There’s some adage that goes along the lines of how for one to move forward, you ought to look back.

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There’s some adage that goes along the lines of how for one to move forward, you ought to look back. We’re not usually into such cheesy Hallmark stuff. If you’re looking for some inspo on how to be a game-changing badass this new year though, the skincare and beauty gadgets here – launched in the past six months – could help get your brain juices going: They’re all daredevil rule-breakers in one way or another. – SK 

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Fresh Sugar Lip Wonder Drops Advanced Therapy, $39

What it is: A leave-on gel treatment for parched lips

What’s different about it: It cancels out the need for using a separate lip scrub because it’s supercharged with natural AHAs, and is formulated with sugar and fruit extracts to get rid of dead skin cells – all while deeply moisturising puckers with hyaluronic acid. And no, your lips won’t get flaky, so your lippie will still glide on smoothly.

Fancl BC Intensive Skin Booster, $248 for a box

What it is: A 30-day anti-ageing treatment meant to repair and improve skin’s texture and radiance

What’s different about it: The brightening elixir that is vitamin C is most potent when isolated and sealed. So the Japanese label has done just that by using what it calls a “-40 deg C Freeze Dry Technology” to turn it into a powder, then bottling it up. (You get three vials in every kit.) Also in every set: three bottles of serum. The idea is to only add one of the former into one of the latter when you want to use it so that the vit C stays “pure” for longer, with each combined pair meant to last 10 days.

Lancer Legacy Youth Treatment, $1,600,

Escentials What: A luxurious cream that claims to treat five different skin concerns

What makes it different: If the technology that goes into a product is a mark of its efficacy, this is one helluva moisturiser. In fact, ploughing through all its components reads like an advanced scientific journal, so here’s an abridged, made-fornon-beauty-geeks breakdown: a Youth GF complex packed with amino acids and vitamins encourages optimal development of the epidermis, fibroblasts (these help repair injury) and insulin to revitalise skin; a Firming Mesh Complex with Peruvian Tara fruit extract and ceramides boosts elasticity and firmness, while tackling the effects of environmental stressors; the Aquadermal Complex – a mix of amino and hyaluronic acids – hydrates; a Miosmooth Compound softens the appearance of deep lines; and the Sativusbright Compound works on dark spots, treats uneven skin tone and boosts radiance. Hey, you’ve got to get your money’s worth.

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111Skin Sub-zero De-puffing Eye Duo, $150

What: An eye serum + cream (each is housed in its own chamber on opposite ends of the bottle) meant to make peepers look fresh and youthful

What’s different about it: It claims to have the same effect as cryo therapy. The serum has the antioxidant powerhouse Phycoderm that stimulates detox and feels cool to the touch. Together with Eyeseryl Peptide Solution G, it brightens and helps reduce bloat. Meanwhile, the cream contains Lipogard and biopeptides that supposedly help to regenerate cells and stimulate collagen so that the skin around the eyes – the thinnest on the body – is plump and resilient.

IGK No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray, $43, Sephora

What it is: A non-sticky spray that is used to dry – not style – hair

What makes it different: It’s meant to take the place of a hair dryer – and dry locks 46 per cent faster, thanks to its Advanced Flash Cooling Technology and blend of lightweight starches that coat strands and absorb the moisture on them. PS. It’s colourless.

Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral-Rich Atomic Heat Mask, $110, Sephora

What: A mask that purifies pores, speeds up cellular renewal, quenches parched spots and strengthens skin’s barrier – all reportedly in five minutes

What makes it different: It heats up when you massage it in with wet fingertips because of its activated charcoal content, in turn helping pores to open up for optimal – and quick – absorption of its ingredients. These include mineral-rich thermal water from Hungary’s Carpathian Valley and botanical extracts that reduce the look of lines and even out skin tone.

Dyson Airwrap, $699 for the full set with two barrels and three brushes

What it is: That kit to curl, straighten and tame locks that everyone’s been talking about

What makes it different: No heat is involved (read: it’s kind to your locks). Instead, its innovative Coanda Effect creates a vortex of air that causes hair to wrap around the barrel pain-free. And yes, this also means that achieving those glamorous curls, beach waves or slick Dua Lipa-esque lob just got a whole lot easier.