Journey Around The Globe Through Chantecaille’s Fragrances

These scents are inspired by the founder’s fondest travel mem ories – and she wants to share them with you.

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It’s a little-known fact that beauty brand Chantecaille started out as a boutique fragrance house, specialising in perfumes before branching out to other products.

Founder Sylvie Chantecaille was inspired by the way the French created perfumes. And she wanted to incorporate the technique of using only natural botanical essences into her own fragrance formulations. Handcrafted in the Parisian tradition, the natural, ethereal scents are made from the highest-quality essential oils and essences.

What every scent in the brand’s fragrance library does is to evoke specific moments, places and times in the founder’s life.

“Wearing fragrance is an uplifting experience, and these scents are my happiest memories, bottled,” says Chantecaille.

To celebrate its 20 years of luxury fragrance creation, the brand has put together Chantecaille Parfum, a curation of the founder’s scent journeys. The bottle design is exquisite, too: A nameplate framed by frosted cut-glass flowers brings together elements of tradition and newness, while the faceted glass orb on the cap symbolises Chantecaille’s inspiration for her brand – the earth.

The line consists of nine scents, and we’ve handpicked these three as standout favourites: 
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The story of Petales cannot be told without mentioning these three white flowers: gardenias, jasmine and lilies. They have been Chantecaille’s favourites since she was a little girl, especially during her summer holidays in the South of France.

She would walk home from dinner with gardenias in hand, gazing at lilies in serene ponds. At home, jasmine flowers entwined her windows, and she slept with gardenia petals in her bed.

To her, a “white floral” perfume represents grace, glamour and summer romance. It’s a classic fragrance every woman should own – unorthodox, yet beautifully fresh.

Delicate orange blossoms add a sweet element while cedar, sandalwood and musk make a velvety base for the dreamy scent.
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One of Chantecaille’s first fragrance offerings, this mouth-watering rose scent has been reformulated with new technology to capture the essence of darby roses.

The scent brings to life the founder’s darby rose garden in the Hamptons – fresh, light and floral. It’s an uplifting sweet fragrance that you’ll want to sniff again and again.

On top of the scent of darby roses, other olfactory elements are thrown into the mix for a balanced and bright result: Bulgarian rose, pink magnolia and sweet osmanthus petals for an extra floral touch; raspberry and lemon for a slight tang; and a kiss of sandalwood and white patchouli for a hint of woodiness.

Collectors might also want to keep a lookout for the limited-edition de Gournay x Chantecaille collaboration. The haute couture design house has customised a chinoiserie pattern for the box packaging, featuring roses, verdant foliage and birds.
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Reminiscent of a Brazilian jungle bursting with lush foliage and full gardenia blossoms, Le Wild is equal parts heady florals and green crispness.

The unusual scent soothes and calms the senses, and yet, spritzing it on gives you a feeling of freedom. It’s a scent for the woman who yearns for the wild – courageous and sexy, but gentle at the same time.

“This scent is her key escape from the city or office into the deep, tangled beauty of nature’s utter freedom,” Chantecaille says.

Prices for the Chantecaille Parfum fragrances start from $316. They are available at Takashimaya D.S.