What does it mean to be a princess today? Here, four young women—Princess Talita von Fürstenberg, Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece, Princess Nokia and King Princess—reveal why making it reign in 2020 is about more than titles. It’s a state of mind.

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On Maria-Olympia of Greece (left): Dress; brooch, Louis Vuitton. Earrings; bracelets, Cartier. On Talita von Fürstenberg: Dress; brooch, Louis Vuitton. Earring; ring, Cartier Makeup: Yuki Hayashi. Hair: Hiro+Mari/Salon87. Manicure: Shirley Cheng. Set design: Dorothée Baussan

"I don’t have to use ‘Princess’ on my passport like my cousin Olympia does. But I have so many names, they didn’t all fit into the boxes on the SAT sheet. —Talita von Fürstenberg"


“I don’t have to use ‘Princess’ on my passport like my cousin Olympia does,” Talita von Fürstenberg says with a laugh. “But I have so many names, they didn’t all fit into the boxes on the SAT sheet.” Nevertheless, Princess Talita Natasha von Fürstenberg, a descendant of German nobility and granddaughter of designer Diane von Fürstenberg, is very much fashion royalty. Now a junior at New York University (NYU), the 20-year-old helms TVF for DVF, a boho-chic range for which Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece—or just Olympia, as TVF’s 23-year-old cousin and confidante is known to most people— has become something of an unofficial consultant and brand ambassador.

8am TVF: My boyfriend, Rocco [Brignone de Brabant], makes me oatmeal every day. I’m not a big coffee person, but he is, so I’ll dabble. I can handle an espresso if it has a lot of almond milk. O: I didn’t start drinking coffee until I moved to New York when I was 18. Now, I like it black. 10am TVF: I recently transferred from Georgetown, where everyone went to class in sweats. NYU is different. A lot of my classes are about fashion or design, and the other students try really hard to put on their most stylish outfits. O: This is probably when we start texting. We text all day, every day. 1pm O: Even if we don’t make lunch plans, half the time we run into each other at Bar Pitti because we have so many friends in common. Her boyfriend is my godbrother. I’ve known him longer than she has! TVF: It’s weird how much our lives overlap. It’s, like, cosmic. 3pm TVF: I work from my grandmother’s studio in the Meatpacking District. DVF is all about feeling confident, feminine and strong, so my goal is to give women my age that same kind of empowered feeling. O: I’m actually working on my own collaboration right now, which is a bit of a secret—sorry!—but seeing Talita work and even consulting on her designs have really inspired me. 7pm O: Sometimes, like during Fashion Week, we’ll be out every night. This is going to sound weird, but I sit in my sink to do my makeup. I like Charlotte Tilbury’s foundation and Pillow Talk eyeshadow. TVF: I like Charlotte Tilbury too; her tinted moisturiser gives a great glow. People will be like, “Did you go to LA? You’re really tan!” 11pm O: When we have a party, we get home really late. I do, anyway. But the rest of the time, I watch Grey’s Anatomy. TVF: I like really intense dramas and thrillers. Rocco’s always like, “Are you getting nightmares?” I do sometimes, but I still can’t stop watching The Sinner before I fall asleep!


“I realised I was a princess when my mum died, because all Disney princesses have dead mums,” says Destiny Frasqueri, better known as Princess Nokia. Though born in the Bronx and not the Black Forest, the 27-year-old rising hip-hop star’s life does resemble a folk tale. There was the difficult adolescence in foster care, the enchanted ascendance through New York’s nightlife scene, and now a pair of critically acclaimed new albums, Everything is Beautiful and Everything Sucks.

4am This is usually when I wake up naturally. I get out of bed and take a very hot shower. 5am I pray for one or two hours, which involves personal reflection and ritual, and then I’ll draw oracle cards. 7am Breakfast is Puerto Rican coffee. I add some almond milk and lots of sugar. 8am Yoga is my therapy. I started practising it when I was 12, after I found these yoga VHS tapes in a thrift shop. Noon I need daylight. So before I get to work, I like to walk around the city and feel the sun. 1pm My creative team and I have a big power lunch at Jajaja on the Lower East Side. We’ll work there for hours. The restaurant is very cool about it and they make my favourite vegan tacos. 2pm I’m an extremely visual person, and I come prepared to a meeting with images, concepts and details. I have a laptop and a journal on me at all times, and I don’t let anyone make decisions for me. But I do believe in collaboration and trust. My team is full of incredible people who help me magnify my ideas in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible. 5pm I get on a Citi Bike and ride around for a bit. Eventually, I end up at my grandma’s. We’ll make dinner together—fried chicken, or rice and beans. It’s always delicious. 8pm Because I wake up early, I go to bed early, so this is when I start winding down. My skincare routine is easy: Just some natural oils. But I eat really clean and I exercise, and that’s as much a part of my skincare routine as anything. I practise a lot of consciousness. I don’t hang on to anger, trauma or grudges. My subconscious is free of low vibrations. I won’t age myself with bullshit. 9pm I wrap my hair before bed, switch off the lights and that’s it. Unless I’m performing, I’m usually asleep before 10pm. You know how some people don’t play around with their moisturiser? That’s how I feel about sleep. You can’t buy some generic version; you need real sleep to be the best.


It’s good to be King Princess. Last October, the singer-songwriter released her debut full-length album, Cheap Queen, on Mark Ronson’s Zelig label. Now, she’s living the rock ‘n’ roll life in Los Angeles. But despite her penchant for midday beer and face wash from personal care stores, the 21-year-old has aristocratic roots. Born Mikaela Straus, she attended the ultra-exclusive Manhattan private school Avenues and is a great-great-granddaughter of Isidor Straus, a co-owner of Macy’s who died on the Titanic.

8am I wake up and fall back asleep. I don’t have an alarm because my phone is always dead. 9am I’m up for real. I’m really trying to stop being a party girl and willing my internal clock to wake up at nine every day. 10am My skincare routine is hardcore. When you’re a gay girl, Sephora is the scariest place in the world, but skincare I get, because it isn’t gendered. My routine is very intense and involves CeraVe face wash, Noto vitamin C serum, Aesop vitamin B gel, La Mer—the lighter cream and not the heavy one that my mum likes—Tatcha purple rice cream under my eyes, and Weleda Skin Food on top of all that. 11am I’m trying to be good and have a green smoothie for breakfast. It looks gross, but I know it has vegetables and algae and stuff in it, so I have to drink it. Noon As a kid, I played competitive volleyball. My mum thinks I loved sports because I was so angry then—and I’m still angry! So I go to Gloveworx boxing gym and work out with my boy Shaq. I’m good. I could knock someone out. 1pm I love going for a long lunch at Greenblatt’s Deli. I’ll have a tuna melt or a BLT with a Heineken. 3pm My ideal time to write music is in the afternoon. I just bought a bright red piano for my apartment. I’ve spent so much time making music on my laptop and I want to go back to basics. Once I have some lyrics down, I’ll go to the studio and play until I’m exhausted. 8pm On an ideal night, I’ll cook something. I’m really into making crazy soups for my friends. One was an Asian-inspired miso broth with chunky mushrooms. The next was beef stew, with my dad’s recipe. 10pm After dinner, we like to hang out and drink Angry Orchard cider and play Mortal Kombat. You know, I think literally everything I wear is based on Mortal Kombat, especially my stage makeup. Midnight We go to a club or a cool house party. 2am Now that I’m a good girl, I try to be home by 2am. Unless I’m schlossed, and then, well... forget it. But let’s pretend I was good. I’m in bed by 2am. Or 3am. Or 5am.

Cape; dress; belt, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. Tiara, Swarovski. Bracelet, Van Cleef & Arpels. Hairpin, her own Makeup: Christian Diaz. Hair: Susan Oludele. Manicure: Shirley Cheng. Set design: Dorothée Baussan

Blouse; dress; belt, Ralph Lauren Collection. Earrings; necklace, Bvlgari. Shoes, Manolo Blahnik for Carolina Herrera. Ring, her own Makeup: Sara Tagaloa. Hair: Jerome Andrew Terry. Manicure: Merrick Fisher. Set design: Lizzie Lang 

My Reading Room
"I realised I was a princess when my mum died, because all Disney princesses have dead mums."
—Princess Nokia 
My Reading Room
"I think literally everything wear is based on Mortal Kombat, especially my stage makeup."
—King Princess
Photographed by Pari Dukovic.
Styled by Miguel Enamorado