Spark Your Skin’s Glow

Breathe new life into a dull and tired-looking complexion with this pampering skin treatment.

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You’re busy, we get it. With responsibilities from juggling work deadlines to family duties, women today are stretched in countless ways. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect your well-being; caring for yourself is just as important.

The Senze Awakening Facial is just what you need. A pampering 90min facial, it combines advanced light and microcurrent technologies with an infusion of active ingredients to breathe new life into dull and tiredlooking skin.

The facial begins with a calming aromatic ritual to ease tension, then the skin is cleansed and prepped with the spa’s signature TripleCleansing, Steaming and Extraction. This is followed by a facial massage to prime the skin for the next step that uses WishPro patented advanced technology combined with encapsulated active ingredients to treat various skin concerns. To address specific issues such as brightening or lifting, the WishPro device uses different Technology Heads and treatment capsules that are customised to your skin’s needs. Next, LED Light Therapy is carried out together with the use of a collagen mask to give the skin a boost. The treatment ends with an application of your favourite SK-II skincare essentials to soothe, hydrate and protect.

The result from just one session is skin that’s smooth, supple and glowing. You’ll definitely want to make this a regular treat to maintain your beautiful complexion.

The Senze Awakening series is available as a full facial ($400 for 90min) or as an add-on treatment ($160 for 15min) combined with any other facial treatment.
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For a limited time, enjoy the Senze Awakening Facial at a trial price of $340 (UP $400). This promotion is available at the SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus. Limited to one facial per customer. Valid from 1-31 May 2019.

#02-26B Raffles City Shopping Centre, tel: 6336-4880; #02-06 Shaw Centre Shopping Centre, tel: 6836-9168.
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This repairing treatment for damaged skin is one of the most popular now. By delivering biocompatible DNA fragments to the skin via injections, it accelerates skin regeneration to diminish the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles and firm sagging skin. The accelerated regeneration means that skin damage caused by acne can also be repaired, says Dr Karen Soh, medical director of Prive Clinic.

As the amount of Rejuran injected depends on your skin condition, it can cost anywhere from $400 onwards. Best results are seen when you do about four treatments at monthly intervals. After that, you can go for six-monthly maintenance treatments.
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Neogen Plasma PSR

SW1 Clinic offers this new non-laser treatment which delivers plasma energy into skin to stimulate collagen production and restore elasticity. Dr Low says the skin-tightening treatment is good for crepey eyelids and makes a good lunchtime procedure because it has minimal downtime.

It costs $1,000, with sessions six weeks apart.
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Traditionally used to reduce the look of wrinkles, it is now commonly used to create a smallerlooking, V-shaped face by shrinking large jaw muscles. “It can also be injected in a more diluted form to reduce the look of pores and tighten skin,” adds Dr Tan. “Used in specific areas, it can make the eye aperture appear larger, lift the lip corners and even lift the nasal tip.” It costs around $800. Injections are spaced about six months apart.
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Hifu Or Ultherapy

To firm saggy skin, Hifu (high-intensity focused ultrasound) delivers energy into the deeper skin layers to stimulate collagen production for a tightening and lifting effect. Ultherapy is the only United States FDAapproved machine for this treatment.

A numbing cream is applied beforehand, but you may experience a mild ache at bony areas such as the jawline during and after the treatment.

Your skin may also appear pinkish after the treatment, but this should subside in a few hours. Dr Justin Boey, medical director of Sozo Aesthetic Clinic, says results can last up to a year.

Prices range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on the area treated. You only need one treatment every 12-18 months.
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These target mainly hyperpigmentation and/or enlarged pores. Dr Tan explains that how quickly and effectively it can fade your dark spots depends on the type of pigmentation you have. “In general, most forms of (unwanted) pigmentation recede within four months after the treatment. This allows you to go makeupfree thereafter, if you maintain your skin well.”

Laser treatments are usually recommended to be done once every three weeks to a month, but maintenance treatments can be scheduled up to three months apart. They cost anywhere from $150$800, depending on the type of lasers used.
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"It can also be injected in a more diluted form to reduce the look of pores and tighten skin."