delay the skin-ageing process of glycation for a smoother and more well-rested appearance.


Aqua White Skin Booster, $388 for 75min

Belleza Aesthetics, #04-13/13A Wheelock Place, tel: 6223-2533

Banish dark spots and skin-tone unevenness with this powerful facial. A potent dose of brightening ingredients is infused into the skin to break up melanin clusters, which are then removed naturally by the body. The facial ends with an intensive moisture mask which replenishes your skin so that it looks plump and youthful.


Japanese Sake Facial, $278.20 for 90min

Erabelle; visit http://erabelle.com for outlet listings

Sake, a time-tested Japanese skincare ingredient, is the highlight of this brightening facial. Rich in kojic acid, sake extract is applied to the skin to purify it and suppress the proliferation of melanin. Our tester loved the customised massage steps, which left her feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Vitamin Energy Facial, $420 for 90min

Estetica, #06-18 Plaza Singapura, tel: 6737-2234

Ideal for the busy woman facing daily lifestyle and environmental stressors, this antioxidant facial combats the negative effects of free radicals with the aim of combating the signs of premature ageing. It incorporates a concoction of vitamins and vegetal taurine to energise sluggish cells, resulting in brighter-looking skin. 


Customised Transdermal Treatment, $513.60 for 75min

Mirage Aesthetic; visit www.mirageaesthetic.com for outlet listings

Regardless of what your main skin concerns are, this customisable facial provides solutions as it restores the good condition of your skin. After a thorough consultation, our tester was advised that her skin was dehydrated and slightly sensitised. So the therapist used cold mist instead of hot steam to soften her skin before eliminating comedones with an electric vibrating tool. A DEP (dermoelectroporation) machine was then used to boost the penetration of the specially selected hyaluronic acid serum. Finally, a hydrating mask sealed in moisture to soothe her complexion.


Modern Therapy, $300+ for 60min

Lush Aesthetics; visit www. lushaesthetics.com.sg for outlet listings

Polydeoxyribonucleotide, also known as PDRN, is a substance extracted from salmon DNA. Highly compatible with our cells, PDRN can benefit the skin at a cellular level, and popular aesthetic treatments in Korea involve injecting PDRN into the dermis so that skin appears radiant, with no visible pores. Afraid of injections? PDRN Modern Therapy doesn’t use needles. Instead, it delivers PDRN via a stamping method, which means little pain and less downtime. Our tester said the process felt prickly at times, but her visibly refined skin texture more than made up for it.


Sensitive SRC Stress-balance Treatment, $290 for 120min

Eternelle V Aesthetic Clinic & Medispa, #13-10/11 Royal Square at Novena, tel: 6732-3839

Perfect as an SOS treatment for fragile skin that is prone to redness and inflammation, this calming facial neutralises irritation and rebuilds the skin barrier with the patented SRC Complex. Using Swiss-made skincare formulated without potentially irritating additives, the treatment provides instant relief to dry, tight and itchy skin. It also makes use of ultrasound technology to boost product penetration for optimal skin recovery.


Nano Collagen Facial, $450 for 90min

DRX Aesthetics Group; visit www.drx-group.com for outlet listings

One of the main reasons our skin starts to sag as we age is the depletion of its collagen fibres. However, merely applying collagen to skin doesn’t help replenish its levels, as the large molecule size of collagen prevents skin from absorbing it. That is why this facial is effective: It uses nanosized collagen that gets absorbed to improve elasticity and firmness.


Viora Core Brightening Face, $398 for 60min

Beaute Hub, #03-16 Eastpoint Mall, tel: 6443-1515

Featuring patented technology, the treatment directs radio-frequency waves of differing intensity to boost collagen production and improve circulation for firmer skin. This is also thought to improve cellular metabolism, restoring healthy skin cell turnover so the complexion looks clearer and brighter. While radio-frequency treatments usually feel warm, the unique treatment probe used here has a built-in cooling mechanism to ensure optimal comfort.


Needleless Threadlift, $688 for 150min

Dr Spa, #03-04 Palais Renaissance, tel: 6738-8441

This treatment is designed to enhance facial contours without the use of needles or surgery. Once your skin is thoroughly cleansed, non-invasive Dermathreads are used to lift and tighten the skin, especially around the cheeks and jawline. Next, a proprietary elixir consisting of hyaluronic acid and peptides is infused into the skin to boost elasticity and suppleness. Thanks to advanced Dermojet PRO+ technology, these powerful actives are pushed into the various skin layers for optimum results.


Microfractional Laser, $1,000 for 75min

Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery, #04-17 Mandarin Gallery, tel: 6235-1728

The treatment combats multiple signs of ageing like hyperpigmentation, unevenness, wrinkles, roughness and loss of firmness. The advanced resurfacing laser used here is based on fractional technology, and it sends precise microbeams into skin to treat areas of concern with minimal discomfort. Our tester had a slight post-treatment flush which disappeared after a couple of hours, and noticed a gradual but visible improvement in skin texture and clarity in the following weeks.


Anti-ageing Medical Grade Facial with Perfectio+, $190 for 90min

Cutis Medical Laser Clinics, #08-07 Scotts Medical Center, Pacific Plaza, tel: 6801-4000

Suitable for those who have sagging jowls, this specialised treatment targets skin laxity by stimulating collagen production deep within the dermis. Using the US Food and Drug Administration-approved Perfectio+ Dual Light Therapy, it delivers red light and infrared energy to firm skin from within while reducing the appearance of age spots. Microdermabrasion is also used in this treatment to gently exfoliate skin in order to improve its texture and tone, before a suitable mask is applied to seal moisture in. 

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Body Treatments


Elemental Aromatherapy Massage, $192.60 for 60min

Ikeda Spa; visit www.ikedaspa.com for outlet listings

Drawing from Eastern and Western massage therapies, this customisable body massage mixes long, gliding strokes with deep acupressure to soothe tense muscles and chronic aches. Only premium-grade massage oils are used to provide your mind and body with the restorative properties of pure botanicals. Expect to feel a sense of well-being and lightness as aches are soothed and lymphatic drainage is improved.


Heavenly Massage, $188.32 for 60min

Heavenly Spa, Level 35 The Westin Singapore, tel: 6922-6888

A high-stress lifestyle can leave you feeling weary and sluggish. Recharge your body with this invigorating massage. Your therapist combines different massage techniques to eliminate water retention and improve circulation so that you feel a renewed vitality.


The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience, $188.30 for 60min

The Fullerton Spa, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, tel: 6877-8182

Using only quality products from Aromatherapy Associates, this relaxing massage not only works on tired muscles but also aims to quieten your mind. Your therapist first conducts an aroma test so you can select your preferred massage oil blend. Next, you are ushered into your spa suite where she uses a mix of Eastern and Western massage techniques over your whole body from head to feet for a thoroughly pampering treat. 


Warm Jade Stone Massage, $353.10 for 180min

Remede Spa, The St Regis Singapore, tel: 6506-6896

A cut above the usual hot stone massage, this utterly indulgent ritual melts away tension from your body. The lavish essential oil blend that accompanies the massage not only nourishes skin but also promotes tranquility of mind. Our tester especially enjoyed the facial massage performed using cool stones to reduce puffiness.


Signature Thai Massage, $178 for 60min

Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa, #03-03 Pacific Plaza, tel: 6736-0998 

If an intensive kneading session to iron out kinks and tension is what you're looking for, that's what you'll get with this treatment which is perfect for stiff and aching muscles. Your skilled therapist uses her elbows, forearms and fingers to repeatedly loosen tense muscles, and she also stretches your back, arms and legs to improve flexibility and mobility. 


Alchemy Spa Therapy Massage, $350.96 for 75min

Lifespa; visit www.lifespa.com.sg for outlet listings

Specially devised to restore the body's energy flow and improve skin elasticity, this massage also uses a citrus-based massage oil to stimulate the metabolism, accelerate circulation and boost detoxification. Our tester commended her therapist’s attentiveness and intuitive touch – she constantly adjusted the pressure and techniques to ensure her utmost comfort.


Power Tree Contouring Massage, $198+ for 75min

Spa Retreat at One Farrer Hotel, tel: 6705-7850

Using a specially designed Power Tree tool made from Japanese cypress wood, the massage employs unique techniques that are intended to break up stubborn fatty deposits. It also uses a slimming body cream made from capsicum and grapefruit oil, which is said to burn fats, improve circulation and enhance lymphatic drainage. Our tester felt a warm sensation on her skin during the session and noticed that the part of her body she hoped to firm up felt less wobbly afterwards.


Venus Supreme, $420 for 45min

BMF Bella Marie France; visit www. bellamariefrance.com.sg for outlet listings

Targeting stubborn fat pockets, this non-invasive procedure brings you one step closer to a more svelte silhouette. Combining Multi-polar Radio Frequency, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields and Varipulse Technology, this powerful treatment aims to destroy unwanted adipose tissue and reduce water retention while improving skin tone and firmness. Expect to see a more taut silhouette over a course of four to six sessions. 


Bust Vital Care, $136.96 for 40min

Amore Boutique Spa; visit http://amorefitness.com for outlet listings

As the decolletage area has a high concentration of lymph nodes, this bust massage works on reducing blockage so that accumulated toxins can be effectively flushed out of the body. Post-treatment, you can expect a firmer appearance as it is designed to alleviate water retention-related swelling.


Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment, $368 for 90min

Dorra Slimming; visit http://dorraslim.com.sg for outlet listings

Good for busy working women who have a sedentary lifestyle and spend long hours sitting at their desks, the treatment targets stubborn adipose tissue around the abdomen and love handles. Your therapist first applies a booster serum on your area of concern to help speed up fat burning and tighten flabby skin. Next, a warm probe is used to massage the area and direct infrared rays to stimulate the skin so that it looks and feels firmer.


Emsculpt Body Sculpting, $1,200 for 30min

Calvin Chan Aesthetics, #04-07A Wheelock Place, tel: 6732-7881

Suitable for stubborn fat pockets that seem to be resistant to workouts, this non-invasive treatment utilises HIFEM (High-intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology to burn fats, stimulate muscle contractions and bring about a firmer, more toned look without your having to make a trip to the gym or break a sweat. 

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Brows, Lashes & Nails


9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery, $1,480 for 90min

Avone Beauty Secrets; visit www.avone.sg for outlet listings

Developed with the International Semi-permanent Makeup Association in Korea, this eyebrow embroidery procedure employs a unique technique that gives you natural-looking brows. A special micro-blade deposits pigment into the skin’s epidermis without damaging other tissue. Our tester appreciated the emphasis on hygiene, and also the aftercare tips given by her brow artist to help her skin heal.


Signature Magic Volume Eyelash Extensions, $168 for 90min

Dreamlash; visit www. dreamlash.com.sg for outlet listings 

Forget thick and dramatic extensions that weigh down your natural lashes. The ones used here comprise premium-quality lashes that are made in Korea. They are soft and light, with a natural yet voluminous effect. Even if you’re a newbie to eyelash extensions, your lash artist will give you aftercare tips to help your new lashes last for more than a month.


Super Laser Hair Removal, from $188 for 30min

Simply Aesthetics, #B1-28 Capitol Piazza, tel: 6384-2568

De-fuzz in comfort and with little pain when you go for laser hair removal at Simply Aesthetics. A unique device that uses Advanced Fluorescence In-motion technology directs repeated laser pulses to the hair follicles, weakening them. This leads to hair growth being inhibited. The device cools the skin simultaneously so that there’s no risk of the heat damaging skin tissues.


3-in-1 Royal Deluxe Pedicure, $231.10 for 120min

Nailz Treats, visit http://nailztreats.com.sg for outlet listings

The all-inclusive pedicure experience is designed to nourish and recharge. Your feet and lower legs are treated to an exfoliating scrub before a hydrating mask is applied to smooth and brighten the skin. Your cuticles are trimmed to perfection, and you will also be treated to an energising foot massage to alleviate water retention and soothe aches. Finally, your nails are painted with your favourite shade of lacquer. 

Spa Experiences


De-stress Body Ritual, $353.10 for 120min

Damai Spa & Fitness Centre, Grand Hyatt Singapore, tel: 6738-1234

If you’ve been feeling stressed, take time out to recalibrate your mind and body with this pampering ritual. It begins with a full-body exfoliation where dead skin cells are sloughed away and blood circulation is improved. Then, as your skin is treated to a remineralising body wrap, your therapist carries out a relaxing, sleep-inducing head massage. Finally, enjoy a tailor-made aromatherapy massage that energises your body and restores your serenity.


Couple Retreat, $1,083 for 180min

Remede Spa, The St Regis Singapore, tel: 6506-6896

Comprising a 30min body scrub, a 120min customised massage and facial, and a 30min bathing ritual, this over-the-top spa indulgence not only leaves you and your partner feeling relaxed and revitalised, but also looking well rested. Complete the experience with an exquisite lunch at La Brezza, the hotel’s poolside Italian restaurant. There really isn’t a better way to reconnect with your other half. 


Spa Ritual, from $290.60 for 120min

Elements Wellness, #02-28 The Centrepoint, tel: 6737-8488

Unwind after a long week at work by enjoying this all-in-one spa experience, which includes a seaweed body polish, a relaxing body massage and a private onsen session. Our tester especially enjoyed luxuriating in the onsen as she could fully relax in complete privacy. She also loved that her therapist focused on her aching shoulders as requested, and she emerged from the session feeling revitalised.


Timeless Indulgence, $729.74 for 90min

The Ritz-Carlton Spa, The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, tel: 6434-5203

This session combines the restorative La Mer Miracle Broth Facial with an indulgent pedicure. Both treatments are performed at the same time by two therapists, so your skin is transformed as your dry, rough feet are primped and prepped to perfection. Don’t forget to check into the spa a couple of hours ahead of your scheduled treatment time to enjoy its world-class facilities, including steam rooms, saunas and mineral pools.