Sun Protection For That Perfect #Sweatfie

That’s a sweaty selfie, by the way, and it’s totally a do to show your sporty, healthy side.

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That’s a sweaty selfie, by the way, and it’s totally a do to show your sporty, healthy side. But that’s why a sweat-resistant sunscreen no longer cuts it. So here’s enhanced sun care that makes us look better as we sweat it out.

I confess: I’m the beauty writer who slathers on sweat- and water-resistant sunscreen before my hot yoga class. Yet, using the mat farthest away from the window still doesn’t seem far enough from the damaging UV rays I always try to avoid.

Shiseido’s latest range of sun protection, however, ups the game for sporty women. It has four cool, high-tech factors going for it that make working out outdoors safer for your skin.

• An ionic mineral sensor and an ionic mineral powder in the sunscreen bind with sweat to create a defensive film against UV rays. This means that the more you perspire, the stronger the sun protection gets.

• It helps perspiration evaporate faster. The sunscreen forms a hydrophilic (water-loving) veil on the face that spreads out perspiration across the skin surface so it dries faster.

• The film and veil mentioned above thoroughly shield skin from UV damage from every angle.

• It instantly evens out your skin tone, thanks to light-reflecting white pearl components.

Aside from its skincare properties – yes, it helps reduce the look of wrinkles and dark spots and has a hydrating effect too – the range is also ophthalmologist- and dermatologist-tested, and when it mixes with your sweat, it even helps it to smell fresh without the use of perfumes.

Now, you can look amazing in that #sweatfi e and smell great too.  – KT 
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Use Shiseido BB for Sports SPF50+/ PA+++ as you would a normal sunscreen, and the Hydro BB Compact for Sports for post-workout touch-ups. In five shades each, $55 and $45 respectively. The compact case is $16.