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The new Lip Freeze colour collection comes in both Lip Maestro, $55, and Lip Magnet, $57, formulas
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To all those Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro and Lip Magnet purists—say hello to Lip Freeze, a new palette of sorbet shades in those two iconic formulas you know and love. Infused with a white base pigment called “snowflake”, which intensifies pastel shades and creates a frosted finish, this colour extension is inspired by the opaque pastels of ’60s lipsticks. Housed in matching new soft-touch tubes, these glide on effortlessly and coat lips with lightweight but velvety icy nudes, sweet pinks and cool corals.
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Clockwise from top: Swatches and tubes of Lip Maestro in 204 and 305, and Lip Magnet in 515
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Year after year, “retinol” and “vitamin C” remain at the top of the beauty buzzwords list—and for good reason. These two ingredients consistently boast efficacious results, and Clinique’s new Fresh Pressed Daily + and Overnight Boosters feature both of them as headliners. Just two to three pumps of these potent, clinical-grade formulas are needed—mix them individually with your daily moisturiser. Use pure vitamin C 10 percent in the morning to brighten, retexturise and even out skin tone, and pure vitamin A (retinol) in the evening to revitalise skin and eradicate fine lines or wrinkles. It’s a one-two punch skincare boost to knock out skin ageing, and make way for overall repair and rejuvenation.
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Clinique's Fresh Pressed Clinical 1+1 (Daily and Overnight Booster), $52, is meant to be mixed with your favourite moisturiser, like Laser Focus Night, also from Clinique 

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Flawless but natural-looking, fullcoverage but skin-loving, lightweight but long-wearing—today, foundation buyers have very high standards. Thankfully, the beauty industry constantly lives up to them: Guerlain’s L’Essential Natural Glow foundation boasts 16-hour glow with a second-skin finish, while its silky smooth texture makes it effortless to blend and build. Behind each of the 30 shades is a 97 percent natural formula made of mineral pigments, and marine and plant active ingredients, like white cocoa bean extract that moisturises and protects against harsh blue light. You might even forget you are wearing it. What more can one want?
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From left: L’Essentiel Retractable Foundation Brush, $77; L’Essential Natural Glow foundation, $94, Guerlain 

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"Sublimage L’Essence Lumière, $750, Chanel"


For a multi-faceted glow, look to Chanel’s Sublimage L’Essence Lumière. This skin perfector improves every aspect of skin radiance—luminosity, clarity, tone and texture—with the help of Athyllis, a plant prized for its therapeutic qualities. Its extract powers this illuminating serum that regulates melanin production, increases resilience to stress and activates cellular defence mechanisms. Exquisitely light and incredibly potent, this elixir reverses the damaging effects of urban life, recharging skin for a glowing complexion.
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"Hydra-Essentiel Moisturizing Reviving Eye Mask, $65; HydraEssentiel Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, $36, Clarins"


Clarins is putting focus on the most expressive—and delicate—parts of your face: The eyes and lips. The newly extended Hydra-Essential line now features a Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm that locks in pampering hydration with blue lotus wax and coca extract, leaving lips nourished, protected and supple for hours. Then, there’s the Moisture Reviving Eye Mask, which doubles up as a pre-makeup brightening boost and an intensive overnight mask to reduce dark circles, lift eye contours and plump skin so you wake up looking well rested.
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Placentor’s Regenerating Serum targets the skin’s biological clock, which can be affected by stress, fatigue and ageing. It harnesses active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and lindera root to repair, nourish and protect. This in turn resets natural regenerative systems. Expect more balanced hydration levels during the day and optimised restoration at night, and plumper skin with daily use.
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Henry Jacques Perfume’s CEO introduces its new collection, Les Toupies

French perfumer Henry Jacques is to fragrance what haute couture is to fashion. For years, this bespoke perfumer has been well loved by royalty and society for its unique olfactory creations. Yet it wasn’t until 2015 that a commercial line was unveiled. Marking a new chapter is Les Toupies, or Spinning Tops, a collection of fragrances that have been in the works for years, each bottling a life and love story that the Maison holds dearly.
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“We decided to launch Les Toupies as couples, because they magically come together. They encapsulate French elegance and classicism, and while based on rich tradition, they have a certain timelessness and modernity to them. Mr. H is a robust yet versatile fragrance of cedar leaf, geranium, sandalwood, tobacco, amber and patchouli; Mrs. Y is a magnetic fragrance of ylang-ylang, rose damascenia, jasmine, iris, wild lily of the valley and tonka bean.”

"This is the perfect bottle, for the perfect perfume."

"Mrs. Y, Les Toupies"
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“We needed a real piece of art to house these fragrances, which led to these crystal creations that took over three years to design. Multi-faceted and symmetrical with curves that respond to each other’s, these flacons also have unique dabbers to apply the perfume in a classic way.”


“Everyone told us that trying to bring back the art of dabbing wasn’t going to work when we brought Henry Jacques to retail. How wrong they were! Our clients love it. Spraying invades your space, which can be the opposite of elegance. Perfume should be shared in an intimate way.”

"Mr. H, Les Toupies"