Your Summer Looks

It’s an exciting time in beauty.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

It’s an exciting time in beauty.
"A pop of colour on the lips – and another on the inner corners of the eyes: just one of six summer makeup looks you can find in our spread on page 98."

The start of summer opens doors to new innovations, new products, and new ways of using old products.

For those of us who live where heat and humidity reign all year round, the season is not so much about getting a beach-ready body or soaking up a tan. Rather, it’s a reason to get on top of trends, especially in makeup.

And good things are happening this July.

Take new innovations. The house of Dior has created a new (and its first) face and body foundation as part of the Dior Backstage range (page 71). It’s not just any foundation. It’s foundation inspired by runway and backstage needs, made for the pros but also a cinch for everyday women to use. It’s easy flaw lessness in a bottle.

We’re also seeing new products in six summer makeup collections. Summer makeup should be bright and breezy, and simple for anyone to use. And these are exactly that – as easy as looking at the picture and applying the makeup. No Youtube instruction videos needed.

And then there’s the bronzer. It’s not new. This old product is typically launched as a fringe summer item for those who want to look like they’ve been sunning themselves. But it has new uses for Asian women who don’t want to appear tanned. Find out what these are on page 77.