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Discover two intelligent strategies that promise no side effects or pain in the battle to slow the unpleasant effects of passing time.

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Discover two intelligent strategies that promise no side effects or pain in the battle to slow the unpleasant effects of passing time.

Eating right and exercising regularly aren’t always enough to give you the figure you desire. Saggy skin and pockets of stubborn fat are often difficult to get rid of, no matter how well you eat or how often you exercise. And if you’re considering traditional liposuction or other invasive forms of cosmetic surgery, it’s important to know that there are serious risks involved.

From Beaute Hub comes LPG Alliance Face and Body Slimming Treatment, a non-invasive form of therapy that promises to reduce fat, while improving skin quality. Beaute Hub is the first and only LPG Alliance Lab in Singapore offering this innovative treatment that is said to be painless with no side effects.

The body treatment uses the Alliance Skin Identity sensor. How this supposedly works: It stimulates the skin surface to “reactivate” dormant cells. The sensor works on specific areas, according to your unique skin structure, thereby intensifying the effect. The promised result: Fat disappears from the exact targeted spots. In fact, after the third session, most clients noticed fewer localised and resistant fat deposits, smoother and firmer skin, and a smaller waistline.

The face treatment, on the other hand, promises to increase the production of collagen, elastin and moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid in skin. After just one session, most clients observed less obvious fine lines and wrinkles, firmer facial contours, and a clearer complexion.

According to Beaute Hub, LPG Alliance Face and Body Slimming Treatment is safe and painless, with no adverse side effects, and does not involve injections or surgery.

CORE™ Technology: The art of aesthetic transformation

Another treatment that promises to deliver visible results is CORE (Channelled Optimal RF Energy) Technology, which combines multiple frequencies with vacuum therapy. Each frequency channel precisely targets a specific penetration depth. However, the device also has a multi-channel mode that allows its RF (radio frequency) energy to travel through skin’s deepest layers – this promises to give a powerful skin-tightening, face-lifting, cellulitereducing and bodcontouring effect. The channel mode can be customised according to your needs so that you’ll get optimal results.

The treatment’s vacuum therapy feature intensifies the treatment and enables deeper penetration of the RF energy in larger areas. There are also four vacuum levels to help increase blood flow and enhance lymphatic drainage – this is said to activate your metabolism to reduce fat in the targeted areas.

CORE Technology is used in various treatments for different results: CORE Face Treatment addresses loose and saggy skin around your face; CORE Refit Treatment treats saggy and lax skin following rapid weight loss, whether it’s due to childbirth, diet, exercise or surgery; and CORE Cellulite and Circumferential Reduction Treatment is recommended for fat and cellulite reduction, as well as skin tightening.

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1. The Alliance Skin Identity sensor is able to adapt and work on specific areas for optimum results.
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2. Cells are supposedly stimulated and “reactivated” to reduce fat and improve skin quality.
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3. Visit any one of six Beaute Hub outlets located islandwide.
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4. The CORE Face Treatment addresses loose and saggy skin around the face.
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5. CORE Technology promises to tighten skin, minimise the look of cellulite, and reduce fat in targeted areas.
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6. The treatment combines multiple frequencies with vacuum therapy.

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