Three New Suncare Ingredients To Know

FOR SKIN: Silica and Thialidine

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FOR SKIN: Silica and Thialidine
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Why you need them: Avene’s new-generation silica is said to absorb excess water and sebum, keeping skin fresh and shine-free longer. It has a second-skin feel without whitish masking or streaking. As for the antioxidant thialidine, it counteracts free radicals from UV rays and protects thecells’ mitochondria (power stations) against sun damage.

Find them in: Avene’s revamped suncare range. Use Dry Touch Fluid Fragrancefree SPF50+ for normal to combination skin; Unifying Tinted Cream SPF50+ and Comfort Cream SPF50+ for dryand sensitive skin; Cleanance Mattifying Sunscreen SPF50+ for oily, blemish-prone skin; and Dry Touch Reflexe Solaire SPF50+ for sensitive skin. $39.90-$49.90
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Ylang-ylang Wax

Why you need it: UV rays cause your hair cuticles to rise, damaging the keratin and melanin within the hair shaft. This can result in dull, dry and weak hair. The wax extracted from the petals of the tropical ylangylang flower acts as a protective shield against UV rays. Lauric acid in the wax is also said to help reduce hair breakage.

Find it in: Klorane Sun Radiance Nourishing Shampoo, Rich Restorative Conditioner, and Protective Oil. $18.90-$39.90 – KT

Ask a Makeup Artist
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In place of cleansing oil, mix cleansing milk with face oil, says Heena Choi, international makeup artist with Chantecaille. “The Flower Infused Cleansing Milk ($116), mixed with a few drops of Rose de Mai Face Oil ($310), removes makeup residue without stripping skin of its natural moisture.” 

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Makeup artist Larry Yeo recommends using baby wet wipes instead of cotton pads. “Fold into quarters, saturate with a good makeup remover like ZA Eye & Lip Makeup Remover ($12.90) or Dior Hydra Life Oil To Milk Makeup Removing Cleanser ($62), then press over the eyelid for 5-10sec. Sweep off and repeat until the wipe is clear.” On lips, Larry says to massage in lots of lip balm. Leave for 5-10min, then clean off  with a wet wipe. Or try Maybelline Superstay Eraser Lip Color Remover ($14.90) – its balm-like texture breaks down intense pigments so you can clean them off  with minimal rubbing. It even gets rid of tints from stronger colours like berry and dark red. – KT
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How do I remove everlasting makeup gently, quickly and completely?