The Facial Treatment For That Lit-from-Within Glow

An anti-ageing treatment that combines the best of two worlds to give you a complexion that looks flawless, youthful and radiant.

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Want the same flawless complexion as all your favourite Korean celebs? Now you can have it, thanks to Lee Na Young Aesthetic’s BB Watershine and Goldtox Stem Cell treatments.

The one-stop beauty care centre brings you the latest aesthetic technology and skills from South Korea, along with customised skincare plans to help you get the radiant and youthful-looking complexion you’ve always desired.


A skin treatment and colour coverage in one, BB Watershine not only gives you an enviable lit-from-within glow, it also evens out your skin tone with natural-looking colour coverage. This is done using a microneedle system together with Korea Food and Drug Administrationapproved ampoules that deliver skin-tone colour into the melanin particles of your skin to brighten and even out its overall tone.

The ampoules also contain 100 per cent natural microcapsuled manganese dioxide, arbutin and hyaluronic acid – a skin-brightening cocktail which hydrates skin while refining its texture at the same time.


To minimise signs of ageing and environmental damage, the Goldtox Stem Cell treatment renews skin cells from within, resulting in a healthy-looking and luminous complexion.

The secret is in the ingredients used in the treatment. They include 99.9 per cent gold flake extracts and apple stem cells that naturally support the skin’s regenerative activity. This helps the skin repair itself while boosting collagen production to plump and firm it.


Now, you can enjoy the lasting results of both the abovementioned treatments, thanks to the new BB Watershine Goldtox Stem Cell, which combines them into one treatment.

This blend of the two treatments and their active ingredients helps repair your skin from within, firming it and leaving it even-toned. In just 90 minutes, your complexion will feel smoother and look more radiant and youthful. Achieving that Koreanceleb “glass skin” look has never been easier.


Just for Her World readers, Lee Na Young Aesthetic is offering a special promotion for its signature treatments:

• LED Teeth Whitening, $88 for one session (UP $350)
• BB Watershine Goldtox Stem Cell, $280 for one session (UP $580)
• BB Watershine only, $180 for one session (UP $300)
• Goldtox Stem Cell only, $150 for one session (UP $280)
• Quickfix (Baby Peel or Toning), $99 for three sessions (UP $150) 
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