The Face, Bodyand Hair Cleansers That Give You Sun Protection

Welcome to the future of sun protection.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Welcome to the future of sun protection. These cleansers leave a layer of sunscreen on your skin after they’re washed off. Aesthetics clinic SW1’s Guardian Angel Gentle Facial Wash ($66) and Bodyguard Body & Hair Wash ($66) work on the basis of ion technology.

Ions are molecules with an electric charge. Skin is negatively charged; sunscreen is positively charged. Opposing ions cling together like magnets, so the sunscreen ions “stick” to the skin even after you rinse the cleansers off.

Their broad-spectrum SPF30 protection is from the chemical sunscreens avobenzone, octocrylene and octinoxate. They’re water-resistant for up to 80min.

If you only need UV protection for your daily commute, these cleansers, used in your morning shower, are sufficient. (Apply a separate sunscreen if you intend to spend a day in the sun.) Leave the cleansers on for at least 2min, then rinse off. The sunscreens can be washed off at day’s end with soap and shampoo. Easy. – EA