Reaping Maximum Rewards From In-Clinic Face Treatments

So you want to put your best face forward by getting a little something done? Sure, but before you do, Dr Low Chai Ling lets you in on how to stretch the benefits of some top procedures.

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So you want to put your best face forward by getting a little something done? Sure, but before you do, Dr Low Chai Ling lets you in on how to stretch the benefits of some top procedures.

These days, brighter and younger-looking skin is just a resurfacing treatment away. Laser procedures like SW1 Clinic’s SmartX, Fraxel Light and BB Aquatouch leave you basking in the glow of an amazing complexion with little or no downtime. But before you hop to it, Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director of SW1 Clinic, wants to arm you with the right aftercare knowledge and products for better, longer-lasting results.


Resurfacing aesthetic procedures target the superficial layers of skin, and require post-treatment care, says Dr Low. “Although they have mild to moderate downtime of one to three days, it is important to follow the post-treatment protocol to ensure healing is optimal.” 

First, Dr Low advises that you use a chemical-free sunscreen – such as SW1’s Umbrella or Guardian Angel – and avoid prolonged sun exposure for at least a week after such treatments. In the long run, a good sunscreen is a skincare must. 

“After skin resurfacing, we usually ask patients to continue a skincare routine that will optimise their skin health and augment the effects of the laser treatment,” says Dr Low. She believes that skincare with antioxidants such as vitamin C (for brightening and healing) and retinol (for tackling the signs of ageing) are essential. Find them in SW1’s Vitamin C Elixir and Age Defy respectively. 

To care for the thinner, more delicate skin on the neck and eye areas, Dr Low recommends applying SW1 Gold Oil Retinol for the neck and decolletage, as well as a vitamin-enriched eye cream such as SW1’s Dream Cream.

“In the week post-treatment, you should avoid using harsh skincare products as your skin could still be sensitive from the procedure,” says Dr Low. Therefore, don’t use products containing AHA or BHA at this time. It’s also best not to use harsh scrubs or other exfoliators on your skin until it recovers completely. 


Here’s a trick to try if you want post-treatment redness and swelling to subside as quickly as possible. According to Dr Low, you should avoid getting hot and bothered. This means no saunas, steam rooms or suntanning. 

Staying cool by chilling in an air-conditioned room and spritzing on face mists to cool your skin can help it to recover faster. “I also tell patients that if they have the time, they should leave facial sheet masks such as SW1’s Water Infusion Mask in the fridge and apply them daily during the week after their laser treatment. This helps to calm and hydrate skin and has softening and brightening benefits too.”


Dr Low also recommends that patients speed up their skin recovery process and aesthetic outcomes with a special in-house formulation called Laser Primer. “This gentle skin-recovery cream has anti-redness as well as skin-soothing agents in a non-comedogenic formula that is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, especially after laser treatments,” says Dr Low. She also suggests undergoing photobiomodulation light treatments (such as those using LED red light) which can be done immediately after a laser procedure, “as it helps skin recover much faster and boosts overall skin improvement”. 

“Another procedure we like to combine with laser is PDRN Perfection, which infuses the skin with salmon DNA to promote healing. It’s highly effective for repairing DNA damage,” adds Dr Low. She says patients who do this find that their skin heals much faster, and their complexions look much brighter as well.

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Dr Low Chai Ling is the founder and medical director of SW1 Clinic, which offers non-invasive cosmetic dermatology like skin-resurfacing treatments. She believes that before the age of 20, you have the skin that nature gave you, but by the age of 50, you have the skin that you deserve – a reflection of the treatments and skincare you invest in.