The Brand That Loves The Earth As Much As Natural Beauty

Vegan, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, water-saving and affordable, Love Beauty and Planet makes it easy to treat ourselves well in an eco way.

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Love Beauty and Planet (LBP) didn’t start in the traditional, profi t-overintegrity way. It was incubated by a group of like-minded British and Dutch staff of Unilever whose mission was to create a haircare and body-care brand that would do good in every possible way. “To serve consumers better now, we have to show respect for our planet, be accountable, and reduce waste and our carbon footprint,” says Piyush Jain, LBP’s global vice-president.

Calling themselves the kind of people who stay back to clean up after themselves at the end of a music concert, the people behind LBP have an ethos that revolves around five “labours of love”:

• Using only 100 per cent recycled plastic for the bottles (which are then recycled again). That’s why not all the bottles are clear. Labels are also designed to be easily and completely removed so the bottles are acceptable to recycling facilities. “LBP is working towards making all its pumps and caps from at least 50 per cent recycled plastic by 2020,” says Shermaine Chen, LBP’s Singapore brand manager.

• Using mostly biodegradable ingredients from companies with sustainable practices that support ecosystems and the livelihoods of farming communities. The ingredients are also independently certified cruelty-free by Peta and vegan-certified by Vegan Action. “Only a small percentage of each product – about 4-8 per cent on average – is not biodegradable,” says Chen. “These ingredients are added only if they are critical to the stability of the formula or product performance.”

• Producing formulas that help save water. So far, all LBP conditioners boast fast-rinse technology. “When water is added to our conditioners, they break down into tinier molecules faster, making them easier and quicker to wash off,” says Chen. “On average, this shaves off 10 seconds of rinsing time (which saves about 1.2 litres of water). If you wash your hair once a day, you’ll be saving more than 30 litres a month.”

• Scenting products only with ethically-sourced essential oils or absolutes from Swiss flavours and fragrance manufacturer Givaudan.

• Being transparent with the brand’s carbon footprint. “We continually track and disclose our carbon emissions as we aim to keep reducing our carbon footprint until it isn’t there,” says Chen. “We even penalise ourselves with a self-imposed tax when our carbon footprint is unsatisfactory. The tax goes into a fund that supports programmes to reduce carbon emissions and landfill waste.” - MC

At selected Watsons stores, Redmart, Lazada, and Body wash, $10.90; shampoo and conditioner, $12.90 each; body lotion, $13.90.


1. Murumuru Butter & Rose To: deeply nourish Scent: delicately powdery 
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2. Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver To: soothe and detox Scent: woody, earthy 
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3. Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang To: smooth and nourish Scent: fruity-spicy 

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4. Argan Oil & Lavender To: moisturise and relax Scent: sweet lavender 

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5. Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower To: hydrate  Scent: bright, honeyed

"Love Beauty and Planet also offers products like laundry detergents and floor cleaners in Britain and the US."